Into the Sheikh’s Tent

While Starr goes out to face the hot desert winds and sand the kind yet mysterious Sheikh has given me permission to relax ~ at least that is what his messenger as he was on his way out after grabbing the hookah ~ but either way it is nice to be out from the suns deadly rays…Starr at times finds some weird and unusual places to take pics but hey am always game for what she has planned…gives me a chance to show you the exclusive item from Vindiktive...

Vindiktive ~ Exclusive 

Am wearing my favorite color as you can see it is purple…this tunic “Portia”is just the right outfit for inside a Sheikh’s tent ~ walls are covered with really glorious Persian rugs as so is the floor ~ also lots and lots of pillows to sit on…this a Vindiktive exclusive offering…I do so like the unusual patterning on the front…very comfy and fits all major bodies even a fitmesh one as well…this would be something to appease your Master if you have one or any type of role playing that you do ~ plus being so light it is keeping me nice and cool as I wait for Starr to finish up ….with my hair pinned up you can see the cute 10L gift from Deluxe Body Factory 

DBF ~ 10L Gift 

As you can see in the above pic am wearing the earrings called “Peace Dove” ~ so dainty and unobtrusive that will compliment any outfit…as a 10L gift from Deluxe Body Factory you cannot go wrong seeking them out at the event and purchasing these cute earrings…

Well I hear Starr telling me it is time to go she is melted and wants to get back into our air conditioned studio ~ am with her on that as it is suffocating in this tent…not sure how they do it but guess if that is what you are used to more power to ya…until next time please stick around as Starr and myself have more stuff to show you…btw only 9 more days of the DarkSide Event to grab all those exclusives ~ most times they just disappear after the event  ~ take care

EBP Dark Side

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