Merry Christmas

~**Merry Christmas** ~

Hello again ~ can you believe the year is almost over as Friday is Christmas…seems time has flown by this year ~ guess I just want to indulge you for a few moments and look back on 2015…

2015 saw me celebrate a year with the most sweetest man and my partner “Sten” ~ who by the way gave us the outfits we are wearing for this ~ thank you luv for making me happy…2015 also introduced me to one of the nicest besties in SL who goes by “Dena…she is my calm and who keeps me laughing and having fun as we find new adventures to explore and show you…who I at times have copied her style of dress or asking her “where did you get that cuz I want it too”…. a true sweety that makes me proud to be her friend and love how she is adding to this blog….2015 has brought me a lot of new experiences that some were good and some not so good but I take all of them in as learning and look to 2016 now…before I keep rambling my blog partner would like to add some words ~

From Dena ~ This Year for me has been great fun.. you may ask why? 1) I met and made a new friend Starr.. She is a wonderful person and as you may be aware a fabulous Photographer. 2) We have become such great friends..Enjoy each others company and have the same taste ( which is good or not so good as she like my clothes lol) 3) Have been on some wonderful adventures together. And lots of ups and downs along the way( with Sl being SL). 4) Traveling to do the Blog with her is so much fun we laugh all the time..We have visited some fantastic places, had great laughs along the way too. 5) Long may it continue.. looking forward to the New Year ahead and our new travels.

As Dena puts it so perfectly “May your Dreams all Come True”

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & The Best For The New Year

Hugzz from us both

till next year





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