Follow Me to ****** Ye Olde Gacha Emporium

Hello and welcome back ~ today all I can say is am glad I was broke *giggling* my pockets would of been emptied very quickly at this place am taking you to ~ “Ye Olde Gacha Emporium” 

Ye Olde Gacha Emporium
                               Ye Olde Gacha Emporium

The pic is courtesy of Lincoln Garnet one of the “Head Chef” here and a good friend of mine ~ am always asking friends if they have some interesting places to see and or explore and he mentioned to me he had just opened a nice gacha yardsale ~ Seriously I would not even say this qualifies as a typical gacha yardsale because this is sooo gorgeous and well thought out from some that you normally see ~ the next image is how their stalls are ~ and landscape really nice to blend in with the surroundings

Gacha Stall

Have I mentioned that I would love to win an SL Lottery so I can go crazy buying all the cute gacha’s I have seen in here ~ will show you some other images of stores and such ~ but honestly you just gotta grab that LM and come and browse around ~ I caught up with a new renter that started out with a stall but she now has a nice store ~ Sammy Menizah took the time to talk with me regarding her store, her love of gachas and why she loved renting from here ~ I asked her like a good blogger I am what was her fave and she even showed me “Humptys” …… they are sooo adorable had to take a pic just to show you ~


Are they cute or what?  Looks like there is a whole bunch of them ~ now these are not new she dug deep in her  inventory to show me and again sad to say I think these are from her personal stash that are not for sale…Sammy said her love for gachas began about 2 years ago and her inventory really went out of control so she got the idea to start selling on MP btw here is her link if you also want to check out her store Sammys Gachas ~ when we were talking she was in the middle of just starting to decorage and fill up her store by now I can bet it is nicely decorated and make sure you look hers up when you walk around … If you see Sammy and this is what she looks like ~ please give her a big hello from me..

Sammy Menizah

Her reason for picking Ye Olde Gacha was it reminded her of New York in the fall along with the location brought back a memory from one of her favorite movies “You Got Mail” .  As you walk around it does have that New York kind of feel making me think of Greenwich Village, which is my favorite place to wander around when I go there.  Leaving her to decorate I strolled around peeking in the shops and yes just peeking since my pockets are pretty empty I spied another “Head Chef” Tek Karfield who graciously took time out to speak with me as well

Myself and Tek Karfield

In his arms was the cutest little puppy that I immediately awwwed over ~ ok now you know my gacha weakness it is animals and for those that like cute little puppies they are at The Seasons Story by “Fawny” 80L per pull ~ here is their website that you can look over to wet your appetite even more.  Tek was so kind and thoughtful he gifted me my own puppy ~ let me show you as I giggle ~

Happy Puppy by Fawny

Yes you can laugh but does he not look adorable sitting on top of my head ~ thank you again Tek for the cutie…he has admitted that he too is a gacha addict and has started selling just to decrease his ever expanding inventory.  Remember gachas are not limited to one gender oh no they have this universal appeal to everyone ~ I did ask Tek if he had a favorite creator and he mentioned that is hard to just pick one but some favorites do come from 8f8’s, which I as well enjoy their stuff. I knew Tek was busy with his store and doing the behind the scenes for the sim so I left to walk around and peek inside …yes just peek as I will make my way back next week ~ there is such a variety of gacha’s I am always amazed ~ here is a some pics of the various stores that are now set up ~

                                       Gacha Covered

Linc has informed me that as of today there are 39 Rentals and spaces are filling up ~ from what I have seen today this is “the premier” place to go when it comes to Gacha Yardsales ~ you can see the hard work in the construction and how the renters that I spoke with are very happy with their spaces ~

                 Taking one last look

As I stand and look out towards the courtyard contemplating the fact that I restrained myself from running around like a gacha fan spending every last Linden I had but…..laughing only because as I look up at my $$$ there appears to be less than ummm well lets just say it is only 2 figures so sadly some will just have to wait for another day….

To Linc I wish him and his crew much success ~ for the rest of my readers please grab the LM and head down to Ye Old Gacha Emporium and stroll around enjoying the gorgeous fall weather ~ grab up some of those goodies and my thanks to those that take time to read my blog as always it is sooo appreciated ~ look below for the details on what am wearing ~ until next time big hugzz all around ~

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Pink Acid Photo Studio Blush – Plum
! Face Paint Audrey 2
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
*BOOM* Antoinette Collar (white)
*MC*Falsies” Eyelash – Upper
*P* Facial Piercing ~ Eye Diamonds 
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
ADring – light blonde
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
BuenoBF Jeans– Cobalt-Rip
CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark 
CCD – Piercing – Tear
JCNY – ‘FOREVER, Engagement Ring
 Slink Ankle Lock
Slink Avatar Hands – Casual 
Slink Female Feet  – High
[hh] Sophie Sweater 
Shape – My own
_unBra_ Skin –Mirage
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar

Follow me to Valyria

Hey Welcome Back! Taking a very short break from my travels to the Gacha World to let you quickly know it is that time again ~ what time? When Ty & Truck creators and owners of Calas open their Halloween Sim ~ which this years theme is from Game of Thrones ~ they aptly named it “Valyria” and taking some liberty with that I looked it up seeing am not a follower of the series ~ “Valyria was the capital city of the once-great civilization known as the Valyrian Freehold. The city of Valyria is located on the eastern continent of Essos, southeast of the Free Cities, on the Valyrian Peninsula, a large peninsula extending southwards into theSummer Sea”  that little blurb came as courtesy from Wikki ~


                                       Ready to go explore Valyria

Once you land take your time to acclimate then begin your trek along the stone pathway ~ on a flat rock to your right you will see a flashlight & my suggestion is grab it especially knowing how Ty and Truck are you will probably need it at some point in your travels…


                      Nope not nervous at all……..ok just a little                                              

I hopped on the very first boat tour just to see what is around ~ remember to make sure you do a couple things ~ turn on the music as it really fits the theme ~ as always Truck has picked various songs from Game of Thrones to listen to ~ so appropriate as you glide thru the waters ~ look around too cuz you just never ever know what surprise is in store right around the corner….like this ummm image

                     She doesn’t look happy and yikes who’s blood is that?

Shuddering as I try not think of that poor girl sitting there all alone ~ I even spoke to her asking was there someone I should call or did she want to hop into the boat with me but she never answered me and I honestly umm am kind of glad she didn’t because those eyes and her demeanor well not friendly and who knows these days what she could be hiding ~ a knife that could cut me sooo I just took one final glance sent a quick IM to both Ty and Truck saying there is a stranded child out there that needs emergency help…if you see her STILL sitting there gulps then possibly she might just be one of those child demons you heard about and take precaution not to talk with her at all…just saying

                                          Think he waited too long

Further down on my left had a glimpse of this stranded soldier that as you can see was not needing my help at all ~ he was nothing but skeleton bones with those cloths still attached ~ sadly I am guessing he was standing guard but what was he guarding ~ sighs and turns back around wonder what was going to be next….


                                                   Lonely Figure

Standing up on the rocks I see quite clear a lonely man well could be a woman looking out – waving frantically trying to get that persons attention to no avail and rather than capsize the boat I gave it one good shout but with their arms outstretched in a mesmerizing pose they just were not hearing me…

The tour does continue but I really only wanted to wet your appetite to go and check out this mysterious land of “ValyriaTy and Truck I so commend you for the time and energy you put into making this adventure one that I will be coming back to again and for my readers and followers please grab this LM and head out to explore this mysterious land ~ pssst just look around and touch and experience so much more to see than what I showed you here…. Till next time when I introduce you to one of the newest Gacha Yardsale places ~ thank you again for taking time out to read and please if you like to follow me I would appreciate that…hugzz for now ~ below is details on what I am wearing…..cya

Slink Female High feet
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
EternallyGold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
(2Chez) Demi Black Leather Cropped Jacket
*BOOM* Antoinette Collar (white)
*MC*Falsies” Eyelash
*P* Facial Piercing ~ Eye Diamonds
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
>TRUTH< Ashlee – champagne
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark
CCD – Piercing – Tear
Gloriana Diamond Necklace
JCNY‘FOREVER, Engagement Ring
Legal InsanityMeadow bell bottom old jeans 
Legal InsanityMeadow leather belt 
LG] Once Upon a Dream Heels 
Slink Ankle Lock
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Shape – my own
_unBra_ Skin –Mirage
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar

Taken at Valyria 

Follow me to the World of Gachas

Hello again ~ we all have heard about the wonderful world of gacha’s ~ what are they ~ delightful, addicting items that so many creators/designers are making today to entice us to buy and collect.  My world into the gachas began when I was TP’d to The Arcade 3 years ago ~ oh my did my eyes have such a visual organism ~ lotz of machines filled with so many goodies just waiting for me and my lindens ~ I was addicted at first pull and the rest is history. I gave you the LM to The Arcade but it has closed until the next event, which looks like just in time for Christmas ~ they also have a very nice website that you can go to  great information and shows you past prizes ~ as when the event does start you can pull up the shopping guide and make a list of which ones you wanna get ~ shows off each creators collections along with the price per pull and how many rares, commons and what they are…very well done website ~ so you just might want to bookmark it for future events.arcade gacha                                  Peek into The Arcade 

Think back when you were a child going to the grocery store and seeing those clear machines filled with a variety of toys, candy or collectible…was at the most a quarter but you twisted the knob and waited to see what popped out ~ thrilling right?  Speaking with some members from various groups and asking why gachas ~ just what is the attraction ~ answers were varied like “thrilling knowing you are getting something you want, fun way to gamble, cute little objects to collect”  and so on but all comes down to a game of chance and everyone that I spoke with absolutely adores gachas.  It is not just a female or male but very unisex in their appeal ~ so for the next couple of blog posts I will be venturing into this magical world ~ speaking with creators, talking with yard-sale owners and such ~ letting you know whats upcoming ~ even showing off some of my past gacha prizes as well ~ so I hope you will stick with me and follow along as I hop from some great places to get some of those rare finds, to a couple of the gacha events and to one of the best gacha hunts TAG *click on the link to website*~ this is a must hunt for all the gacha fans…I did the one last year and the creators went to the heavens creating some really amazing gachas – cannot wait to see what they have created for us ~ as it is close to Halloween you know there will be lotz of spooky items as I start saving up my lindens.

Am excited to show off my latest gacha for you ~ saw this in a blog and asked around just had to have this cutie ~ at first I thought oh no its from a past event but the creator of Pixicat put the machine in her shop and was it ever my lucky day ~ yay me on the first pull I got a “Wonderland Cat” ~ yes those cutesy animals are my addiction ~ I have dogs, cats, variety of animals ~ just love love the ones you can hold as you can see by the pic below.

                  Me and my latest gacha who I named “Tryke

Please stay with me as we travel around to some of the most interesting places to grab some gacha goodies ~ my next stop will be a good friend of mine Linc Garnet who just recently opened up with a couple of his mates his own Gacha yardsale….we will take a peek in there and show off some goodies…check below for all the details on my outfit ~ thank you again to those have chosen to follow me it is very appreciative…hugzz till next time

Details                                                                                                           Slink Female High feet 
Mesh BodyLara 
Tone Autumnal  –
Smoke Ginger/Matte Raisin
MIA14 …
Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
Antoinette Collar 
*MC* “
Falsies” Eyelash
*P* Facial Piercing ~
Eye Diamonds
Eye Gems Piercing
Ashlee Streaked
AlVulo !
MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
Piercing – Beauty Mark
Piercing – Tear
Diamond Necklace
JCNY – ‘
FOREVER, Engagement Ring
LG] Once Upon a Dream Heels
Hope Jacket
Hope Shorts
Hands – Casual
Shape ~
my own
Skin ~ _unBra_ S
kin -Mirage
Odyssey Eyes -“Darkstar