Am baaack and ready to Travel

After a rather long and much needed break while dealing with health and other personal issues am back. My first thoughts were do I really want to blog again? Took me a while to realize that actually I do but for me to get back to showing some of the interesting and unique places that Second Life has to offer ~ so going back to the basics ~ I will still be showing off outfits I wear but this blog was intended to be traveling around SL to let those new, those older how marvelous and creative Second life is…

Last nite I stumbled upon this place that I will say it is magical, it is serene and after taking numerous images I just knew that I had to share it with everyone…Name of the sim is called “Sa-Na-Rae = Wings of angel (in pure korean language) Healing ur soul by Dream Ocean peaceful and calm”  The description truly fits when you first land so grab it  … 

Wings of Angel
Wings of Angel

Looks magical but keep watching…these images that I took really and truly do not do it justice you just have to take that LM and pop over to really see it first hand ~ make it a fave and come back because there is so much to see and explore ~ let me show you some more images just to tempt your visual curiosity

walk over and take a climb
                    walk over and take a climb up the tree and thru the house

The tree house itself is an amazing build along with the house in front ~ I  just love the water color and the whole feel of this sim ~ spoke to someone that I found sitting on one of the islands named “Shin” as he was taking a brief respite from the RL and asked him why he came here ~ “this place is very relaxing while RL is so hectic….” and you do get that feel of pure peace ~ thank you Shin again for talking with me ~ hugz

                                 Shin ~ looking very relaxed and at peace 

Heads up to all the photographers in SL this really gives you soo many ideas to capture as I know will come back and use that birdcage that sits out in the water soon ~


One last image to show off and as you see it is not all water as fall as come to this gorgeous place with all the colors you would expect to see ~ I really hope you will come and visit there is a group join and for those that like sharing flickr pics there is also a group on there ~ thank you as this will be again first of many adventures as I do travel around to various spots in SL to share …….

Now to share the details of my outfit and myself ~ am now such a huge fan of the mesh body and will give a super big shout out to my newest Sis ~ GypsyAnn who got me over my fear and grabbed me taking me under her wing and showing me it is not as scary as it seems ~ I love love the Maitreya Mesh Lara ~ easy peasy which is what am about ~ really looks gorgeous on and even broke down and got a newer skin to really show it off but that lead to new hair and well you know how that goes ~ but for the most part I will be wearing the following

Mesh Body ~ Maitreya – Lara,  Skin ~ unBra –Mirage, Hands/Feet ~ SlinkCasual/HighLashes ~ *MC*Falsies, Shape ~ my own 

Eyes ~ Ikon *Odyssey*- Darkstar, Hair ~ Catwa – Vivienne, Makeup ~ Face Paint – Doe Storm Cloud, Lipstick ~ {D.A.} Lipgloss & Pout, 

Outfit ~ Blueberry – Laced Crop Shirt & Side Cut Skirt, Shoes ~ Reign – Oakley Heels, Necklace ~ PomposityWorded Heart Necklace, Wedding Ring ~ Eternally – Gold& Platinum Claddagh, Piercings ~ CCD – Beauty Mark, Eye Tear

Thank you again and please stay tuned for my next adventure ~ hugzz

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