Probably Last Blog

I have spent over 6 years in SL ~ if someone asked me 2 weeks ago how do you view SL I would say absolutely love it ~ yes SL is truly what you make it am in agreement with that yet the glow as worn off from the point of those who I thought were friends ~ little disillusioned now more so than I have been through all the ups and downs of past years…like RL you just never find out someone’s true colors till there is a crisis then when the chips are down you see either who has missed you, who is standing beside you in your time of need or those that could care less ~ I might vent a lot about my RL roomies from time to time but I will have to admit that as long as we all have known each other every crisis is met with both of them there for me as the same goes for me…those are true friends the ones you want for a lifetime ~ for me that surpasses the label friend into my sisters that I never had but always wanted ~ I did not want to disappear without telling people that I was leaving SL and funny some were like why you will be missed yet for 10 days or even more they only spoke when I would IM them to say hello am like “huh”…does that show me they truly cared ~ not really ~ guess am disappointed and a little hurt but life goes on and people change ~ shrugging my shoulders now slumping and its not being selfish at least I am trying to look at it from all sides ~ my circle of friends was small but I thought I was doing my part in making sure that I would say hello to them at least every couple days if not possibly once a week or when I would see them on.  Coming back after my absence am feeling jaded that emotion of happiness is dulled a little ~ it is time to reign myself in and be there for only the one that was consistent and my SL world is now even smaller ~ but for me this is how I want it….with a heavy heart this just might be my last blog ~ am sad and discouraged …….