SL Friendships

I have been MIA for awhile now ~ as I won’t go into all the specifics but I had some health issues and basically live with roomies that detest SL so not one to get into contact with anyone, which brings me to my next point ~ none that I will apologize because when things are out of your control either you have friends that have faith in you and not jump to conclusions on what might or might not be as such.  My case in point is that I have one rl friend that both my roomies do know and contacted via text, which immediately came to be with me ~ my cell, tablet and whatever else I have to communicate was at my house and she had full access because I do not have any passwords xcept on SL ~ did I care if she played games under my name or used them ~ HELL NO!  I asked her not to read my emails that I would get to them when I could – again will not apologize that I was so focused on myself and my health but thought those that knew me knew I just did not up and leave and there must of been a reason…instead I received such a harsh and cruel note from someone that I thought would of had more faith but I was wrong ~ I will not mention any names as to who but sadly our friendship is now broken and probably unrepairable….what I will say is if you truly have friends in SL then why not care enough to ask questions about their real name or who they would contact besides a social media forum to get in touch with them ~ One person well two people even cared that I was gone ~ how sad is that ….. seriously you are gone for over 10 days and out of all my friends 2 of them wondered along with worrying ….Comes down to the one person that makes my life better and that is my SL hubby Sten ~ he is my rock and truly my better half but due to health related issues and internet I will have to cut back my time in SL to the barest minimum as I will be sporadic in blogging now ~ guess all this leads to if you want to go outside of SL and keep up the friendship or what ~ do you care if you are gone ~ will anyone miss you if you disappear ~ questions to think about … take care everyone ~ hugzz

Dirty Weekend ~ Tribalista


Do you hear the roar of the lions and the pounding of the drums deep in the jungle….you should because the theme for this is Tribalista ~ so deep in the jungle I creep to show you some really cute stuff ~ from Mangomoon to be exact ~

Tribalista Leggings

As the stars come out at night I slide into a pair of these ultra sleek leggins that I can blend in with the herd of zebra’s I saw earlier down by the watering hole…really nice looking and loving the texturing and the fit ~ grab them they are HOT!!!   Various colors of the zebra print ~ you have a choice of 6 different ones or hey just grab the fat pack to get all of them ~

Now let me warn you before you go rushing in there ~ *whispering softly umm I was there and beware ummm this is deep in the jungle and you know what lives in there…. WILD ANIMALS ~ so speak softly maybe carrying a big stick and HAVE FUN hehehehe…..well there are animals around but I think they are being fed well ~ oh yeah also there is some gacha’s that you just might wanna hit up and give a pull….and yes I hit a few but umm you will have to come and look giggling they have some unique ones ~ alright one last thing you need a ride ~ here it is  I wouldn’t not wait too long as it does run to the 26th of April and times flies very quickly ………. stick around my fellow readers and faithful followers I will be bouncing back and forth between events just to show you lotz more stuff……and huge thank you to my Sponsors for choosing me as one of the bloggers for this event ~ and yes I did change my hair and yes it is from D!va called “Lynn” ~ making me look xtra cute is a pose from Nova’s Modeling stands … stay tuned……hugzz

100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring Aphrodisiac

I love stores and the designers that provide great customer service ~ Aphrodisiac is such one ~ contacted Stephanie Blake the creator and explained the problem and it was fixed immediately ~ thank you for the prompt attention…and onto showing her exclusives

Lacie leggins with Bandeau

Both top and bottom are non mesh and really love how they fit ~ colors are soft and texture is great. Below is the purple

Color Purple

Gives you nice booty view *winks ~ first color is Pink, the one just above is Purple … and for the close up of blue please see below…

Color Blue

Really great texture and gives just enough show that you do not have to worry ~ the other colors are white and black ~ Again thank you Stephanie from Aphrodisiac for letting me show off your creations…here is the LM to the fair so you can grab these before the price goes up

Please do not forget about the Photo contest that Depraved is holding – details are on their website and the prizes are immense…Also today’s hair is from D!va *Averil* and making me look nice as I show off came from Image Essentials Stand Collection...shot completely in my studio…Thank you for reading ~ until next time ~ hugzz

100 Block Fashion ~ featuring Cae, Hollywierd, and Dark Passions

Am baaaack ~ miss me a little…giggling ~ today let me jump in all the stuff I have to show and tell you and yes the 100Block event is still going strong you have *looking at my calendar* 13 days to head over and grab some of this stuff ~ remember what I said in the beginning that all exclusives are 50% off ~ is that not a great deal and you will be going oh no I missed that when you see someone else wearing that dress or item you have been ogling..The creator Dark Passions I have loved their nails since I first discovered them and now they made this cutest top ~ anyone remember the Ouija board?  If you do then this will just be right up your alley…look below

Dark Passions *Carmen* Melting Spirit

I adore this top ~ the fit is perfect and yes it is Mesh ~ does it not look like a keeper ~ hehehe can you imagine the pointer slowly traveling over to the yes side…well the spirits told me YES so it will be one that I will be pushing over to my summer wardrobe under tops ~ yessiree…..and because Dark Passions also does nails OMG you got it they made nail polish identical…look see below…

Melting Spirit

How cool is that ….great job to Dark Passions for taking this brilliant idea ~ yes I know am gushing a tad huh ~ hey cannot help it just hit my winner button…and I hope you think it as well…Cae has a very gorgeous necklace as their exclusive in their Lumiere Set as you should be able to see on the first pic but let me grab a close up for you ~ one sec

Lumiere Necklace

This comes with a really interesting hud with soo much on it and will give you a variety of looks to mix/match with.  The beads change colors along with the chains and the wires ~ something that will be fun to wear casually or to dress up with one of your favorite gowns as the set has necklace and earrings ~ great detailing done ~ Kudo’s to Cae on this lovely piece of jewelry.  Last item I do want to show comes from Hollywierd with these interesting pair of “Stompers

Kurb Stompers “Floral”

Speaking of detail just have a look at the pic above and see how nice the floral lace texture is ~ love it ~ yes they do have other ones to choose from so guys this can be a unisex pair of Kurb Stompers ~ not just for the females ~ OK…take this limo to the fair and hunt down these items before the price goes up ~ you won’t be sorry

Really had a fun time showing all this off to you and have to thank Kay from Image Essentials using her Accessory pose and Ally of Something New with her Blog My Nails pose…without poses everyone you just look blah standing there like some scarecrow all stiff and like ~ how boring is that and I always want to give them credit for their hard work…hugzz to both ~ to my readers, my followers again my appreciation for taking time to read….I feel like I found my nitch in becoming a blogger ~ this is my 101st blog post ~ to my friends I so appreciate the kind words you have given me and the support you show…big hugzz ~ ok ok will stop with all the mush and tell you to stick around ~ please…..cya soon ooops before I go wow forgot to tell you about my hair hehehe no its not from 100Block but from Dura Girl *59 in platinum ~ whew knew I was forgetting something …now you may go ~ hugzz

100 Block Fashion ~ featuring Sakide

As one of the Sponsors for the 100Block – Sakide has some really nice exclusives for you to purchase and the LM that I will be giving takes you directly to their store ~ So many choices that I had to pick from but here are 2 that caught my eye ~

Sakide Koi

The pic above reveals one of Sakide‘s exclusive ~ this is a nice Slide on dress as you can see ~ Really love the design, the colors and how nicely it does fit…yes it is Mesh and there are various sizes so please take your time and pick the right fit for you…the other one I have chosen to show you is look below.

Sakide Graphic

The Sakide Graphic “B” ~ all the dresses do come with a Hud that you can change colors ~ blue, grey, olive, pink, purple, red, white and wine…Today was a red day for me *smiling…Sakide has also a pair of Podium Boots that I have worn with both dresses ~ giving it that little grunge look if you choose or you can dress it up with a nice pair of heels…I do have a close up of the boots so let me show you that now..

Podium Boots

Want some added height just slip these on and stomp to your hearts desire but you will have to watch wear you are stomping …The Slide dress comes in “Birds, Dreamcatcher, Hathi, Wanted and the other Graphic ~ a really nice variety and remember these are Sakide’s exclusives sooo they are on sale for the entire fair ~ I would grab this ride and head over to their store before it is too late and you end up wishing you had of gotten them…SAKIDE

My huge thank you to Sakide for being able to show off some great dresses for you ~ oh and btw you have not forgotten about that huge Photo Contest have you?  Did you go to Depraved’s website and check out the prizes for this ~ amazing isnt it?  To my followers and new time readers I again always appreciate the time you take to read my blog ~ please stick around as I will have more to show you…my hair today in case you are wondering who styled it for me lets see it is my favorite hair by D!va along with also making me look good as I stand is Image Essentials using one from their Woman Stand Collection…shot entirely on location of my studio…and yes one last little comment is no one got hurt in the making of this post ~ until later..Hugzz

100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring Zombie Suicide & Kenvie

:Z.S: Halt Skirt & Pow Bikini

Lets put some light on this shall we ~ just so you can get a really good look at what these two stores are offering for you to purchase at the 100Block…will start with the top which its called can you guess?  Pow Bikini top by :Z.S: ~ nice thing also it is mesh so there are various sizes but also comes with a Hud that you have several choices of color ~ great huh?  Looks cute on and fits well ~ now one note I will say I do have my shape set to the standard small and it is a mesh ready shape if that means anything in todays world but I am always trying on different sizes to get the perfect look so most of the time my tops are either medium or large even xlarge on occasions as it just depends on the designer with this I am wearing the medium so just little tidbit that try on different sizes ~ the Halt Skirt also comes with a Hud and I really love the variety of colors it gives you especially since this is 2 complete items you can really if you like mix/match with other tops ~ and you also choose the belt color ~ lotta bang for those lindens ~ kudo’s to the creator for really giving us so many choices in one skirt…love it! This ensemble I paired with another creator that is also at the fair Kenvie ~ these are called Insomnia platform boots ~ look below for a close up

Kenvie Insomnia Platform Boots

I pushed away my slink feet to wear these as they are for the regular feet and wow can you see the detail and how great this boot looks ~ whew a lot of intense work went into these and they are for either male or female as they do come with either ~ also the ones am wearing are the “high” platform and they do have the low as well ~ love the look and really completes the outfit setting it off just right…Thank you Kenvie and :Z.S: for letting me show everyone your creations…btw I went to Image Essentials  and used Kay’s new photo studios ~ she sent out a notice earlier that she completely redid all the male/female poses so course I just had to rush over and use them…If you have not been there lately to the store I highly recommend it as it is completely renovated and has also gained a new addition Tori’s Stylez is now there as well…oooh and one last tidbit the hair am wearing today *giggling seeing am becoming a Hair Whore* is by D!va here latest “Doris” in Garnet…kind of digging it but I know me and I did get a couple new ones from them so probably will be showing them off as well…thanks again for sticking around ~ if you like what you read please choose to follow me I soo appreciate all…hugzz for now and here is your ride to 100Block

100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring Diamante

Rebellious Skirt and Tank

She kneels waiting ~ waiting for her Master to come home ~ she wears the outfit that he chose for her from Diamante~ her hands behind her back as she waits kneeling on the pillow he got just for her to sit on ~ blindfold still in place as he placed it earlier that morning…she knows he will be pleased seeing this…This understated outfit is called Rebellious wonder who they were thinking about *winks* ~ am showing you this as complete but it will be sold separates ~ the tank and skirt are sold as one that comes with a Hud giving you various options on colors along with the metals…really nice choices ~ Next you can also purchase the blindfold as well ~ let me show you a close up of the necklace and bracelets

Bracelets & Star Necklace

Both of these are also sold as separates and really completes the outfit ~ especially if that is the look you are going for ~  Last heading down to the shoes which are the exclusive of the fair from Diamante as well ~

Bitch Pumps

Nice looking pumps that are specifically for Slink High ~ they also come with a Hud for choices of metal ~ nice fit and really completes the overall look bringing it all together…If you do head to their store at the Fair they have some great other offerings too for you to choose from ~ also have some gacha’s ~ looking for a ride to the fair here ya go ~  ~ Enjoy

Anyway I do need to again thank all the great sponsors of 100Block for allowing me to show off their creations ~ thank you to Diamante for the great outfit ~ for my readers and followers it is so appreciated that you take time to read and like…huge thank you …… please stick around as I got lotz more ~ OOOH before I forget have you entered the big Photo Contest that Depraved is running?  Still time but like this fair it will not last forever ~ all the details are on their website so let me again give you that link

Hair am wearing today is from D!va ~ Sayaka The pillow am sitting on comes with poses is from Something Else ~ was shot on location at my studio ~

100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring LouLou&Co


Hey is that tree looking at me or am I just being a tad bit paranoid…dunno as I glance back and give the tree one of my infamous glares…mmm possibly seeing he just has one eye and is teeth are in need of some serious floss and brushing…still I should move away since I get the feeling if I got any closer he would grab me with his tree limbs and never let go…but first let me give you a nice look at what LouLou&Co have for you to purchase from the 100Block ~ They are one of the sponsors of this huge event so please make sure you make time to at least stop by and give them a look…

Soooo are you into heavy metal or possibly goth or just wanting to hit the club scene looking very steamy and hot…this is really a great outfit for those nights out ~ great detailing on the top and the skirt ~ yes it is mesh and from the choice of sizes you can be sure one will be perfect for you…doing my research as I do tend to do I looked up the word for this outfit “Druuna” and came across a reference as being an “Druuna is an erotic science fiction and fantasy comic book character created by Italian cartoonist Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri.” think this outfit is very aptly named towards that reference even if that was not the intent to be…

Sneakers ~

Great pair of sneakers come with this outfit and no need to have any special type of feet either ~ and yes for this I did put away my slink feet but who wouldn’t looking at the really great detailing done ~ from the buckles to the texture of parts of the shoe am really liking this and will make this whole outfit one to keep ~ hubby loved it calling me his heavy metal sexy girl…now that is reason enough huh…but no I love the fit and the overall look of this so kudo’s to LouLou&Co for this sexy outfit…As a sponsor of the 100Block the LM I will give you takes you right to their store ~ very nice perk too…sooo here is your ride to grab these exclusive outfit while the fair is ongoing….:*LOULOU&CO*:.

Are you enjoying the outfits that I have been introducing you to ~ my wish is that the answer will be yes…oh yes my hair I did change up for this and it is brand new from D!va found at Collabor88 ~ Hair is called Doris and a complete change I did chose the color Garnet…always thought being a redhead would be interesting and for this outfit it really worked…now I just need to move away from that tree he has not stopped staring this entire time…talk again real soon…hugzz

100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring Stuck-up

Snakeskin Dress

Oh am ready to go clubbing wearing {Stuck-up)’s Snakeskin dress ~ whew this dress is hot hot hot….good thing I didn’t have that xtra donut with my coffee this morning there is absolutely no room for one ounce of fat on my body as I wiggle into this fabulous dress…being it is so hot I did choose the red but this dress comes with a hud giving you a choice of black, green, red, blue, pink and gold…you are ready to partee with this outfit and matching shoes as well ~ yes they are for Slink High feet and they have that summertime feel to them ~ lets you show off that gorgeous mani you had this afternoon….please bare with me as I show you a close up of the shoes…

Snakeskin Shoes for Slink High

Are that just those kind of shoes you want to slip on and show off as your strut into that club ~ letting everyone give you head to toe look ….. oh yes you will be stared at with this outfit on there is no doubt in my mind…very sleek snakelike hugging dress…wowzers!

Summer is coming and you know as your might be out on that houseboat with friends or just puttering around the house you do want to be nice and cool ~ well for look what else Stuck-up has in store for you….

Show off tops w/Micro booty shorts

Oh yeah it is all about the booty huh ~ this is not for the faint of heart wearing outfit ~ nope as it is all about showing off ~ both the shorts and the top are non mesh but do come with the Omega hud ~ colors you ask well there is pretty much all colors of the rainbow from light blue I am wearing to pink, navy, etc.  you will be able to either mix/match ~ these are sold separate ~ for me I would grab both as together makes one hot scorching combination…

Thank you Stuck-up for letting me blog your items ~ and again thank you to Depraved for giving me the honor of a blogger for this event ~ so let me say again the 100Block Fashion Fair does run to the end of April but if you see something I would not wait till the end of the month…as always I appreciate you taking time out to read my blog ~ psssst got lotz more to show…stick around will ya….Hugzz

Need a LM to the Fair here ya go

100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring Grumble

Wraparound Dress by Grumble

Who does not love a comfy wraparound dress?  The dress above is just that a Wraparound Dress from Grumble ~ there is a variety of colors this dress does come in ~ blue, green, orange, pink, violet and purple ~ you can see I did choose purple to show you ~ and yes you can add a very nice piece of jewelry to compliment this ~ simply stated the colors are rich looking and fits very nicely hugging your curves in all the right places…

Shabby Chic

Matched up with the Shabby Chic shoes that are for Slink High ~ you also have all the same colors of the dress to really have a nice complete outfit for a day out on the town ~ you will feel at your best wearing both the Wraparound Dress and the Shabby Chic shoes…

These are Grumble‘s exclusives for the 100 Block so rush over as here is your ride and snatch these up before the event does end ~ thank you to Grumble for giving me this opportunity to blog these items…for the other details of what I am wearing you will find below…

Hair is also an exclusive to the fair from [^.^Ayashi^.^]Umeko” as well as the pose “Couture” from Image Essentials…Skin is by al vulo and shape is mine….please stick around as I do have more to show today…thank you for those that do read and follow my blog ~ hugzz