Fashion 4Life ~ LuxeParis

I was thrilled when I received in my inventory items from LuxeParis ~ there is a lot of to see so I won’t waste time rambling on and on and on….

Dot Romper

First, I want to say that I try to visit each designer that has graciously given articles to blog for at the Fashion4Life Sim they are located on…As I popped in at LuxeParis at the Berlin Sim this outfit she also had as an exclusive was just too cute to pass up so yes I grabbed it. The name as you can see from the pic above is “Dot Romper and just really love you are able to dress it up or down depending on where you are going.  For me it is truly adorable.  What better way to support such a worthy cause as well – very win/win…Next up is a gown that I wanted to show you side by side because she designed it specifically for 2 different looks….

Dancing Dress

LuxeParis calls this the Dancing Dress and can you see why?  The dress on the left I have added the flexi part to it so you have this elegant gown that will move along with you as you spend your night out dancing.  Take away the flexi skirt and you still have a very sleek yet still very elegant long dress that will fit in also for that nite of possible salsa dancing “Ole!”  Oh before I forget to tell you that the Dancing Dress is a very limited edition ~ once the event is over the gown, the dress will be gown ~ so looking at the calendar your time is tick tick ticking…Below we have another gown that also can be purchased at Fashion4Life event.

Aquamarine Gown

Oh what a stunning Aquamarine gown this is ~ very form fitting showing off all those curves and the color is that rich aquamarine I so love…very classic and looks like a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe or inventory.

Cote d’Azur

Lastly is this stunning Cote d’Azur bikini that i was told the texture is a designer’s own rl creation.  Looks like an impressionists artistry just waiting for you to wear.  Colors are bold, stylish and the design of the suit is revealing but not a bare all which I also love.   Well there is a lot more of LuxeParis creations to discover at the event and for that here is your limit that will drop you at their door ~ I hope that you will hop on and take a look see what else they are offering. 

Thank you again to LuxeParis for giving me the pleasure of being able to show you some truly outstanding clothes.  Also need to thank Kay Weston of Image Essentials whose poses from her collection of Woman Stands that I used and to my followers thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read.

Fashion 4Life ~ Empyrean Forge

I was given an opportunity to show off some unique yet simply beautiful jewelry by Empyrean Forge ~ Their exclusives are “Contessa Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace, and Ring ~

Contessa Necklace

This necklace is pure elegance ~ beautiful and look at the detail that went into this ~ also comes with a hud that you are able to pick which color jewel for me I chose purple but there are a nice variety of colors ~ this will also change the beads as you can see from the pic above.

Bracelet and Pearl Ring

I really love the pearl bracelets that also come with a hud to change the color of the beads as well you have a choice of either silver or gold and I did want to show you how gold looks ~ with the necklace I did keep it silver for the contrast ~ as the ring you also have choices ~ either a black pearl with silver or gold or white pearl in silver or gold.

Contessa ~ necklace, bracelet and ring

I paired all of Contessa with a simple yet elegant black evening gown and the look just is Pure Elegance ~ don’t you agree?  Empyrean Forge is located in New York and here is your limo directly to their shop so you can purchase these gorgeous items ~

The dress am wearing for the last shot is one from CST Designs who I will thank again also I used poses from Image Essentials ~

Please remember this is for such a worthy cause ~ lets truly make cancer a thing of the past by supporting these designers at Fashion4Life.  Thank you

Fashion 4Life ~ CST Designs

CindyS Tatham creator/designer of CST Designs has created some gorgeous gowns that will fit in whether you are walking hand in hand with your lover on a beach ~ shoes kicked off to enjoy the warmth of sand on your bare feet or enjoying a nice evening out dancing at the Titanic with someone special under their glorious full moon. Slipping into the first one that she has made her exclusive is the Adamma in Lilac.

Lilac Adamma

I love the color of this gown…nice rich but soft Lilac both are my favorites from the flower of the Lilac to my personal fave color ~ and look how nice the back looks as well ~ very spring/summer look.  The next dress you have to also admire the back of the gown.

Black Bellisimo

Bellisimo the definition is very beautiful and so is this gown.  Simply stated this gown is pure elegance and my look at the back of this gown –  I truly love the bow that adds just a touch of pizzazz that will result in a double look from anyone watching you walk by them.  Put this gown on as I accessorized it just with very simple bangles to complete the look but even just a pair of drop earrings or maybe a teardrop necklace is really all you need if that.  Both gowns are keepers that I will wear throughout ~

My thanks again to Cindy for giving me the privilege to one wear these gowns and two for being able to show it to you ~ looking to purchase either one am providing your limo to the Milan Sim

Thank you also goes to Kay Weston from Image Essentials  for creating the pose from Woman Stands that I use to make me look good as well.

Again as these are CST Designs exclusives all proceeds will go directly to The American Cancer Society ~ my feelings that I will be heading over to her main store once this event ends to check out her other creations.  For my followers again big thank you to those that are staying around to see what else is being offered at this worthy event.  hugzz

Fashion 4Life ~ Ch’s

Seeing that we are into spring Maribel Yootz the designer/creator behind Ch’s sent the cutest outfit for me to review for Fashion4Life ~ name of this adorable outfit is called Spring“….This just screams to me “Easter” walking among the tulips or carrying a cute little basket of hand painted colored eggs ~ just love it….take a look below and I know you will rush over to the Paris Sim and grab up this exclusive before its gone….

Chi’s “Spring”

I just love the floral design near the bottom of the skirt and a bonus to this outfit she has also created matching shoes ~ which you will need to have Slink High feet to wear them, again my deepest gratitude for my ever generous boss *Kay Weston who gifted me with my slink feet ~ how did I ever live with out them.  Anyway these shoes as you can tell by the pic below are gorgeous.

Slink High feet needed

Ut oh I forgot to change my nail polish to something more spring like, but I was such a rush to show you these uber cute heels ~ aren’t they just so adorable…. the whole outfit gets 5 “stars” (no pun intended) but they do rate as KEEPER that I can wear in spring and also in summer…Now the next dress fit me like a glove ~ especially that I do love the mermaid style type of gown.  See for yourself what am talking about ~


Gorgeous gown and really has a glamor to it ~ style will fit and look really well on anyone ~ plan on wearing this out on my next night of dancing.

My sincerest thanks to Maribel for graciously letting me blog her exclusives and here is a direct link to where you can purchase these items. ~ your carriage awaits.

Remember again this is for a very worthy cause every exclusive that is purchased goes directly to The American Cancer Society ~ the research has come such a long way from even 10 years ago so now we need to crush cancer for good ~ thank you for taking time to read and follow me.  I will be showing more exclusives for you.  hugzz


Fashion 4Life ~ Slackgirl

Being a blogger for FFL has provided me with the opportunity to get to meet new designers that after this event I will be keeping up with all they do create.  Like the one am getting ready to introduce you to “Slackgirl” ~ the gown I will be showing off to you is aptly named “Poison” which is a stunning gown that just pulls you in. Putting this on combined with her eye and lip makeup I am ready for the catwalk ~ just to strut myself and let you all drool over this creation.  Really love the whole concept of this gown and feel very sophisticated wearing it ~ I could feel my transformation after putting this gown on as possibly a queen reigning somewhere in a futuristic Sim ~ or leading my warriors off to battle.  Maybe even attending a high fashion gala as I stand there waiting to be admired ~ oh yes all these thoughts come in mind…Look at the pic below and possible your thoughts will mimic mine.

Poison ~ Slackgirl Exclusive

From the long flowing train, the bracelets for both arms, the highly detailed pads on the shoulders and that collar around my neck.  Its truly creative and comes in as a winner for me.  Also Slackgirl has created lip and eye makeup that really put the finishing touches on this overall look.

Liquid Lip and Metric Eye Makeup

A close up so you can just see the eye and lip makeup ~ which she has provided a variety of colors for you to pick and choose.  Looking for something dramatic as this I can tell you am wearing #03 in the liquid lip with metric eye shadow #03 also.

Thank you to Slackgirl for giving me the pleasure of showing this gown to you ~ she has 2 other exclusive gowns as well that you may purchase during this event….take my limo to her store on the Milan sim and snatch this up before the event is over in 6 days.  Here is your ride

Before I forget the hair is a group gift from my favorite hair designer D!va called “Bambi”  kudo’s to her for coming up with a group gift that I ran over and grabbed just I thought it would go well with this gown.  The pose is another one of KaTink’s exclusives “Madison Ave”

For my followers please let me say how much I appreciate you reading my blogs ~ more to come….hugzz

Fashion 4Life ~ Petit Chat featuring Image Essentials Poses Petit

The next 2 outfits that I am happy to show off for you is from Petit Chat who the creator Trinity Yazimoto did an incredible job transforming her art into her exclusives for the event.  The first dress is Wrap-around and comes with a headpiece as well.


I really like how this dress just fit perfectly and look at the sleeves that look delicately cut out by hand.  The head piece really sets off the whole look and I paired it with “Crossline in Emerald” makeup by Zibska.  Now am off to walk down the streets of Paris looking like a very well together fashionista.  Next up is her Solitude Gown also from her ArtFashion collection.

Solitude Gown

This gown is so stunning yet very simplistic that I wore no jewelry with the barest of makeup so not to detract from the beauty.  A gown that will fit in at the chicest places or strolling a boardwalk during the summertime.  Both of these dresses you will be able to purchase during the event on the Paris Sim, which I have included the link for you ~  Trinity has also made some gacha’s for Fashion4Life ~ she is proud to introduce her “Time” watches.

Gacha ~ Steampunk Rare

The watches are a brand new addition for her and she has taken a lot of care in making each ~ they are ones that you will want to wear especially these are extremely low lag and will keep perfect SL time for you so you will never be late for that dinner date or even an all important shopping event.  The variety is quite large and you might just be pulling on those gacha handles till you grab each one in the vast collection.  I was lucky to have snagged the Brass colored steampunk one.  YAY me!  And Men she has made sure you are not left out either as she has designed 3 different ones just for you.

As happy I am showing off the clothes I will have to not only credit the clothes am wearing but the posemaker who made me look fabulous doing it as well.  Image Essentials with Kay Weston as the creator/posemaker also has 2 exclusives that you just have to TP over to the L.A. sim and grab.  She has a new set of Women Stands that I am using in a lot of my blogs for this event and used in the 2 clothing shots above ~ then I coerced my sweet hubby Sten in posing with me for her other exclusive called “Mirror” as am showing off in the pic below.

Mirror~IE Exclusive

As we stood there posing this song came blasting into my brain from the movie ~ can you take a guess which one am talking about ~ little hint Patrick Swazye and Jennifer Grey…yes you got it “I’ve had the time of my life” the Oscar winning song from Dirty Dancing.  Just looking into husbands eyes I got all mooshy and the song played in my head ~ ok ok yes am such a romantic at times.  But really how can you not think of something so romantic with this pose sheesh so sue me it is just a very inspiring couple pose that Kay has created especially for this event.  Yes yes am gonna put the link to the L.A. sim so you can rush over and grab both the Woman Stand set and this couple pose “Mirror” Here is your ride

My immense thanks goes out to Trinity for her fashionart collections and also to Kay for making me look just as stunning standing there.  Oh and hubby even gives his thanks to Kay for creating a great new couple pose as well.  To my followers again I thank you for taking time to read my blog and please stick around as the event continues till March 29th I still have so much more to show you.

Remember please that all Fashion4Life exclusives all the proceeds go directly to The American Cancer Society ~ this is for a great cause no one wants to see such a horrible disease continue.  Lets make this year a record breaking one and give our part to put cancer behind us…Thank you Again ~hugzz

Fashion4Life Now is Open

Fashion 4Life Logo

Its that time again when Second Life puts on the Fashion 4Life Event ~ the purpose for this event is to raise not only money for Cancer but also to raise awareness.  Maybe you know someone either a family member or a close friend that was or is affected by this horrible disease.

Can you imagine taking a shower one day just casually washing along with doing your monthly breast self exam when your fingers find a lump ~ your heart breaks into a trot and all the breath is just sucked out ~ its frightening and just years ago this might of been a death sentence, but with today’s research and medical technology, especially if detected early you can breathe a sigh of relief that while the battle will be hard it will be won.  As that person in that shower that morning I can tell you how scary and frightening that feeling is ~ until I woke up later from surgery and listened to the surgeons words “not malignant” did that panic go away.  Sadly in that same time period a close friend was not so lucky, which is why am so honored to be a part of this. Also makes me proud that Second Life participates.  Listed below are all the links for you for each different Sim. This year Seven Fashion Capitals of the World created by some of the most amazing builders.  If nothing else go to each and just have a walk around.  As with everyone I hope that the word Cancer will one day be just a memory and the disease will be never more.  One last bit of information is everyone strives to make 2015 a record breaking season in the Relay for Life ~ if you cannot afford any of the designer exclusives there will be around all the sims a place where you can drop some Linden love that also will go directly to The American Cancer Society.

Tokyo ~ builder credits go to Ouka Ugajin ~ sponsor is Gabriel ** London ~ builder credits Rebeca Bashly with sponsor Argrace **Paris ~ builder Kaya Angel with sponsor Chop Zuey **New York City builder Sofia Corleone with sponsor Zanze **Berlin builder Setsuna Infinity with sponsor Yasum **Milan builder Maximilianlll Massenberg with sponsor Sage **Los Angeles builder Regi Yifu with sponsor Zaodyeck Magazine ***Central Park North & South builders Spankmy Boucher & Sofia Corleone with sponsor Miss SL Organization

There will be a Fashion Show that will showcase designs and creations from over 100 talented designers in 8 different fashion shows.  There is also a Fashion Hunt that will be ongoing at Central Park North and South.  Each day there will be entertainment for your listening pleasure ~ times will be starting at 1pm SLT also at Central Park.

Take time to head over there and explore all the Sims ~ listen to the music, watch the fashion shows and possibly visit the stores to see what each designer has made exclusive for this event ~ some as I have shown will only be available during this event and afterwards they are just a memory….For those that read and follow my blogs I thank you ~ this event is very dear to me ~ will be showing more of the fabulous designs along with the poses that have been created.  Last FYI all the proceeds from the “exclusives” that each designer and posemaker created go directly to The American Cancer Socieity.  

Fashion4Life ~ Zibska and Katink

As I shimmied in this dress, straightened the head piece, put on the eye makeup the transformation had me doing a double take ~ I looked in the mirror and all of it made me feel like one of those models in a famous runway fashion show.  Once I show you the overall look you will know exactly what am talking about.  Zibska has really put some unique looks for her exclusives in the Fashion4Life event.  Look at the below pic to see just what she has to offer ~ the dress is called Edera Dress in Smoke ~

Eldera Dress in Smoke

Can you just visualize yourself strutting down a catwalk to some composers heavy strain of music and stopping right at the end looking straight into the camera then turning around and strutting back down to all the store buyers looking on in approval…a very one of a kind outfit that will have heads turning and onlookers giving YOU the second look.  The dress Eldera  is paired with the headpiece and necklace which both are called Alaina and they may be purchased separately . The dress will have a limited exposure seeing it will only be available during Fashion4Life event to purchase unlike all the other items will be brought into the store after the event is over ~ let me give you a close up of also the eye makeup that is also being offered by Zibska.

Headdress, Necklace and Eye Makeup

Just love how the headdress Alaina sits combined with the necklace they both really compliment the outfit ~ the eye makeup is called Crossline and has such a variety of rich colors to choose from.  Giving the overall a very stunning look.  Zib also has “Flashes” which are her colorful lashes that again comes with a hud as well.  When my hubby popped in he was very complimentary to the look so you just know it is a keeper.  The dress feels like a luxurious silk/satin texture with the length being classified as a mini…a dress that you would feel comfortable wearing when you go exploring the night life in Milan or Paris or any popular city of your choosing and feel very in.  Remember this dress will only be available during the fundraiser so do not forget to make your way over to the Milan sim for Zibska.  I also have the pleasure of showing you her collection of “Noir” Eyeshadow as well.  A variety of different looks can be achieved from mild to the dramatic as you will see in my final pic below.

Noir Eyeshadow

I love to experiment by using 2 different shadows to achieve this dramatic look. Sometimes it is not only the dress but the makeup you are wearing.

Thank you to Zib for giving me the opportunity to show you her exclusive dress and her other offerings at the Fashion4Life Event.  Please remember this really is for a very worthy cause ~ Cancer must be taken down in our lifetime and this event with all our help is a way of paying it forward to The American Cancer Society.

Also thanking Marit creator of  Katink for providing her talents in the pose “Lexington Ave #2 that I used in the pics ~ Katink and all her poses will be located on the New York Sim ~ do not forget to stop in and check her exclusives as well.


Remember lets make 2015 a record breaker and silence Cancer once and for all.

Followers I do have lotz more to share with you, please stick around and if I have forgotten to say thank you for staying around and reading my blog ~ it is very appreciated.  Hugzz

Fashion 4Life ~ “Zanze Provocateur” combined with J’adore Poses

Oh I have some hot outfits to show you from designer Tivi Inglewood who is the Sponsor of New York ~ again all these will be exclusives and proceeds will go directly for The American Cancer Society.  Also as an added note especially the ones that am showing you today will not be offered in her store sooo that means come the 21st when Fashion4Life opens you have a very limited time to get these gorgeous outfits.  Just saying a very limited time and she is also limiting the quantity on a gown that I will be showing you as well.  Without further rambling from me lets get this show on the road.

Reignite Dress

This hot sexy number in my favorite color purple will be one of the exclusives for Fashion4Life that will only be sold here and will not be brought into her main store ~ am sizzling as I get ready to head out for a day of gambling and fun in Sin City otherwise known as Vegas ~ wearing this sexy dress am sure to hit big on the slots as well keeping cool in the dry desert heat.  Do not forget this name Reignite Dress as it will be sold in other colors but the purple is strictly for FFL.  After spending time and winning just enough to hire a driver and a car to take a ride outside city limits am glad I thought of changing into another outfit so I could be ready for the nightlife ~ except geez my luck didn’t hold and here I am standing out in the hot desert sun waiting for the driver to change his flat …telling me stand in shade do you see any shade?  At least this dress Fight Back Gown is so cool am not sweltering in this heat ~ look at the pic below.

Fight Back Gown

This gown is simply stunning in Magenta and remember what I said earlier about possibly be completely exclusive to Fashion4Life event well Magenta will be limited to FFL event and not brought into the store unless it is in the Fatpack ~ if I was you be sure that you snatch this one up now and not regret that you forgot to get it.  A great edition for those hot summer nights that are coming up shortly or if you are like me standing in the desert then its perfect.  Finally the driver got the tire changed but it was so late and I had to change again for my night on the town ~ Vegas and bright lights ~ look at the over the moon gown that Tivi created ~ simply gorgeous!

Bright Lights Gown

This gown was meant for me and Vegas with those bright lights just waiting for me to walk over to the Paris Hotel and try my luck at blackjack, then onto the nightlife at New York New York ~ little dancing and a teeny bit of drinking and eating…yes I know the buffets are scrumptious but look at this gown will ya ~ think I wanna drop any food on this designer gown…by the way this gown Bright Lights is a Limited Edition ~ yes limited is right there will ONLY be 20 copies available to buy ~ no pleading, no whining will help to get one once they are GONE…best remember that and write it down.  Well that is my time in Vegas showing off all the creations from designer Tivi Inglewood who is the creator behind Zanze ~ thank you Tivi ~ Remember all the proceeds from exclusives go to The American Cancer Society ~ so one day that word and what it means will be just a memory.

Thank you also to Shinobu Istmal for providing the poses that I used Alex #6 & #10 ~ her store is “J’Adore” you will find her on Tokyo Sim.  忍 Istmal ポーズを提供するためにもあなたに感謝私は Alex を使用します。彼女の店は ‘j ‘ adore’ 彼女の東京 Sim が見つかります。 Yes I put a translation in Japanese as reading her profile she also has to use a translator into English ~ small way to thank you in her native language…

Sooo are you loving all the stuff so far as much as I am blogging them ~ stay tuned I still have lotz more…thank you

Details ~ Skin by al vulo, Shape is my own, hair is by D!va,

Fashion for Life ~ Sage

First let me thank Sage Pexie for providing some yummy stuff to show off to each of you ~ remember to make note of these outfits when Fashion4Life begins on the 21st ~ you seriously will have to hop over to Milan and check out all the creations at “Sage“.  Guess I should quit chatting and just show you what she has to offer….First up is a very sleek outfit just like the car that it is named after “Ferrari” who if you didn’t know is a local Milan Icon and famed automaker ~


Sleek and fabulous as the license plates state…you will feel truly like a Fashionista in this blue satin top and buttery black leather skirt.  There are other colors but the one am showing off is the exclusive and just so rich looking that all I would need to do is grab my purse, possibly a nice wide brim hat and will be set for a day of shopping in Milan.  By the way the outfit is mesh and really fits well.  Remember exclusives are set for all proceeds to go to The American Cancer Society.  The next dress I would like to show off for you is the one she created in honor of her Mother ~ hearing that the first thing that came to my mind was a song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” seems a fitting place where for me the place where people are happy and healthy….

Angel Pink Gown

A gorgeous gown with the pink Lilly’s  her Mother was so fond of incorporated in the bodice and around the hem of the luxurious gown ~ you can also see the platinum choker and a wrist corsage as well.  The gown is simply stunning on ~ what a perfect way to honor someone with this creation.  I really love this ~ The last but there is no way this gown or creation is the least as you can see below just screams to me “Welcome to Hollywood Starr” as I stand on the red carpet looking around and just in pure heaven wearing this…

Francesca Gold Gown

This uber sexy gown is made out of pure satin with the low back and a dangling gem that is so classic, which will have you fitting right in whether it is like me dreaming of standing on a red carpet or a night with a special someone strolling on the streets of Milan.  Whoever you wear these outfits for will appreciate your good taste in choosing them.  Remember these 3 outfits will be ready to purchase come Saturday the 21st ~ save those lindens for this stunning collection from Sage ~ as a sponsor of the Milan Sim Sage Pexie has truly set the bar high.

Shot on location at my personal studio using Lumi and various Model poses by Noya.  Hair is by D!va, Skin is al vulo, Shape is my own.

Followers please stick around as I have so much more to share with you ~ again my thanks to Sage Pexie for letting me show off her gorgeous and stunning creations.