My Person of Interest ~ ~ TC Foden

TC Interview
Interviewing TC @Crossroads

Here is someone I have been wanting to introduce you to ~ please meet TC Foden who is a DJ in Second Life ~ those that are possibly looking to become one in SL, TC will provide some good insight for you.

Sooo TC as I ask everyone my standard question what brought you to SL ~ “Debbie brought me to SL. She was my GF for 12 years on/off. I guess what keeps me coming back is the interaction with people from all walks of life. There is no doubt you meet all kinds on here.” 

How did you get started in DJ’ing and was that a RL passion of music and you wanted to pursue it further? “I’ve been a music lover since I owned my first tape recorder, recording Casey Kasem around the age of 6. I started DJing around 1999 on AOL, Then I moved to PalTalk then I soon retired from it. Debbie always wanted me to DJ on SL but i wanted to spend my time with her, not in a club venue setting. When she passed away in Aug 2012 I decided I would do what she always wanted me to do..DJ in SL. She always enjoyed my music,my voice, how i handled myself on the mic. SHE is the reason I came out of retirement to DJ on SL. I do it in honor of her memory each and every set i perform. That is truly commendable of you and after hearing one of your sets I can see why she wanted you to…

Stepping back a little and asking that your genre you play is Jazz and the Blues is there any other you do like listening to as well?  “I was into Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden, Queensryche etc.. Whenever I workout at the gym, I still listen to this genre because basically it pumps me up.” So how did you start listening or getting hooked on Jazz which is such a different type of music from heavy metal? “I have always been a fan of the blues with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan,Eric Clapton and such but never really focused on the blues until I heard the vocals of Etta James one night, Then I knew i was hooked

Becoming a DJ what type of equipment do you need and what is the cost involved?  “I use the SAM broadcaster PRO
to DJ my two streams. That alone cost me $ 299.00 USD.
Music cost is not that much .99 – 1.29 a song USD but it does add up after a while. It takes money to do it properly and you really have to love doing it in order to invest in it.”

Do you think it matters if you choose text over voice in becoming a DJ?  “ABSOLUTELY! If you are not on mic, you’re only clicking buttons. ANYBODY can click buttons. DJs also entertain. Sure I can type in local but people come to be entertained. Seriously, .how many radio stations have DJs who do not voice??? There is MUCH more to it than just clicking a few buttons. I can go anywhere exploring, listen to their radio, read local chat. One might as well listen to a commercial free radio. If I got to a club and the DJ doesn’t voice. I’ll leave…..I can listen to a radio anywhere…Laughs

There has to be songs that you get requested time after time and ones that make you cringe right?  “I’d have to say Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride & Joy or Crossroads. What really makes me cringe is getting requested songs that’s not part of the genre I’m suppose to be DJing.. Example: The song,” All about the bass ” doesn’t belong in a blues club no more than Metallica’sEnter the Sandman” belong in a country venue.”  Along those lines what are some unusual requests that you have received that you can share with us? “I have had someone request The Barney Song once….And the Gummy Bears theme. You never know what you will get on SL. **by the way yes I did ask if he played them and TC said yes which I had to laugh even if The Barney Song would make me cringe a LOT…

If not DJ’ing in SL what can we find you doing?  “I enjoy sailing, Riding my bike, exploring and to be honest with you, shopping. YES shopping. I’m a mesh whore…laughs”

For those inspiring to become DJ’s what suggestions or hints can you give to them?  “Build a collection of music. currently I have a little over 3 tb *for those like myself that are completely clueless knowing what tb stands for let me interject that tb is terabyte meaning 1 TB = 1000000000000 bytes = = 1000 gigabytes and one song is 10 megabytes ~ THAT is a LOT OF MUSIC!!!*  ok back to the interview ~ Another suggestion TC gives is  ” When your on mic, act like your talking to close friends and family. A scared man will never have anything. Keep the Tempo flowing smoothly. Do not jump from Heavy hard core to soft belly rubbing. That’s a Sure way to kill the mood of ANY atmosphere. Last bit….when it stops being fun and turns to work…walk away and find fun elsewhere ( same goes with working in any club)

As we sat down and talked you could tell he really really enjoys entertaining and I caught up with him at the Crossroads to hear his set, which hearing his laughter you just knew he was having a great time playing tunes for us.  He also gave me his stream address as he mentioned he had two ~ one for a backup for those just in case moments when things go wrong ~ *just click on that link and will take you to his stream ~ TC also made a suggestion as to looking for streams that you do some researching as it is not always about the cost ~ ask around to other DJ’s and find out what streams they use ~ some costs could be up to 500L per month or more ~ so choose wisely.  TC is also broadening his horizon and starting to record intro’s for other DJ’s ~ if you do want to catch TC below is his schedule of where and the LM’s ~

Before I do let you know where he is DJ’ing at let me take this moment to thank him for setting down and answering all my questions and taking time out of his world to let me probe his brain even more while on the photo shoot ~ if you do love jazz please grab one of the LM’s and go see TC at work will say the entire experience was fun and very entertaining ~ giving TC 5 stars as a DJ ~ he does know what he is doing ~ thanks TC !!

Those that follow and read my blog posts I truly thank you and a little part of me smiles each time I gain a new follower ~ stick around as I have a lot more places to show you, people to introduce you to sooo till then Hugz to each of you ~

Catch TC at CrossRoads Mon 6-8pm SLT and Sat 9-11am SLT also at Wharf Rat Blues Sat 2-5pm

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