My Person of Interest is ……. Aradia Mistwood aka Aradia Willow Tully

Interviewing Aradia

My usual first question that I love asking is how you came to SL ~ “Honestly,  saw a news interview about some lady in China hunting down her SL partner and killing him and thought it was the most insane thing I’d ever read. So I was like “What is this Second Life thing?” So I looked it up, thought it looked pretty neat and gave it a try.” woah that is a new one on me and for the record yeah it is true ~ yikes wonder what he did..still trying to wrap my brain around that one ~ but going on I asked Aradia what keeps her coming back to this day after day and she replied “And as to what keeps me coming back every day, thats easy.
I’ve made some great, awesome friends in SL, it really is a social outlet for many people and I use it for that too.”  Reason I have chosen to interview Aradia is she is one of Image Essentials bloggers and have admired her blog and her pics for awhile…with that in mind I did ask how she got started with blogging ~ “I got started blogging, on a whim really I started putting together outfits I liked and taking photos of them and posting those to Flickr and a friend suggested, “Why not start a blog?” and it took on a life from there. 4 years later, I’m still going.” 

My next question was about the stores she does blog forYes, I blog for Carrie’s Lingerie, Azul, Image Essentials, Katink, Lillou Designs, Indyra, Arwen’s Creations, Bite&Claw, Sascha’s Designs, Vengeful Threads, ZOZ and Fallen Gods. Really, it all started out with me as a consumer. These are all stores I frequented and spent money at. I’d buy items, take photos, blog them and send the blog links to the designers. After a while, I would get invites to blog for them. Some, I worked for, like Carries and Vengeful Threads. Fallen Gods, I helped Alia out in a bit of a spot, and he wanted to repay me for my kindness, I wouldn’t accept anything. Told him to just throw me something to blog every now and again. So he added me to his blogger roll instead. How many days a week do you spend blogging ~ does it take a long time to get one blog post out ~ are you concentrating more on the pics than the words? “I spend a little time each day working on my blog. Whether its taking one day just to style up and outfit, save it, the next day to do photos, then do the post. I try to do a bit of both, photos and words, because I think both are equally important.” My next question was asked because of being a blogger I have always thought along the same lines as her answer especially after looking at a variety of blogs was just what she thinks makes a good blog “Wow, thats a good one. A good layout. It needs to be clean and uncluttered. A simple template with solid colors, usually monochrome is best. Because it doesn’t detract from your posts. Also, quality photos. You MUST have quality photos. If you aren’t taking quality photos, you aren’t doing the designers you are blogging for a bit of good. Sure, it takes a while, and yes, it can be a pain to learn, but once you get it down, its nothing. Also.. Words. I personally, do not like blogs that are just photos… credits and that’s it. Write what you like about the items. What drew your eye to them. Why people should buy them. Thats all part of blogging too.” She also did mention being organized, having a “to blog” folder set up, which for me is really being organized and not losing what a store has given you to preview and truly showcasing the designers you are blogging for ….

Giving a little background more on Aradia is quite interesting if you take time to do a little research ~ she has been hard at work in SL as a DJ, Model and always a blogger which seems to be her passion ~ especially since she has been honored with nominations in the Avi Choice Awards as a blogger and also as a DJ.  In asking what she does for fun time especially seeing her profile states she is a “Para-RPer” (am clueless on that) and had to ask first what that meant ~ “I’m a roleplayer. I roleplay at this great Game of Thrones sim called Kings Landing. Being a “Para-Rper” means I write in paragraphs. I don’t do “one liners” It means I like to set the stage with my posts, to keep the story flowing. Most everyone at ROIAF-KL writes this way. We all play off each other very well. It’s one big creative story. Not what you would call “purple prose”, where you throw in ever adjective you can think of to describe how someone’s eyes look. Para-rping requires deep thought and dedication to what you are doing, the story you are building with the people around you.” and that also answers the question what she does in her fun/spare time in SL.

Back to questions regarding blogging and any advice to them “Take your time. Your blog should be about what you want, not what you think everyone else wants to see. Remember, quality over quantity. Don’t let anyone try to shoehorn you into the latest trends. Not everyone needs a downturned frowny mouth, elf ears and birthing hips. Be yourself, enjoy yourself and always, ask questions if you are lost. Join groups, ask for help!  This really is great advice that I followed joining one group that is called [SL Blogger Support] – most of the members are helpful, and you feel a true camaraderie within the group ~ so those of you that are looking to become bloggers please think about joining this group.  Aradia really had some great advice and looking over her blog from the layout, the pics and overall she truly follows her own advice ~ As a fellow blogger she has helped me out on a couple occasions which am deeply thankful for her patience while I muddled through it…

Thanking Aradia for taking time out of her busy schedule which also includes working Blog Manager and in-store Model for Vengeful Threads which she loves doing ~ my time spent interviewing Aradia was really very insightful and a pleasure to talk with another blogger ~ hugzz to you Aradia ~ and to the rest please check out her blog if you have time ~ stick around so much more to come….till next time cya

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