My Person of Interest ~ ProfessorShowbiz

Interview with Professor Showbiz

Have you ever wondered about singing live in SL?  For myself that is a big HELL NO for various reasons but the biggest one is that I cannot sing one note ~ seriously and this is a true story that working as a waitress in one of my various rl part time jobs we would sing Happy Birthday to customers and I was asked politely please just mouth the words ~ yes that really did happen so I know that I cannot partake in anything remotely called singing ~ but in SL there are plenty of “live” singers who are and am a little envious of their talents.  Today I got to interview one of those singers ~ hubby and I were out one nite dancing to the live music of “Professor Showbiz” lightbulb went off in two ways *yeah can you imagine that…anyway I did graciously volunteer my services to update his profile pic and then got me to thinking why not interview him ~ am sooo glad I did!

What a great person with a super big personality and just love the energy he has ~ truly an “Entertainer” in every sense of the word.  Will take something he said at the end of our interview because this is what shows just the kind of person he is ~ “I am not the best singer in SL. I consider myself to be an entertainer. If you come to my show expecting spot on renditions sung flawlessly you will be disappointed. If you want to come to a show and have a dandy good time with me, my host AND the rest of the audience, filled with music and laughs, then join my group and stalk me all over the grid!!  This is not said in any shape or form being mean but is he Frank Sinatra or some big name singer no but by the end of the night listening to his performance I will say with 100% certainty what a great evening I had.  His whole set made me smile and at various parts even laugh ~ he truly entertained me.

What brought him to SL I asked “The Music” “Long answer, a friend of a friend of a friend of yet another friend, convinced me to bring my band into SL. The rest, as they say, is history. Oh and the pixel sex”  And what does keep him coming back even after 3 years ~I truly have a lot of fun in SL whether while singing or just hanging out with friends. To me fun is the real currency in SL and if that ever dries up then I will find another hobby. Also, the music in SL keeps me coming back. Oh my God, I cannot believe the talent in SL.
Also just seeing all the really unique things people make in SL. Creativity is abundant in SL everywhere you look.

Professor was explaining that eventually the band he brought into SL had just gone by the wayside but his long time RL friend “Snow Ogre (let me interject that Snow is 100% male) and him got together to host “Original Trivia Music Show”  So we have Snow providing the majority of the music and I would ask the questions (being named Professor the questions defaulted to me). We quickly added a weekly musical guest to the mix along with an interview of our guest after their set. And then I started singing in SL and added that to the variety show too. And we have been doing the show for over three years. It is now monthly and held at the great White Tigers Islands and Resorts. Come on by and win some of Stone Vayanders hard earned Lindens. Every month on the first Sunday between 5pm to 7pm SLT times.  My next question was wanting to know what his favorite club to sing at but he was very polite and refrained from answering ~ ha ha do you blame him ~ smart man.

When I saw him the genre was that of the Classics being in the Rat Pack Era also he still loves to sing Jazz/Pop of the 40’s thru the 60’s.  Favorite song he really couldn’t pin one down so I asked him what were the 3 most requested songs he got asked to sing ~ his answer was Play that Funky Music (White Boy), The jazz piano arrangement of Baby Got Back and the 50s classic, Rockin Robin.

Am sure all singers do have their favorite performers in SL so I asked was there anyone that you admire in SL ~ The aformentioned Fedora Jones. The first performer I ever saw in SL was Mama Saiz and to this day I think he is one of the best. Bo Carter is amazing, as is Gweeb. I think Gina Gracemount puts on one of the best shows too. I could fill the interview with names of musicians I think are great.
For those that might be looking to become a singer in SL I did ask about special equipment you might need ~ “For my set up I have two computers, a mixer and a really nice studio microphone.”

Looking at his profile I truly smiled seeing his considers himself “Lounge Entertainer Extraordinaire” ~ and I will agree that he is one that comes to entertain you.  Asked for any last words about the clubs where he sings at there are a few I would like to mention just because they are fantastic supporters of live music in SL and have also been really great supporters of my endeavors in SL. They are White Tigers Islands, Ecnad and Swamp Jazz. I feel bad because all the venues I play at do support SL music and my music too. Can I name them all??? Greased Lightning, Bogarts, Club Lion, Smokin Aces, Prism Entertainment, Ballroom Persona and Club Jester ~ He also has a calendar that you can check out to see where he is singing ~ just click on the link and check it out

Am glad that he was able to come and sit with me giving me a different view of singers/entertainers in SL ~ big Thanks go out to the Professor and I will be checking out his Original Trivia Show next month ~ please stay tuned as I have some really interesting people that I want to introduce you to and hey know someone or some place you just think everyone would like to meet please hit me up inworld with a notecard ~ hugzz

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