Follow me to to Skarvald and to their King Balder Foehammer

Welcome to Skarvald

Listening quietly as I sit on the welcoming dock to the tale of how it all started ~ “Legend has it in the early days of Gods and men the people of Skarvald were the first to make way to the lands of snow and cedar.  They worshiped the Gods of Asgard with honor and loyalty ~ a leader was born and he was given the title of Foehammer….but wait I cannot tell you all as you must come see yourself but I will give you a little background into this Fantasy Land called Skarvald.  Quick facts for those of you that this is one of the RP Sims among SL that caters to the Norse people and their followers ~ you may visit the land as their guest but they do ask that you to respect their dress customs and any RP’ing that is going on ~

I was lucky to have  snagged an exclusive interview with King Balder Foehammer ~ who in his own right is a very brave Norse Warrior who I can see has earned the respect of his people and all those that live in Skarvald.

Interviewing Balder Foehammer

Looking at him up close you can see the battle scars that he does wear proudly and then looking past that he is a rather handsome and manly looking  King in his own right *grinning…ok moving on with interview hehehe yeah I know at times I tend to get carried away ~ ahem soo it is a great honor to be able to interview you today and thank you for giving me the opportunity to find out more about this interesting land ~ looks like you have done many things in your years here ~  but lets start with who is Balder? “From a slave to Liberator, follower, soldier onto a General and now wears the title of King”.  Wow  a very remarkable journey you have taken ~ and yet you come back day after day to this great land of yours why?  “I never knew I could do so much more than just wander and explore. Creating and being a storyteller has made me stay”

Part of your duties as King are what ~ “protecting all the people as well as leading them” Seems Skarvald does have its villains and bad guys like the Orcs and Giants ~ before you ask Orcs are these big nasty green brutes *someone I was lucky not to have seen while on my tour -whew…

Many races are accepted and are allowed into Skarvald *there is a whole notecard that you can get for a full list along with some do’s and dont’s as well that everyone must follow.  ”

All characters will be most welcome to walk around in their true form. We don’t want you to have to hide those expensive flashy avatars you made. Just be aware depending on what you are you may get adverse or even violent reactions from others We also expect certain races to play by their weaknesses. We don’t expect to see vampires walking around in the daylight with no protection from the sun. Fae wearing or carrying anything iron or lycan handling silver with no issue. Research your character..Also we are NOT a Gorean sim, slavery is not allowed in Skarvald ooh also a side note seems If you choose to kill your character off for any reason tread carefully. We dont allow reincarnation. Dead is dead. If you decide later you made a mistake it will be too late and you will have to make a totally new character.

One of the Rentals in Skarvald

The pic above does show one of the houses that you are able to rent ~ respecting privacy seeing this one was taken and am all about respect but am sure someone will be able to show you the insides of the houses you can live in ~ for this strange and wonderous land has over 200 residents in their community and various others that wander around…I met a fairy in passing that was eying the coat of the King to snuggle into for warmth as she did look very cold.

Balders Father ~ very revered and honored by all

A lot of thought, and genuine research went into the making of this fantasy RP sim ~ from what type of races are allowed to weaponry, buildings an even jobs ~ much to do besides wander as the story goes some protect the land others look out after the seas.  With any good King there has to be a magnificent castle for him and his lovely high queen ~ I have seen castles before in SL but this was might impressive ~ see the pic below ~

Home of Balder and his High Queen

By the way it is heavily guarded and all  visitors have to have the Kings permission to enter ~ the first pic at the beginning was where you found yourself after you enter those doors ~ The Great Hall where if you walk down you will see his throne and the Queens chair as well.

There is so much more to this great land but I think it would be a treat for those that are interested in Skarvald to see for yourself ~ let me just repeat myself that visitors are most welcome and you can even get a welcoming package by contacting Minniver McDougall (minniver.endsleigh) SeaWolf of Skarvald for more information or to join but just remember to dress appropriate ~

As I say farewell to King Balder and thank him for his generous time spent showing me around his vast Kingdom and taking time out of his kingly duties to answer all my questions. Was very interesting my first experience in exploring and learning about a RP sim.

If anyone is interested in exploring Skarvald here is the LM

And that was my journey to my first RP sim ~ do you have an interesting person, or place that you think I would be interested in seeing or interviewing please send me a notecard inworld to Starr Ghost giving me a little facts and any LM’s that I need to visit ~ thank you again for reading and sticking around ~ I have some really good persons of interest lined up ~ hugzz

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