Person of Interest ~ Bad Eddy

My next person of interest is someone I was interested in meeting and getting to know more about ~ Bad Eddy owner of Bad Eddy’s ~ Hubby and I were out shopping for a lap dance chair and from searching we popped into see this chair ~ well made and great animations ~ bringing me to find out just who was this Bad Eddy ~

Interviewing Bad Eddy

He was so kind in answering all my questions while we were walking around his store that I was curious to learn more about him so being me I asked if he would agree to an interview.  Always beginning question is why Second Life and why keep coming back ~ like most curiosity and roleplay then coming back to run his store on a daily basis. His first experiences was play a grumpy blacksmith in Gor, which he concedes it was fun for awhile. Now his time and efforts goes into running his store and what little time he has left chasing women *giggling at that answer*…

I will tell you upfront that his store specializes in furniture with sexual animations along with featuring “bdsm” poses as well.  Trying to keep from being bored he start his building career starting with all kinds of RP items like lamps or tables but were not selling as well as he wanted.  “One day I made an item with a few sex animations to it and suddenly I was making sales. My goal wasn’t the money but it’s great when people buy what you make and you make enough to fund new projects. So I assumed there was a good market in adult stuff and stayed in that niche. Now I know my stuff at the time was just bad, that’s why it didn’t sell lol”  And now his store is filled and doing well ~ so where does he get his ideas?  All those women I spend my time chasing, they can be quite inspiring 😛

Walking around his store that is so unique how he has set it up as you can see by the pic above making it a huge warehouse with a variety of storage containers the kind you see sitting in seaside docks ~ how creative and great thinking outside the box ~  for me I love the unusual look and was refreshing.

Best Sellers ~ Lap-dance chair, bookcase and bear rug

The above pic does feature some of his best sellers ~ if you are like me and love trying before buying please visit his store.  There was so much to see and try that hubby and I spent quite a lot of time ummm trying a variety of other props as well ~ looked at possibly making the shower our next purchase ~ oh sorry no pics of that *winks*

By the way if you do wander in here and see Eddy he made this comment “I try to help test whenever I can. otherwise there are 2 girls working here part time to help with that too” 

I really think if you are looking for some high quality ~ fairly low prim furniture with some different unique sexual poses take some time to visit his shop – here is your ride to go take a look see  I want to thank BadEddy for the time he spent answering all my questions and this interview.  Hugzz ~ Stick around everyone you just never know where I might travel next….

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