My Person of Interest is Oliver Elton

I first met Oliver when I did my interview with Kyle and my introduction into  Theater on the Hill or **Toth** as everyone calls it ~ he seemed a very integral part and made me curious as to who is Oliver ~ the word was he does not give interviews and I was taken by complete surprise that he granted me one.

Myself and Oliver *in his Broadway persona

Oliver described himself as an enigma -looking up that definition “one that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable” I think his friends would disagree that there is nothing puzzling about how generous, caring and very respected along with being held in very high regard. By the end of this interview I agree 100% on that as well ~

My first question that started our interview is my standby one  “what brought you to SL” ~ the answer like others “someone told me about it – thought I would give it a go” That give it a go has lasted for seven years now and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.  I will respect his privacy and will only share what I feel is necessary but I am allowed to report that Oliver recently got partnered to Yanneck and they both were positively glowing with each other.

Oliver gave me the Royal V.I.P tour of Toth and I was amazed at how vast and huge it is.  Toth is not just a theater but 2 complete sims filled with various places that I encourage everyone to take a look around.  As you can see from the pic below just how big it really is ~

Theater on the Hill

~ Oliver gave some history on how Toth came to be “I have always loved theater, I wanted to create a complete and
varied experience, and started with small theaters,
then as all who know me, I wanted bigger and better,
that lead to a whole sim, a Dear friend donated a Sim
to us which was so kind, then it went from strength to strength,
the team then started building and wow, what a team – now we have two sims with three theaters.” The idea took place 6 years ago but building and creating was immense taking a year to complete.  Oliver delighted in showing me around the main theater ~ my first words were “wow” ~ the design brings back memories of the grand theaters with a plush lobby, regal balconies, also a formal ballroom, and grand staff dining room. When you do walk into the lobby take a look up on the ceiling ~ oh yes I took a pic of it but thought making it something you all should discover on your own.  Then take a walk around the Sim and visit the gardens, the Temple to the Stars and so much more.  This is a PG sim and there is also an area dedicated to the “smallies”

Created for the “Smallies”

Take time to explore this portion of the Sim and wander around inside taking a look at all the creations that have been done.  Very talented youngsters that Oliver is very proud of and made the comment “they are our future” ~ even in SL it is the younger ones that we do look towards.

You can see the love that has been lavished all over Toth ~ spend some quality time in the various public areas and you will also understand.  As I walked among the gardens I now understand why Oliver spends most of his SL time here and that Toth is his world.  He has made this a “place to be” ~ from the grand theaters, the gardens, and all the other special places.  What brings Oliver back day after day is “the team and the most amazing friends anyone could wish for.” Knowing some of his friends I do agree they are ones that are the “keepers”. What does he do with his free time? Oliver was not hesitant in answering that he has none being kept busy with shows and such.

I need to say a huge thank you to Oliver for taking time out of his busy schedule to show me around his amazing creation. For me to describe Oliver the word extraordinary pops into my brain.  Toth takes up most of his time and you get the impression after speaking with Oliver he enjoys every moment and it is a project that you can see a lot of loving care is given to. Now you can see why Oliver Elton is my person of interest ~I hope that each of you that has an interest in music or the theater will take time to become a member of the “Friends of Theater on the Hill” ~ this will enable you to find out about upcoming events and productions.

Please stay with me as I will be highlighting various people of interest now and then ~ if you know someone that everyone might be interested in meeting please send me an IM inworld.  Till then hugzz to all …..

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