My Person of Interest ~ ~ TC Foden

TC Interview
Interviewing TC @Crossroads

Here is someone I have been wanting to introduce you to ~ please meet TC Foden who is a DJ in Second Life ~ those that are possibly looking to become one in SL, TC will provide some good insight for you.

Sooo TC as I ask everyone my standard question what brought you to SL ~ “Debbie brought me to SL. She was my GF for 12 years on/off. I guess what keeps me coming back is the interaction with people from all walks of life. There is no doubt you meet all kinds on here.” 

How did you get started in DJ’ing and was that a RL passion of music and you wanted to pursue it further? “I’ve been a music lover since I owned my first tape recorder, recording Casey Kasem around the age of 6. I started DJing around 1999 on AOL, Then I moved to PalTalk then I soon retired from it. Debbie always wanted me to DJ on SL but i wanted to spend my time with her, not in a club venue setting. When she passed away in Aug 2012 I decided I would do what she always wanted me to do..DJ in SL. She always enjoyed my music,my voice, how i handled myself on the mic. SHE is the reason I came out of retirement to DJ on SL. I do it in honor of her memory each and every set i perform. That is truly commendable of you and after hearing one of your sets I can see why she wanted you to…

Stepping back a little and asking that your genre you play is Jazz and the Blues is there any other you do like listening to as well?  “I was into Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden, Queensryche etc.. Whenever I workout at the gym, I still listen to this genre because basically it pumps me up.” So how did you start listening or getting hooked on Jazz which is such a different type of music from heavy metal? “I have always been a fan of the blues with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan,Eric Clapton and such but never really focused on the blues until I heard the vocals of Etta James one night, Then I knew i was hooked

Becoming a DJ what type of equipment do you need and what is the cost involved?  “I use the SAM broadcaster PRO
to DJ my two streams. That alone cost me $ 299.00 USD.
Music cost is not that much .99 – 1.29 a song USD but it does add up after a while. It takes money to do it properly and you really have to love doing it in order to invest in it.”

Do you think it matters if you choose text over voice in becoming a DJ?  “ABSOLUTELY! If you are not on mic, you’re only clicking buttons. ANYBODY can click buttons. DJs also entertain. Sure I can type in local but people come to be entertained. Seriously, .how many radio stations have DJs who do not voice??? There is MUCH more to it than just clicking a few buttons. I can go anywhere exploring, listen to their radio, read local chat. One might as well listen to a commercial free radio. If I got to a club and the DJ doesn’t voice. I’ll leave…..I can listen to a radio anywhere…Laughs

There has to be songs that you get requested time after time and ones that make you cringe right?  “I’d have to say Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride & Joy or Crossroads. What really makes me cringe is getting requested songs that’s not part of the genre I’m suppose to be DJing.. Example: The song,” All about the bass ” doesn’t belong in a blues club no more than Metallica’sEnter the Sandman” belong in a country venue.”  Along those lines what are some unusual requests that you have received that you can share with us? “I have had someone request The Barney Song once….And the Gummy Bears theme. You never know what you will get on SL. **by the way yes I did ask if he played them and TC said yes which I had to laugh even if The Barney Song would make me cringe a LOT…

If not DJ’ing in SL what can we find you doing?  “I enjoy sailing, Riding my bike, exploring and to be honest with you, shopping. YES shopping. I’m a mesh whore…laughs”

For those inspiring to become DJ’s what suggestions or hints can you give to them?  “Build a collection of music. currently I have a little over 3 tb *for those like myself that are completely clueless knowing what tb stands for let me interject that tb is terabyte meaning 1 TB = 1000000000000 bytes = = 1000 gigabytes and one song is 10 megabytes ~ THAT is a LOT OF MUSIC!!!*  ok back to the interview ~ Another suggestion TC gives is  ” When your on mic, act like your talking to close friends and family. A scared man will never have anything. Keep the Tempo flowing smoothly. Do not jump from Heavy hard core to soft belly rubbing. That’s a Sure way to kill the mood of ANY atmosphere. Last bit….when it stops being fun and turns to work…walk away and find fun elsewhere ( same goes with working in any club)

As we sat down and talked you could tell he really really enjoys entertaining and I caught up with him at the Crossroads to hear his set, which hearing his laughter you just knew he was having a great time playing tunes for us.  He also gave me his stream address as he mentioned he had two ~ one for a backup for those just in case moments when things go wrong ~ *just click on that link and will take you to his stream ~ TC also made a suggestion as to looking for streams that you do some researching as it is not always about the cost ~ ask around to other DJ’s and find out what streams they use ~ some costs could be up to 500L per month or more ~ so choose wisely.  TC is also broadening his horizon and starting to record intro’s for other DJ’s ~ if you do want to catch TC below is his schedule of where and the LM’s ~

Before I do let you know where he is DJ’ing at let me take this moment to thank him for setting down and answering all my questions and taking time out of his world to let me probe his brain even more while on the photo shoot ~ if you do love jazz please grab one of the LM’s and go see TC at work will say the entire experience was fun and very entertaining ~ giving TC 5 stars as a DJ ~ he does know what he is doing ~ thanks TC !!

Those that follow and read my blog posts I truly thank you and a little part of me smiles each time I gain a new follower ~ stick around as I have a lot more places to show you, people to introduce you to sooo till then Hugz to each of you ~

Catch TC at CrossRoads Mon 6-8pm SLT and Sat 9-11am SLT also at Wharf Rat Blues Sat 2-5pm

My Person of Interest is ……. Aradia Mistwood aka Aradia Willow Tully

Interviewing Aradia

My usual first question that I love asking is how you came to SL ~ “Honestly,  saw a news interview about some lady in China hunting down her SL partner and killing him and thought it was the most insane thing I’d ever read. So I was like “What is this Second Life thing?” So I looked it up, thought it looked pretty neat and gave it a try.” woah that is a new one on me and for the record yeah it is true ~ yikes wonder what he did..still trying to wrap my brain around that one ~ but going on I asked Aradia what keeps her coming back to this day after day and she replied “And as to what keeps me coming back every day, thats easy.
I’ve made some great, awesome friends in SL, it really is a social outlet for many people and I use it for that too.”  Reason I have chosen to interview Aradia is she is one of Image Essentials bloggers and have admired her blog and her pics for awhile…with that in mind I did ask how she got started with blogging ~ “I got started blogging, on a whim really I started putting together outfits I liked and taking photos of them and posting those to Flickr and a friend suggested, “Why not start a blog?” and it took on a life from there. 4 years later, I’m still going.” 

My next question was about the stores she does blog forYes, I blog for Carrie’s Lingerie, Azul, Image Essentials, Katink, Lillou Designs, Indyra, Arwen’s Creations, Bite&Claw, Sascha’s Designs, Vengeful Threads, ZOZ and Fallen Gods. Really, it all started out with me as a consumer. These are all stores I frequented and spent money at. I’d buy items, take photos, blog them and send the blog links to the designers. After a while, I would get invites to blog for them. Some, I worked for, like Carries and Vengeful Threads. Fallen Gods, I helped Alia out in a bit of a spot, and he wanted to repay me for my kindness, I wouldn’t accept anything. Told him to just throw me something to blog every now and again. So he added me to his blogger roll instead. How many days a week do you spend blogging ~ does it take a long time to get one blog post out ~ are you concentrating more on the pics than the words? “I spend a little time each day working on my blog. Whether its taking one day just to style up and outfit, save it, the next day to do photos, then do the post. I try to do a bit of both, photos and words, because I think both are equally important.” My next question was asked because of being a blogger I have always thought along the same lines as her answer especially after looking at a variety of blogs was just what she thinks makes a good blog “Wow, thats a good one. A good layout. It needs to be clean and uncluttered. A simple template with solid colors, usually monochrome is best. Because it doesn’t detract from your posts. Also, quality photos. You MUST have quality photos. If you aren’t taking quality photos, you aren’t doing the designers you are blogging for a bit of good. Sure, it takes a while, and yes, it can be a pain to learn, but once you get it down, its nothing. Also.. Words. I personally, do not like blogs that are just photos… credits and that’s it. Write what you like about the items. What drew your eye to them. Why people should buy them. Thats all part of blogging too.” She also did mention being organized, having a “to blog” folder set up, which for me is really being organized and not losing what a store has given you to preview and truly showcasing the designers you are blogging for ….

Giving a little background more on Aradia is quite interesting if you take time to do a little research ~ she has been hard at work in SL as a DJ, Model and always a blogger which seems to be her passion ~ especially since she has been honored with nominations in the Avi Choice Awards as a blogger and also as a DJ.  In asking what she does for fun time especially seeing her profile states she is a “Para-RPer” (am clueless on that) and had to ask first what that meant ~ “I’m a roleplayer. I roleplay at this great Game of Thrones sim called Kings Landing. Being a “Para-Rper” means I write in paragraphs. I don’t do “one liners” It means I like to set the stage with my posts, to keep the story flowing. Most everyone at ROIAF-KL writes this way. We all play off each other very well. It’s one big creative story. Not what you would call “purple prose”, where you throw in ever adjective you can think of to describe how someone’s eyes look. Para-rping requires deep thought and dedication to what you are doing, the story you are building with the people around you.” and that also answers the question what she does in her fun/spare time in SL.

Back to questions regarding blogging and any advice to them “Take your time. Your blog should be about what you want, not what you think everyone else wants to see. Remember, quality over quantity. Don’t let anyone try to shoehorn you into the latest trends. Not everyone needs a downturned frowny mouth, elf ears and birthing hips. Be yourself, enjoy yourself and always, ask questions if you are lost. Join groups, ask for help!  This really is great advice that I followed joining one group that is called [SL Blogger Support] – most of the members are helpful, and you feel a true camaraderie within the group ~ so those of you that are looking to become bloggers please think about joining this group.  Aradia really had some great advice and looking over her blog from the layout, the pics and overall she truly follows her own advice ~ As a fellow blogger she has helped me out on a couple occasions which am deeply thankful for her patience while I muddled through it…

Thanking Aradia for taking time out of her busy schedule which also includes working Blog Manager and in-store Model for Vengeful Threads which she loves doing ~ my time spent interviewing Aradia was really very insightful and a pleasure to talk with another blogger ~ hugzz to you Aradia ~ and to the rest please check out her blog if you have time ~ stick around so much more to come….till next time cya

My Person of Interest ~ ProfessorShowbiz

Interview with Professor Showbiz

Have you ever wondered about singing live in SL?  For myself that is a big HELL NO for various reasons but the biggest one is that I cannot sing one note ~ seriously and this is a true story that working as a waitress in one of my various rl part time jobs we would sing Happy Birthday to customers and I was asked politely please just mouth the words ~ yes that really did happen so I know that I cannot partake in anything remotely called singing ~ but in SL there are plenty of “live” singers who are and am a little envious of their talents.  Today I got to interview one of those singers ~ hubby and I were out one nite dancing to the live music of “Professor Showbiz” lightbulb went off in two ways *yeah can you imagine that…anyway I did graciously volunteer my services to update his profile pic and then got me to thinking why not interview him ~ am sooo glad I did!

What a great person with a super big personality and just love the energy he has ~ truly an “Entertainer” in every sense of the word.  Will take something he said at the end of our interview because this is what shows just the kind of person he is ~ “I am not the best singer in SL. I consider myself to be an entertainer. If you come to my show expecting spot on renditions sung flawlessly you will be disappointed. If you want to come to a show and have a dandy good time with me, my host AND the rest of the audience, filled with music and laughs, then join my group and stalk me all over the grid!!  This is not said in any shape or form being mean but is he Frank Sinatra or some big name singer no but by the end of the night listening to his performance I will say with 100% certainty what a great evening I had.  His whole set made me smile and at various parts even laugh ~ he truly entertained me.

What brought him to SL I asked “The Music” “Long answer, a friend of a friend of a friend of yet another friend, convinced me to bring my band into SL. The rest, as they say, is history. Oh and the pixel sex”  And what does keep him coming back even after 3 years ~I truly have a lot of fun in SL whether while singing or just hanging out with friends. To me fun is the real currency in SL and if that ever dries up then I will find another hobby. Also, the music in SL keeps me coming back. Oh my God, I cannot believe the talent in SL.
Also just seeing all the really unique things people make in SL. Creativity is abundant in SL everywhere you look.

Professor was explaining that eventually the band he brought into SL had just gone by the wayside but his long time RL friend “Snow Ogre (let me interject that Snow is 100% male) and him got together to host “Original Trivia Music Show”  So we have Snow providing the majority of the music and I would ask the questions (being named Professor the questions defaulted to me). We quickly added a weekly musical guest to the mix along with an interview of our guest after their set. And then I started singing in SL and added that to the variety show too. And we have been doing the show for over three years. It is now monthly and held at the great White Tigers Islands and Resorts. Come on by and win some of Stone Vayanders hard earned Lindens. Every month on the first Sunday between 5pm to 7pm SLT times.  My next question was wanting to know what his favorite club to sing at but he was very polite and refrained from answering ~ ha ha do you blame him ~ smart man.

When I saw him the genre was that of the Classics being in the Rat Pack Era also he still loves to sing Jazz/Pop of the 40’s thru the 60’s.  Favorite song he really couldn’t pin one down so I asked him what were the 3 most requested songs he got asked to sing ~ his answer was Play that Funky Music (White Boy), The jazz piano arrangement of Baby Got Back and the 50s classic, Rockin Robin.

Am sure all singers do have their favorite performers in SL so I asked was there anyone that you admire in SL ~ The aformentioned Fedora Jones. The first performer I ever saw in SL was Mama Saiz and to this day I think he is one of the best. Bo Carter is amazing, as is Gweeb. I think Gina Gracemount puts on one of the best shows too. I could fill the interview with names of musicians I think are great.
For those that might be looking to become a singer in SL I did ask about special equipment you might need ~ “For my set up I have two computers, a mixer and a really nice studio microphone.”

Looking at his profile I truly smiled seeing his considers himself “Lounge Entertainer Extraordinaire” ~ and I will agree that he is one that comes to entertain you.  Asked for any last words about the clubs where he sings at there are a few I would like to mention just because they are fantastic supporters of live music in SL and have also been really great supporters of my endeavors in SL. They are White Tigers Islands, Ecnad and Swamp Jazz. I feel bad because all the venues I play at do support SL music and my music too. Can I name them all??? Greased Lightning, Bogarts, Club Lion, Smokin Aces, Prism Entertainment, Ballroom Persona and Club Jester ~ He also has a calendar that you can check out to see where he is singing ~ just click on the link and check it out

Am glad that he was able to come and sit with me giving me a different view of singers/entertainers in SL ~ big Thanks go out to the Professor and I will be checking out his Original Trivia Show next month ~ please stay tuned as I have some really interesting people that I want to introduce you to and hey know someone or some place you just think everyone would like to meet please hit me up inworld with a notecard ~ hugzz

Follow me to to Skarvald and to their King Balder Foehammer

Welcome to Skarvald

Listening quietly as I sit on the welcoming dock to the tale of how it all started ~ “Legend has it in the early days of Gods and men the people of Skarvald were the first to make way to the lands of snow and cedar.  They worshiped the Gods of Asgard with honor and loyalty ~ a leader was born and he was given the title of Foehammer….but wait I cannot tell you all as you must come see yourself but I will give you a little background into this Fantasy Land called Skarvald.  Quick facts for those of you that this is one of the RP Sims among SL that caters to the Norse people and their followers ~ you may visit the land as their guest but they do ask that you to respect their dress customs and any RP’ing that is going on ~

I was lucky to have  snagged an exclusive interview with King Balder Foehammer ~ who in his own right is a very brave Norse Warrior who I can see has earned the respect of his people and all those that live in Skarvald.

Interviewing Balder Foehammer

Looking at him up close you can see the battle scars that he does wear proudly and then looking past that he is a rather handsome and manly looking  King in his own right *grinning…ok moving on with interview hehehe yeah I know at times I tend to get carried away ~ ahem soo it is a great honor to be able to interview you today and thank you for giving me the opportunity to find out more about this interesting land ~ looks like you have done many things in your years here ~  but lets start with who is Balder? “From a slave to Liberator, follower, soldier onto a General and now wears the title of King”.  Wow  a very remarkable journey you have taken ~ and yet you come back day after day to this great land of yours why?  “I never knew I could do so much more than just wander and explore. Creating and being a storyteller has made me stay”

Part of your duties as King are what ~ “protecting all the people as well as leading them” Seems Skarvald does have its villains and bad guys like the Orcs and Giants ~ before you ask Orcs are these big nasty green brutes *someone I was lucky not to have seen while on my tour -whew…

Many races are accepted and are allowed into Skarvald *there is a whole notecard that you can get for a full list along with some do’s and dont’s as well that everyone must follow.  ”

All characters will be most welcome to walk around in their true form. We don’t want you to have to hide those expensive flashy avatars you made. Just be aware depending on what you are you may get adverse or even violent reactions from others We also expect certain races to play by their weaknesses. We don’t expect to see vampires walking around in the daylight with no protection from the sun. Fae wearing or carrying anything iron or lycan handling silver with no issue. Research your character..Also we are NOT a Gorean sim, slavery is not allowed in Skarvald ooh also a side note seems If you choose to kill your character off for any reason tread carefully. We dont allow reincarnation. Dead is dead. If you decide later you made a mistake it will be too late and you will have to make a totally new character.

One of the Rentals in Skarvald

The pic above does show one of the houses that you are able to rent ~ respecting privacy seeing this one was taken and am all about respect but am sure someone will be able to show you the insides of the houses you can live in ~ for this strange and wonderous land has over 200 residents in their community and various others that wander around…I met a fairy in passing that was eying the coat of the King to snuggle into for warmth as she did look very cold.

Balders Father ~ very revered and honored by all

A lot of thought, and genuine research went into the making of this fantasy RP sim ~ from what type of races are allowed to weaponry, buildings an even jobs ~ much to do besides wander as the story goes some protect the land others look out after the seas.  With any good King there has to be a magnificent castle for him and his lovely high queen ~ I have seen castles before in SL but this was might impressive ~ see the pic below ~

Home of Balder and his High Queen

By the way it is heavily guarded and all  visitors have to have the Kings permission to enter ~ the first pic at the beginning was where you found yourself after you enter those doors ~ The Great Hall where if you walk down you will see his throne and the Queens chair as well.

There is so much more to this great land but I think it would be a treat for those that are interested in Skarvald to see for yourself ~ let me just repeat myself that visitors are most welcome and you can even get a welcoming package by contacting Minniver McDougall (minniver.endsleigh) SeaWolf of Skarvald for more information or to join but just remember to dress appropriate ~

As I say farewell to King Balder and thank him for his generous time spent showing me around his vast Kingdom and taking time out of his kingly duties to answer all my questions. Was very interesting my first experience in exploring and learning about a RP sim.

If anyone is interested in exploring Skarvald here is the LM

And that was my journey to my first RP sim ~ do you have an interesting person, or place that you think I would be interested in seeing or interviewing please send me a notecard inworld to Starr Ghost giving me a little facts and any LM’s that I need to visit ~ thank you again for reading and sticking around ~ I have some really good persons of interest lined up ~ hugzz

Showing off my Booty Call Event Goodies

Featuring Ruca Tease & Vengeful Threads

Am excited that I got accepted as a Dirty Weekend Blogger ~ a bi-monthly event featuring some interesting items ~ can you tell from the above pic what I will be showing you ~ Grinz ~ oh yes my hubby will have a delightful time looking over all the goodies ~ since he will be helping with a couple of the sensuous props that my sexy boss Kay of Image Essentials created ~ oh yes that will be featured next.

But in the meantime you do need to hurry and grab up these goodies before this event ends on the 22nd of this month ~ this luxurious robe that is my favorite color Purple does look plush and feels soo yummy ~ ok ok and yes for hubby’s benefit also looks sexy ~ I can see his fingers just itching to pull on the belt but not just yet ~ patience… I paired it with great sexy stockings from Vengeful Threads as well ~ just gave the overall look the added touch.

Details for all of what you see me wearing is below ~ along with the LM to the Event and the stores but as I said better hurry it does end on the 22nd.

Details are : Slink High Feet , Vengeful ThreadsLolita Stockings (Purple), Womens bathrobe by Ruca Tease, Makeup – al vulo!* pink lip caramel, {D.A} Lipgloss & Pout, MIA14 BEAUTY MARKS 1,Hair – D!va – AsamiTRUTH HAIR Neria,  Eternally Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring, Lashes – *MonCheri* “Falsies, Phoebe ~ Eye Diamonds, alVuloMEsh eyeliner Starshine black, Alyssa BijouxDiamond Serpentine Earring, CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark, CCD – Piercing – Tear, Eyes – IKON Spectral Eyes – Passion, JCNY – ‘FOREVER – Engagement Ring, JCNYHearts Promise, Slink Ankle Lock, Slink Hands – Casual, Shape – my own
Skin – al vuloMimi*

Shot at my Studio using Lumi ~ Pose ~ Image EssentialsGraceful Elegance #3 ~

LM’s to

Vengeful Threads ~

Ruca Tease ~

Booty Call ~

Person of Interest ~ Bad Eddy

My next person of interest is someone I was interested in meeting and getting to know more about ~ Bad Eddy owner of Bad Eddy’s ~ Hubby and I were out shopping for a lap dance chair and from searching we popped into see this chair ~ well made and great animations ~ bringing me to find out just who was this Bad Eddy ~

Interviewing Bad Eddy

He was so kind in answering all my questions while we were walking around his store that I was curious to learn more about him so being me I asked if he would agree to an interview.  Always beginning question is why Second Life and why keep coming back ~ like most curiosity and roleplay then coming back to run his store on a daily basis. His first experiences was play a grumpy blacksmith in Gor, which he concedes it was fun for awhile. Now his time and efforts goes into running his store and what little time he has left chasing women *giggling at that answer*…

I will tell you upfront that his store specializes in furniture with sexual animations along with featuring “bdsm” poses as well.  Trying to keep from being bored he start his building career starting with all kinds of RP items like lamps or tables but were not selling as well as he wanted.  “One day I made an item with a few sex animations to it and suddenly I was making sales. My goal wasn’t the money but it’s great when people buy what you make and you make enough to fund new projects. So I assumed there was a good market in adult stuff and stayed in that niche. Now I know my stuff at the time was just bad, that’s why it didn’t sell lol”  And now his store is filled and doing well ~ so where does he get his ideas?  All those women I spend my time chasing, they can be quite inspiring 😛

Walking around his store that is so unique how he has set it up as you can see by the pic above making it a huge warehouse with a variety of storage containers the kind you see sitting in seaside docks ~ how creative and great thinking outside the box ~  for me I love the unusual look and was refreshing.

Best Sellers ~ Lap-dance chair, bookcase and bear rug

The above pic does feature some of his best sellers ~ if you are like me and love trying before buying please visit his store.  There was so much to see and try that hubby and I spent quite a lot of time ummm trying a variety of other props as well ~ looked at possibly making the shower our next purchase ~ oh sorry no pics of that *winks*

By the way if you do wander in here and see Eddy he made this comment “I try to help test whenever I can. otherwise there are 2 girls working here part time to help with that too” 

I really think if you are looking for some high quality ~ fairly low prim furniture with some different unique sexual poses take some time to visit his shop – here is your ride to go take a look see  I want to thank BadEddy for the time he spent answering all my questions and this interview.  Hugzz ~ Stick around everyone you just never know where I might travel next….

One Billion Rising ~

One Billion Rising
One Billion Rising

Did you know that one in three females are raped and beaten in their lifetime ~ means with the world population that is ONE BILLION females and girls…staggering isn’t it?  Sadly I was one of those victims – raped by two men then beaten by an ex-husband several years later.  Look around while you are reading this as it could also have happened to someone else you know.  This is a worldwide concern that finally a campaign was launched on Valentine’s Day 2012 ~ people coming together all over the world to make this issue an end to violence against women.  Something that as a person and not just as a victim feel very strongly as I hope each of you will join for a few moments and visit the Sim OBR

Last year in over 200 countries Events took place in 200 countries, where women, men, and youth came together to Rise, Release, and Dance outside of court houses, police stations, government offices, school administration buildings, work places, sites of environmental injustice, military courts, embassies, places of worship, homes, or simply public gathering places where women deserve to feel safe but too often do not.

Whats this mean in Second Life? Another means to bring attention to this powerful yet much needed campaign to stop and put an end to violence.  A huge area has been set up that you can walk around and see various builds dedicated to this.  There is also various events that will be ongoing all day tomorrow ~ between music, dance and various readings please take a moment to at least stop in and take in what is being done ~ come be a part of “One Billion Rising ~ there will be free tshirts to commemorate this event.

We are rising for one day, but organizations around the world work every day for change.

This is only a small selection of people working to end violence against women and girls. More resources can be found on the One Billion Rising organization’s list of who is participating in the rising –

                   We can make a change

My Person of Interest is Oliver Elton

I first met Oliver when I did my interview with Kyle and my introduction into  Theater on the Hill or **Toth** as everyone calls it ~ he seemed a very integral part and made me curious as to who is Oliver ~ the word was he does not give interviews and I was taken by complete surprise that he granted me one.

Myself and Oliver *in his Broadway persona

Oliver described himself as an enigma -looking up that definition “one that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable” I think his friends would disagree that there is nothing puzzling about how generous, caring and very respected along with being held in very high regard. By the end of this interview I agree 100% on that as well ~

My first question that started our interview is my standby one  “what brought you to SL” ~ the answer like others “someone told me about it – thought I would give it a go” That give it a go has lasted for seven years now and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.  I will respect his privacy and will only share what I feel is necessary but I am allowed to report that Oliver recently got partnered to Yanneck and they both were positively glowing with each other.

Oliver gave me the Royal V.I.P tour of Toth and I was amazed at how vast and huge it is.  Toth is not just a theater but 2 complete sims filled with various places that I encourage everyone to take a look around.  As you can see from the pic below just how big it really is ~

Theater on the Hill

~ Oliver gave some history on how Toth came to be “I have always loved theater, I wanted to create a complete and
varied experience, and started with small theaters,
then as all who know me, I wanted bigger and better,
that lead to a whole sim, a Dear friend donated a Sim
to us which was so kind, then it went from strength to strength,
the team then started building and wow, what a team – now we have two sims with three theaters.” The idea took place 6 years ago but building and creating was immense taking a year to complete.  Oliver delighted in showing me around the main theater ~ my first words were “wow” ~ the design brings back memories of the grand theaters with a plush lobby, regal balconies, also a formal ballroom, and grand staff dining room. When you do walk into the lobby take a look up on the ceiling ~ oh yes I took a pic of it but thought making it something you all should discover on your own.  Then take a walk around the Sim and visit the gardens, the Temple to the Stars and so much more.  This is a PG sim and there is also an area dedicated to the “smallies”

Created for the “Smallies”

Take time to explore this portion of the Sim and wander around inside taking a look at all the creations that have been done.  Very talented youngsters that Oliver is very proud of and made the comment “they are our future” ~ even in SL it is the younger ones that we do look towards.

You can see the love that has been lavished all over Toth ~ spend some quality time in the various public areas and you will also understand.  As I walked among the gardens I now understand why Oliver spends most of his SL time here and that Toth is his world.  He has made this a “place to be” ~ from the grand theaters, the gardens, and all the other special places.  What brings Oliver back day after day is “the team and the most amazing friends anyone could wish for.” Knowing some of his friends I do agree they are ones that are the “keepers”. What does he do with his free time? Oliver was not hesitant in answering that he has none being kept busy with shows and such.

I need to say a huge thank you to Oliver for taking time out of his busy schedule to show me around his amazing creation. For me to describe Oliver the word extraordinary pops into my brain.  Toth takes up most of his time and you get the impression after speaking with Oliver he enjoys every moment and it is a project that you can see a lot of loving care is given to. Now you can see why Oliver Elton is my person of interest ~I hope that each of you that has an interest in music or the theater will take time to become a member of the “Friends of Theater on the Hill” ~ this will enable you to find out about upcoming events and productions.

Please stay with me as I will be highlighting various people of interest now and then ~ if you know someone that everyone might be interested in meeting please send me an IM inworld.  Till then hugzz to all …..

Key To My Heart ~ courtesy of Image Essentials

This prop really brought smiles to me as I set the photo shoot up ~ how appropriate I think as my hubby Sten takes his place holding the key behind his back…because he truly does have the key to my heart.  This is truly a unique prop that Kay has created ~ I just love it as I hope you will take the time to head over to the “With Love Fair” and grab it up…


This is all about the Prop “Key to My Heart” ~ so any other details will be left out as my main focus is getting you to see how adorable this prop is…This prop is on sale at the “With Love Fair” created by Kay Weston owner of Image Essentials.

Oooh and a big thank you to my hubby for having patience ~ love ya !