..My Person of Interest ~ Kyle McKenna……

A little combination of my person of interest combining with my travels ~ I met Kyle back in November after one of the dance concerts I was lucky to be in ~ he asked about becoming also a dancer which I was more than happy to give him the reference and from then on Kyle and I became really good friends.  Now he won’t toot his own horn but Kyle is a very amazing person, which is why am spotlighting him ~ and sat down to find out more about him ~ no I won’t be revealing any personal secrets he has shared with me but for me and maybe for you it will be a very enlightening interview.

Interviewing Kyle

You can see from the background “An evening on Broadway” which Kyle is the creative director and all around person for this show that is now running at Theatre on the Hill or as most know it “Toth”. And yes the creative one that built the sets, choreographed all the numbers, costumes, etc.  But am jumping ahead of myself in the interview.

What brought him to SL his answer was like most of us curiosity and though his profile shows he is only still a youngin in SL he was here before but due to his computer issues he left and just came back recently to discover so much had changed to quote his words “most wondrous creation”.

What keeps him busy & makes him happy in here his reply was “Well I guess most people would say what i do here is work mostly but to me work is play if you enjoy it.” Also the venue of Toth provides him a place to really shine ~ when talking with Kyle about his work you just could feel all the enthusiasm and his eyes lighting up being able to talk about his work.  One of my questions was who inspires you ” Liza Minelli once sang about a good time girl named Elsie, a lady of the night who lived in Chelsea. For anyone who is familiar with the title song from the musical “Cabaret” they will know who the infamous Elsie is. Elsie, bless her poor deceased heart is and always has been my inspiration. Life is indeed a cabaret, an ongoing performance of comedy, tragedy, laughter, sadness and showmanship. Life is what you make. Life is a stage so give the performance of your life. Elsie had the right outlook on life and she is my inspiration to entertain, to love life and to inspire others to do the same.” What a great answer…

Kyle is such a sweetheart  ~ a little on the shy side at first but in the months since we first talked have learned he truly is one of the “good guys” I threw a lot of questions at him but wanted to spotlight his first big endeavor “An Evening on Broadway” – will post the dates and times at the end along with the TP so you can see this great performance.   In Kyles own words this is how it came to be ” Musical theatre has always been a passion of mine so it was inevitable that choreography and dance would play a huge part in my RL. Tap, jazz and modern are my fortes although I can get by in most genres from Latin to ballroom and everything in between. When I first became a member of the Theatre on the Hill cast I didn’t actually mention that I was a choreographer. My RL relationship had just ended and I was searching for an escape. I was happy to do anything, either on stage or backstage but to my surprise I was offered a performing role in an upcoming show. I remember rehearsing a number in which we were being animated in a dance routine by the owner of the theatre, Oliver Elton. Oliver was directing, producing, performing and choreographing everything in the show which is a huge undertaking so I offered to animate the cast in the dance routine we were doing to free up some of his time. That one routine lead to another and another and everyone seemed really pleased with my input. I think that’s when I told Oliver that choreography was my passion. There are three venues at theatre on the Hill and one day I was asked if I would be interested in producing a show for the cabaret stage. of course I jumped at the opportunity. Broadway has always had a special place in my heart, it’s a magical, inspiring place. My only problem was deciding how to edit three hours worth of songs into an hour show. I built my sets, choreographed my numbers, got my cast together and set rehearsal dates. When Oliver Elton first saw my sets he was extremely happy and said that the production needed a much larger venue so it was moved to the huge outdoor pavilion. the rest, as they say, is history. Opening night was a tremendous success. The theatre was full to capacity and we received many wonderful reviews. Fortunately, every performance of the show since has proven to be as popular and people have nothing but praise for the production. I am so very proud of the cast. Whether it is SL or RL, theatre is hard work and few people fully understand the amount of time that is needed to produce such a show. That said, hard work always pays off and An Evening on Broadway is a testament to that.”

The outdoor stage~ where you can see Evening on Broadway

I was lucky to have been invited to see the very first performance and truly I urge each of you to take time out of your busy SL lives to come and enjoy this hour long performance ~ from the music to all the various sets like the one below ~ you can see how much work goes into a production…

Set design from the show

Kyle even took me on a backstage tour doing a show & tell of various things that I was completely clueless ~

Backstage ~ where the magic happens

All those little tabs are various parts for the production which seems way too confusing but Kyle assured me he is expert in running it ~ I believe he is…

In parting with the interview my final question to him was what would he like people to know and I just love his answer “Be thankful for what you have. Cherish those who are important to you. Be the best you can be because you never know who you are inspiring. Prove your critics wrong and forgive those who do you wrong because life is too short to spend it wrapped up in negativity.”
Now before any of you get into your head he is a great catch well a little secret sorry guys he is very very much taken to a great partner that well umm that I had a tiny hand in getting them together *wink* no wont reveal any other details other than that both are truly sweethearts and am honored to be a friend to both.

I do want to thank Kyle for sitting down with me since his SL “free time” is very limited ~ also to thank him for showing me around Toth and introducing me to my next person of interest *sssh very secret but am told from all I was lucky to get this interview.

Again I urge you all to go and see this production “An Evening on Broadway” at the Theatre on the Hill ~ times and dates are listed below.

Tuesday 13th January – 1.30 start SLT

Saturday 17th January – 1.30 start SLT

Tuesday 20th January – 1.30 start SLT

Sunday 25th January – Noon start SLT

Tuesday 3rd February – 1.30 start SLT

Saturday 7th February – 1.30 start SLT

Theatre on the Hill ~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pure%20Luxury/30/213/23

A Formal Nite Out

My absolutely sweet hubby decided last nite was going to be one of dancing and that means dressing to the nines in gown and tux ~ spent most of the day going thru my inventory looking for just the right one ~ before I show the pic of the one I chose will say yes I love mesh clothing xcept 100% mesh gowns most of them do not have a nice swish or flow to them, which as gowns you want them to look nice when dancing and moving ~

Gown by Vero Modero

The gown as you can see is truly gorgeous ~ loved everything about it ~ we hopped over to Foxxes http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foxxies/122/138/30 – a gorgeous formal place to go dancing.  They do have a strict dress code but this place just feels so right dressing up and dancing the night away to a variety of talented DJ’s that play just the right tunes.

When you first land you see a gorgeous double set of steps leading up to the ballroom area ~ very exquisite atmosphere

Grand Staircase to Foxxies

The dual staircase just really lends to the atmosphere they are trying to create ~even klutzy moi had no problems navigating up and still walking like a “lady”…when you reach the top step and walk in there off to your left is a very nice sitting area that you can sit and chat or wait for someone…

Sitting Area

Walking out you come upon the huge grand ballroom that just was stunning among being laid out so even if the dance floor does get crowded there is plenty of room in various areas to dance.

Grand Ballroom

As you can see by the pic above there is plenty of room to dance ~ with a full sim there were no lag issues and made dancing very enjoyable.  I will even compliment the choice of dances they had to offer ~ you and your dance partner will feel like grand champions of the ballroom.

Since I did want to stroll around the grounds and see what else they had to offer Hubby and I took a walk outside ~ air was brisk but there a hot air balloon ride that neither one of us could pass up ~ baring the cold air we rode while listening to a narrative telling us all about the sim and what it has ~ from horse drawn carriages, rowboats, very nice stores to shop for gowns, tux’s and jewelery but for me I was only window looking ~ there are various places to dance as on the grounds ~ as the sunset hubby found the perfect place to have our final dance before calling it a night.

Dance at Sunset

Foxxies is the place to go for a very romantic outing just remember the dress code is very formal, which for hubby and me it is always fun to dressed to the nines and go out dancing ~ I hope your time there will be just as memorable as ours was…before I go must say thank you to my hubby for the patience while I took pics ~ until next time ~ hugzz

Details on what I am wearing ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Hair – D!va *Asami, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/purplexion, Makeup – {D.A.} *Lipgloss & Pout, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Face Piercing – Phoebe Eye Diamonds , Bellystud – Aly *Platinum Falling Star, Gown – Vero Modero *Down Dress, Heels – [hh] *Grace Red, Hands/Feet – Slink *Casual/High,

Location for dress shot was at my studio using LumiPro with Image Essentials *Graceful Elegance *4, the other shots were on location at Foxxies

Case of the Missing Manners

Mrs Sherock Holmes

Grabbing my Holmes hat and pipe I set out on a brand new case ~ seems a lot of SL citizens have been missing manners, which leads to so many complaining of pet peeves ~ looking around and wondering just how I can go about finding them again.

First some are not sure what is a pet peeve well my good friend Webster has defined that word as “something that a particular person finds especially annoying” also I do think it goes along with the other word manners ” a person’s outward bearing or way of behaving toward others ~ some may not agree that they go together but my feeling is if you choose to use and apply good manners a lot of the pet peeves would go away.

Biggest pet peeve that I have come across in SL and yes this is strictly for SL as in RL some would never apply ~ lets use common sense ~ RUDENESS ~ the other day I attended a performance to support some good friends ~ yes it involved hearing music yet the audience were sending out “gestures” of “love this tune, whistling, and so on” am sure we all know most of the gestures like that do come with sound ~ firstly this was in such poor taste I sat mumbling to myself “seriously” then being myself I politely im’d the person and asked nicely to please stop and got an earful of FU and so on ~ switching to real life do you think anyone that pays for a ticket to a play would appreciate someone constantly yelling out GREAT TUNE ~ gawd I hope not or at least hold their comments and applause until the song was finished ~ please have a little common sense in SL and think ~

Another pet peeve some mentioned was people on voice ~ I do have to chuckle on that one since several times have been out shopping and hearing people discussing ummm last nite activities with their friends in voice and trust me they were not holding anything back ~ am not a prude but think I rather not have that visual they were describing in my head….Also someone else relayed the fact 2 shoppers were in voice giving their opinion on how ugly a dress was and the creator was standing close by ~ shaking my head on that one.

Speaking with some hosts from various clubs a couple things were brought up “tummy talkers” and child avi’s ~ to each their own if they want to become pregnant and bear a child in SL ~ but I would rather not see “mommy needs to take her vitamins so I can grow big and strong” or this unborn child speaking out in local ~ for me a tad creepy and annoying ~ but this is my personal pet peeve and a lot of clubs are now banning them due to the annoyance factor ~ which brings me to my last point and I am sure if there are comments on this one child avatars ~ only pet peeve I have on this subject is baby talk ~ asking around to others they agreed with this ~ some words are cute but for the most part strictly for me its annoying just like listening to “ghetto speak” Not sure which is worse ~

There were so many that I just didn’t have room to list them all but basically comes down to using something I do wish that most were taught growing up and that is good manners ~ treating others how you want them to treat you ~ takes off my Sherlock Holmes hat, sits down the pipe cuz I really do not smoke anymore and hopes that maybe someone will read this and I won’t have to go back out on the case ~ stick around please seeing you just never know where my travels will lead to ~ hugzz

Details that you just might wanna have ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Hair – Lamb *Waiting on You, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/Purplexion, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Makeup – {D.A.} *Lipgloss & Pout, Wedding Ring – Eternally *Gold/Platinum Claddagh, Hands/Feet – Slink *Casual/High, Outfit – Brain Circuit Inc *Miss Holmes (was on a MM board), Shoes – .:KC:. *Revenge Boots (found on MP)

Shot on location at my studio using LumiPro with {NanTra} Back to Black pose

Let it go….Day 13

Let it go
Let it go ~ let it go

I chuckle at my brain at times when I look at a pic and just this word or song comes rushing in ~ like this one from the movie Frozen “Let it Go”… Just let it go people ~ it is now Day 13 of 2015 and I have gone back to spending 30 to 45 minutes on paring down my inventory.  What I did want to talk about I will let it go for another day and move on with this topic “letting go”

My sweet and oh so generous boss Kay Weston of Image Essentials gifted me months ago slink hands and feet ~ yes I know can you imagine what an awesome gift that was ~ still need to say THANK YOU ~ anyway whats that to do with today’s topic of letting it go ~ I got rid of most of my non slink shoes ~ not every pair but very few survived my letting go ~ the ones that did were a couple pairs of boots that were gifts ~ and I had tons of non slink shoes from the past 5 years ~ now breathing a little sigh of relief that my inventory is decreasing I will continue to work on this each day till I am satisfied that it is manageable.  That is a goal I gave myself last year and should be completed way before the year ends.  Making myself accountable I will tell you that my starting inventory for 2015 was at 56K ~ yeah I know way too much stuff.

Also not wanting to sound snobbish but…..am getting rid of a lot of non mesh clothing ~ the quality from mesh to non is just umm well that would be comparing ground beef to top sirloin ~ remember this is just my simple opinion ~ clothes do not look like they are painted on but have that depth and lifelike quality who can not help but love them.  Yes I will say there are some that I have held onto for various reasons ~ still not a huge fan of total mesh gowns that have no real movement to them ~ great for modeling but going out dancing or walking some just do not have that fluidity to them.  With that comment I will spend my allotted time trying on gown after gown and either they stay or go based on my above comment.

Lastly letting go of those “friends” that I never speak with or when I say hi just do not have the time or inclination to spend at least 5 minutes for a brief chat ~ my friends list on SL or even FB is not a competition to see how many I can make ~ some I have been friends with for over 3+ years and they are each so special to me ~ yet I do have to say some of my newer friends ahem my hubby is also included in this list am coming to love and cherish them as well.

For me a lot of 2015 or as the song goes “let it go” is concentrating on making my life simpler yet going out of my comfort zone and try new and interesting challenges.  Thank you to those that do take time to read my blog ~ stick around please ~ hugzz

Details ~ I will have to apologize that all the details are incomplete ~ got carried away with the letting go by deleting the notecard that was corresponding with this ~ the outfit was from the Winter Trend Fair ~ creator was cae.b ~ my sincerest apologies for this was not done intentionally and hope I will be forgiven.

“Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick” ~ Teddy Roosevelt

My big Stick

Am interrupting showing you more goodies from the Poe Hunt to discuss manners and respect ~ goes along with the quote of speak softly while carrying a big stick ~ most might not know where this came from but had to do with T.Roosevelt’s ideology on foreign policy ~ maybe we can bring that into today’s world ~

Last nite hubby and I were doing a photo shoot at Image Essentials Studios where I am the store manager ~ when someone asked why a person felt the need to shout “leash commands” out in local ~ and being there I im’d this person and asked politely that question, which in turned turned out to be a full display of disgusting name calling and moronic behavior ~ that ultimately led me to ejecting and banning this person ~ seriously I had no recourse because first off calling me the “C” word among other names doesn’t sit right with me ~ some can say it is just a word but not for me ~ it is one of the most vile words that you can degrade a female with. Secondly there were other visitors on the Sim as well they did not need to be subjected to his idiotic rants.  His wanna be “Master” tactics of intimidation and humiliation were not working and all it got him was ejected and banned.

But where are people’s manners these days that groups ignore a request from someone or just plain ignore completely ~ then when making a comment the person is labeled as seeking drama.  I have seen it happen over and over a lot of groups become cliquey and what others have to say is ignored basically pushed aside.  Seeing that or hearing that irks and annoys that there are some that think they are so much better than others.  Yes I have been in SL for 6+ years sooo what ~ I will still go out of my way to help someone that just joined today or yesterday or even months ago ~ yet I have seen displays of rudeness towards other because they feel so superior. Sadly in today’s world we are filled with such selfishness and only when tragedy strikes do we come together ~ why should it take such horrible events for people to speak up and stand up and be noticed…

You see the pic with me holding a huge sword that represents several things ~ one I try my best each day to be polite and respectful to others but I do not hesitate to take out my sword to ones that I see are rude, have no manners and completely showing utter lact of respect.  Not that my sword is showing but it is my inner strength that I will not allow those around me or my friends to be bullied, intimidated or mocked because they do not fit into a perfect world.  Practice a little more kindness to each other, try to use the manners that I am sure each of your parents taught you growing up and remember treat others how you would like to be treated ~ hugzz

Details:  Today I am going to dismiss them as the message above is more important ~

Day 7 Poe Hunt cont’d ….


Still opening all the boxes from the Poe Hunt and came across this outfit ~ a nice warm cozy knitted sweater ~ looks very warm doesn’t it?  Matching it with the red stockings that came with it makes for one that will be hanging in my closet.

The outfit came from “Chic” and taking a quick peak in the store seems the globe is still there ~ look at the hint list under store # 59 for the clue.  The hunt did end yesterday but a lot of vendors are still being very kind in leaving out their globes.  In the upcoming posts I will check to see if the globe is in store before I show you what goodie they put out.

I do have a couple of comments regarding hunts and gifts ~ the 2 hunts that I took on surprised me and at the same time disappointed me ~ in doing the hunt I did find some great new stores like the one this gift came from ~ for me and am sure for others doing a hunt provides a good opportunity to be introduced to new stores and new items ~ just a little disapointed when I open a box from a very well known store that sells hair and their gift was a mask ~ now please do not think am ungrateful for anything yet a little surprised that you would think any store would want to show off what they do best ~ Yes I do know it is a hunt and you need to follow the clue instead of just walking in and picking up the gift ~ but making the object so microscopic or tiny that you spend up to 45 minutes getting frustrated and just pass the store ~ frustration only leads to never going back, vendor loses possibly not one but several new customers due to word of mouth ~ same thing for placing phony objects ~ yes I will agree and say that one or two is fine but when you see they have placed up to 20 or even 50 makes me annoyed and if they do not want anyone finding their hunt gift then why even enter because in just my personal experience I will make a note not to come back.  Hunts are to be fun and provide ways to meet and make friends along the way.  Anyway just my observation that is all ~ till next time please stick around I have lotz more to show you ~ hugzz

Details because you know you want them ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Hair – D!va *Sayaka3, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/Purplexion, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Makeup – Pink Acid *Midnight Doll Face, Lipstick – {D.A} Lipgloss & Pout, Wedding Ring – Eternally *Gold/Platinum Claddagh, Outfit – Chic *Warm Winter Aran Sweater, Shoes – Ricielli *Elba Ankle Boots

Shot on Location of the Image Essentials grounds using LumiPro with the IE Pose *Graceful Elegance

Chic http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xaara/35/178/21, Image Essentials http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parameshvara/60/100/52

Day 6 ~ Poe Hunt


Day 6 brings me to a mile high pile of boxes still from the Poe & Womenstuff hunt ~ as the saying goes they are not going to unpack themselves so this is what am working on ~ and hey you get to see some of the amazing finds from both hunts ~ win/win for everyone…

Normally I would never go into a store and even try this on but for this I decided to make the effort in trying things outside my comfort zone.  Pleasing colors along with the fabric looks stylish and chic ~ looks nice doesn’t it?

This comes from store #41 on the Poe Hunt list and even if the hunt is ending today a lot of stores might just be keeping their gifts out so if you like this dress my suggestion is run not walk to ArisAris and find the world globe.

That’s it for today but stayed tuned for more from both hunts ~ never know what goodies I will be displaying for you to ooh and aah over…hugzz

Details cuz you gotta have them ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Hair – D!va/Lamb *Asami/Waiting on you, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/Purplexion,  Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies/upper only, Piercing – Phoebe’s *Eye Diamonds, Beauty Mark – MIA14 *Beauty Mark, Lipstick – {D.A.} *Lipgloss & pout, Wedding ring – Eternally *Gold/Platinum Claddagh, Hands/Feet – Slink *Casual/High, Outfit – ArisAris *Zambeze

Shot in my Studio using LumiPro with o0o Pose Sexpot #5

2015 and the Changes it brings

On the grounds of Image Essentials

Day 5 of this brand new year and like I mentioned in my last post that I would be blogging a lot more ~ maybe that was easier said than done but here I am standing on the grounds at Image Essentials thinking…thinking of some of the changes coming into 2015.  First am not single and that is a major one ~ yes I know have brought this up not once or twice but three times and possibly I will again and again ~ laughing at myself over this ~ Having been without a partner and that word left just a bad taste in my mouth made me think it would become a reality but it has.  Guess it is because he is such a special person and took the bitterness away and replaced it with such love and kindness made me see having a partner who really cares and is there for me is not such a bad thing.  Yes I have had a couple of close calls becoming partners with someone but something always stopped me ~ might of been they let me down, where just not there but the end result was I remained single.  Yet you know when it is right at least for me was like no hesitation at all when he asked.

Another change was one of my favorite stores that I loved closed ~ seems it was made up of a collection of designers and what I gather is one retired and the others split off to make their own way ~ today am wearing one of new creations from LaVian&CO one of the rebrands from LivGlam ~ still very stylish and still very upscale chic ~ which brings me up to the next change for me and that is scaling back on my shopping spree’s ~ ooh please you do not need to tell me that will be hard because shopping in SL is one of my most pleasurable moments ~ not like RL which I go buy a sweater in 5 different colors or the same pair of pants I buy 3 of them and that is basically my extent of my closet ~ material girl in RL I am not at all.  Now without going to work I live in pullover sweaters and leggings ~ during the summer its t-shirts and shorts ~ very very basic.  Never was this shopaholic like I am in SL ~ where designers tease and taunt you with tons of sales, new designs that make you feel absolutely gorgeous.  Really I do love shopping in SL to now my inventory has exploded and needs to be shown off instead of hiding away in some box.

Which brings the last change of taking more pics and exploring more to show off all those clothes that I just had to have and never worn.  Trying to be a little more creative than just taking pics at my studio that has gotten a little on the old side and get me out to see the vast world SL has to offer.  I ask that you stick around and let me show you what SL really does have to offer plus as an added bonus you get to see some gorgeous clothes.  Hugzz

Details cuz you just gotta have them ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Hair – Diva/Lamb *Asami/Waiting for you, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/Purplexion, Make-up – Dead Apples *Lipgloss & Pout, Eyeliner – alvulo *Starshine black, Facial Piercing – Phoebe *Eye Diamonds, Hands/Feet – Slink *Casual/High, Outfit – LaVian&CO *Caravan of Love ~

Shot on Location on the grounds of Image Essentials using LumiPro and IE pose *Playmate #4

Welcome 2015

Welcome20151Welcome to the New Year ~ what a great way to start out 2015 with a brand new sexy sl hubby.  Sometimes I just have to pinch myself for being so lucky on meeting him.  OK OK I won’t go all mushy so some of you do not roll those eyes or make gagging sounds ~ just in his defense he really is a true sweetheart but ask him and he will just say “am just me” That *just me* keeps me smiling, laughing and annoyed at times ~ umm not so annoyed just had to add that in so when he reads this as I know he will gets a chuckle out of it.

No resolutions for me ~ just nothing I make or made in the past ~ then what is there?  Small goals that I have set up to obtain during the upcoming months.  One of them is blog at least once a week, which this squeaks in on the last day of the week.  Whew I did make it and that is the whole point.  Set a goal that is obtainable and not so far out of reach that you fail before you being.  The other that coincides with the blogging is taking more pics this year.  With all the clothes I have and places I want to explore this will be a fun project for me and a goal that I look forward to working on.

In my RL am working on losing the holiday weight from Thanksgiving and Christmas that I let myself indulge in.  Starting with baby steps of exercise that I can continually do every single day.  When spring comes will make a plan to ride my bike at least 30 minutes a day working up to more, which means looking for a good pair of bike shorts with decent padding.  Yes I do have a gel seat just not enough and 30 minutes something is screaming at me stop stop *use imagination as to what is yelling* Grinz

Stick with me again this year and we will explore various sights around Second Life, meet some creative people and just listen to me ramble on ~ till next time ~ keep it simple ~ hugzz

Details cuz you gotta have them: Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Hair – D!va/Lamb *Asami/Waiting on you, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/Purplexion, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies/upper only, Eyeliner – alvulo *Starshine black, Make up – Dead Apples *Lipgloss/pout, Hands/Feet – Slink *Casual/High, Outfit – Karla Boutique *Gia, Wedding Ring – Eternally *Gold/Platinum Claddagh, Shoes – [hh] *Alda Heels/brown

Shot on location at my studio using LumiPro with Image Essentials Pose *Playmate 3