Tomorrow for those that live in the USA is Thanksgiving ~ most will be gathered around with family and friends enjoying their turkey, stuffing and all the fixings that go with the dinner ~ its one holiday that is strictly based on the food ~ turkey for most is the main focus ~ then all the different regions have their own individual sides ~ if you are in the south maybe you are grilling your turkey along with green bean casserole and cornbread ~

Along with the meal is a time of reflection ~ to be thankful for what you have whether it is just a simple meal that you cooked yourself or a full course spread…remembering as a child getting up to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade with my Dad while my Mom would of already been up early to put the turkey on ~ then all piling into our station wagon and headed to my Dad’s parents for the huge feast.  Gram and Pop Pops house was just as you expected grandparents to live ~ table was always decorated just so with the good china, way too many forks and glasses ~ but for me that was how it was and I loved the tradition…this is something I am thankful to have shared and been a part of.  My roomie along with her Mom always shared the meal with us as well, which still brings smiles.

Am also thankful to have had strict parents that kept me from getting in more trouble than I did  ~ seeing who knows what my future would of been like if they let me run amok ~ oh I was not even close to angel status *laughing* I spent most of my teen years on restriction for simple infractions like talking back, coming in past curfew, poor grades and course skipping school and getting caught drinking.  Still with all that I did survive ~ my parents are gone now but I do still am thankful for so many life lessons they taught me.

Lastly am thankful for all the friends I have met in SL and on FB ~ ones that share a hello, a laugh and just at times an ear to let me vent over some idiotic thing ~ they know who they are and how happy and thankful they are in my life ~ love them to pieces ~ so yes this might be a tad corny and mushy but I just wanted to say how thankful I am this year.  To all that celebrate the holiday *Happy Thanksgiving*  hugzz

Details cuz you know you gotta have em ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – my own, Hair – D!va *Asami/Truth*Neria, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid Purplexion, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Lip Gloss – Eyelure *Pouty, Face Piercing – Phoebe *Eye Diamonds, Beauty Mark – MIA14 *Beauty Mark, Makeup – Pink Acid *Midnight Doll, Sweater – Soulglitter *Knitted Sweater Love, Jeans – Bens Boutique *Melissa skinny jeans, Belly stud – Aly *Platinum & Diamond Heart **taken*, Rings – Eternally *Gold/Platinum Claddagh Ring, Boots – Rohini *1nnovation Boots, Hands – Slink *Casual, Necklace – Izzie’s *Crystal Necklace

Location *my studio using Lumi ~ Pose Female Model #10

Follow me to the wonderful Wooden Walk

Wooded Path
Welcome to Wooded Walk

Hi Everyone and welcome to another adventure with yours truly!  Sometimes you just have to go revisit certain locations over and over ~ things change like the seasons and today I took a chance to sneak in a visit on the grounds of Image Essentials to show you some curious things ~ oh yes I know that I work there and at times it keeps me busy that I forget all the wonderful things Kay adds in here especially for this months photo contest ~ so lets saunter around and see what is around…

Wooded Path1b         Beware of slow moving snail because you know snails move slow *giggling* ~ anyway this was the first thing that I came upon on the wooded path ~ a cute little fairy perched atop of the snail ~ for me am guessing this is one of her favorite pets that she likes taking out for walks ~ my I do hope she has plenty of time to spare ~ she really is a cute thing so dainty I just had to snap a pic of her while she was making her way across my path.

Wooden Path1c
Magical Unicorn

Walking further down the path we are in a bit of luck today to run into this magical unicorn ~ don’t you agree how majestic he looks ~ searching all around for to see if he belonged to anyone but how could he being all magic and what not ~ so while he was nuzzling with me I just had to come up with a name ~ grinning and poof his name just appeared before me Parsley Sparkle Reins ~ what a great name and seems it means Parsley is poetic and romantic. He is as sparkly as the milky way, and he casts mischievous spells. He nodded his magnificent head when I asked was that his name…Parsley and I had quite the time together but for myself a couple of times I had to dodge that horn seeing I did not want my brand new skirt to be sporting a hole in it ~ time was passing and I said my cya’s to Parsley maybe coming back another time ~

Wooden Path1d   I spied a nice pile of leaves that after horsing around with Parsley decided to plop down and take a rest ~ maybe I will just lay my head on my arm for a little tiny nap….sooo in case I don’t wake back up before you all leave me again thank you for keeping up with my blog ~ hugzz and all the details are at the bottom just in case ~ lays my head down and falls asleep on the leaves….

Details cuz you wanna have em ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – my own, Hair – D!va *Asami combined w/Truth *Neria, Makeup – Pink Acid *Midnight Doll Face, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid Purplexion, Piercing – Phoebe *Eye Diamonds, Lip Gloss – Eyelure *Pouty, Hands – Slink *Casual, Rings – Eternally *Gold/Platinum Claddagh Ring, Outfit – MEB *Claudia **includes Jacket, Mini Skirt all mesh, Feet – Slink *High, Shoes – HH *Sandra Heels/Silver ~ Poses – IE *Prestige

Location on grounds of IE

Unicorn Name generator ~

Follow me to Winterfall


What a really gorgeous place to explore ~ a bit chilly so grabbed a nice fluffy fur jacket and headed off to have a look see…really was a short trip so I do know will be making my way back there several times to really look around.  Peering down the street at the end there is a very nice home – at the moment they looked like they had company so I turned the other way and gave myself a reminder to go look when no one is home *hey don’t we all do that have a peek in windows ~ you know you wanna ~ anyway I turned to my right and headed off ~ there was something interesting that my camera focus got out of wack and will have to try to fix it before my next trip but besides this iron gate were all these sets of locks – just not knowing why so many or even the reason behind them…hmmm very curious and if you go check it out.


Cant really tell but the snow did start falling as did the temps ~ just look ahead there is a lighthouse and some other things to explore ~ water was chilly as I just had to put my fingers in ~ HEY could of been a nice hot spring all warm but nope the water was ice cold … BURR !  Guess no swimming here yet.

Hot Cocoa Time

Wandering I did spy this picnic table with a full thermos of hot cocoa mmmmm nothing better to warm you up than a nice cup of hot chocolate ~ don’t you agree?  Snow on the ground and the air has that nice crisp clean feel to it just my time of year.  Oh yes the temps have dropped but this wooly jacket keeps me snug along with the black wool leggings ~ looking down at my shoes and back up I shrug well my footwear is not the best to wear and my tootsies are getting chilly so I might just need to head out.

Hand picked apples

Ok you caught me not wearing the best type of clothes to go tramping around winterfall, was a spur of the moment hop and once I was here not really wanting to rush back and change boots or put on a better set of clothes ~ but I will be back and on my way out those hand picked apples caught my eye and grabbed a variety of them to take back to my place and think about making an apple pie for my sweety…till later thank you for reading all the details on below ~ hugzz

Details you just gotta have em ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – my own, Makeup – Pink Acid *Midnight Doll Face, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies (upper only), Face pierce – MIA14 *Beauty mark, Hair – D!va *Asami/Truth *Neria, Eye Piercing – Phoebe *Eye Diamonds, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid purplexion, Hands – Slink *Casual, Feet – Slink *High, Outfit – M&M *Fur Jacket & Leggins, Shoes – Infliction *Moxie Pumps, Pose – Image Essentials Prestige #  2, Location shot at Winterfall

Bareface Challenge

Bareface Challenge

Yes another post and also another challenge but this one is a little easier for me to complete ~ I am seeing a lot of blogs challenging to remove makeup, lashes and absolutely no editing on the pic ~ what you see is how I look after I remove everything ~ and I guess that is why I love my skin al vulo and creator Hlin Bluebird for really creating a skin with the xtra touches added but yes I can add makeup on ~ and enhance the look even more ~ quick post but stick around ~ just might add one more before day ends ~ hugzz

Details cuz you gotta have em are: Skin – al vulo *Mimi , Shape – my own, Hair – Truth *Neria, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid Purplexion, Location *my studio, Lumi using Diesel *Sept Group Gift *2

Street Fighting Extraordinaire

Everyone was....
Everyone was ….

Oh another song just pops into my head while writing this post ~ here is a little sample of the lyrics ~ “everyone was Kung Fu Fighting ~ those strikes were fast as lightning” ok ok so I changed up one word to match just what I wanna show you ~ hehehe ~ now is that tune in your head?  Was a 1974 classic tune by Carl Douglas ~ ~ now you can listen to the original tune while I finish up ~

Was a very honored to be asked to do a blog featuring these gloves “Street Fighter” gloves by the creator Aℓκιτн ιгoηЪℓσσɗ (alkith14) ~ kind of cool that he is a follower on my flickr page and asked me ~ with that how could I not say yes ~ anyway these gloves fit really well and the detail is superb so those of you that do RP they come in male and female versions ~

Street Fighter ~ female version

Different sizes along with different colors also these are mesh which really looks great ~ one thing I will say if you have slink hands you need to remove those before wearing the gloves ~ couldn’t really find anyone to go one on one with me but hey I look really like am ready to do some of my own fighting ~ pow ~ pow *giggling …But not really and before I forget the creator did say this was his version of “Teken” – not being a gamer am clueless but those of you that game am sure you will recognize that…His store name in case you are wanting to search right this moment is called “Natural Motions Main Store” and have provided a link so you can zip on over if you wish and see them in person…thank you again for asking me to show these to all my friends ~ and the rest of you stick around for my next post……hugzz

Details ya gotta have them ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – my own, Hair – D!va *Asami + Truth *Neria, Makeup – al vulo *pink lip caramel, Facial Piercing – Phoebe *Eye Diamonds, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies *upper only, Eyeliner – al vulo *Starshine Black, Beauty Mark – MIA14 * face only, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid purplexion, Pants – Paperbag *Slick Black Leather, Bra – Darling *Black Lace Bra (found on MP), Shoes – JIM *Rayney Black, Feet – Slink *high, Gloves – Natural Motions *Street Fighter Glove (female), Location *my personal studio, Poses – Something New *Blog my Nails #4 & 5

More from Thrift Shop….

Sometimes you just see a photo and a certain song just pops into your head ~ well once I finished this part of the lyrics from an oldie but goodie just flew into this brain of mine but trying to find the exact lyrics was a little daunting even though with all the help you do need to at least get most of the lyric correct.  Was driving me crazy ~ ok more than normal crazy but finally after much relief as well from roomie going “thank gawd” I figured out the song and found the tune on Youtube ~ YAY me … so once you see the outfit and the background maybe if you are semi old and grew up with grandparents or parents playing these tunes you will recognize the lyrics ~ if not am putting a link for you to listen ~ on to the outfit now ~ yes at times I tend to ramble on and on …… hush already right…

UniQ Phaze

Please do take time to click on the pic to see how gorgeous this outfit is ~ both shirt and jeans are at Thrift Shop made by UniQ Phaze ~ shirt is mesh and sizing is just perfect since most time I do have to go up to a large this is a medium and also you can wear a shirt underneath which has a hud to change colors ~ oh correct me am bad its not a shirt but a very nice jacket with a shirt underneath ~ yeah yeah sue me I am far from perfect 😛 ~ jeans also have various choices as you can see I did choose the snake skin ~ fitting rather nice and snug in a size small ~ giving kudo’s to the creator for using standard sizing ~ thank you … overall this really makes a great look and standing in front of the pyramids here is what was running through my head “See the Pyramids along the Nile, Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle, just remember all the while you belong to me….” Little oldie but always a goodie ~ again thank you for taking time to read and possibly head over to Thrift and just grab up this outfit… hugzz

Details ya just gotta have:  Skin ~ al vulo *Mimi, Shape ~ *my own, Hair ~ D!va *Asami combined with Truth *Neria, Eyes ~ Ikon *Lucid purplexion, Lashes ~ Mon Cheri *Falsies upper only, Slink High Feet, Slink Hands *Casual, Jacket ~ Uniq Phaze *Edg Jacket, Pants ~ Uniq Phaze *Jam snake skin, Belly Ring ~ Aly *Platinum & Diamond Heart **Taken**, Shot on Location at personal studio using *Lumi ~ JD Stand #6

Song “You Belong to Me by The Duprees 1962

Follow me back to Thrift Shop part 3

Let me just jump right in ~ am a huge fan of this creator *Carrie Snowpaw* since I was introduced to her clothes way way back when ~ just love her designs…… love em !!


You really need to see this dress on as the detail of the embroidering is just excellent ~ pairing it with heels that are not at Thrift store but another bargain that I just could not pass up ~ found those by a friend suggesting looking on MP and moi can never pass up a bargain ~ they come with a hud so you can change the colors ~ details at the bottom in case you wanna rush to MP and snatch them up … Ok another great bargain especially from Snowpaws ~ her clothes always are geared to make you look beautiful ~ stick around I have some other stuff to show off today … hugzz

Details ya gotta have them ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Slink feet – *High, Slink hands *Casual, MIA14 *Beauty Marks 1, Ring – Eternally – *Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Facial Piercing – Phoebe *Eye Diamonds, Hair – Damselfy – *Libra/Ruby Twilight, Belly Ring – Aly *Taken, Dress – Snowpaws *Savannah (at Thrift), Shoes – Moda * Binga Leather Booties (found on MP), Choker – {Scene} *Flurry Initial, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid Purplexion, Location ~ my personal studio using Lumi and Everglow Raven pose #8

Follow me back to Thrift Shop

Yes am ready to show off more goodies for you that is just waiting for you to stroll those aisles ~ first off here is the overall yummy look that I will break it down for you … well most of it *grinning ~

Featuring "Soul Designs

This outfit by Soul Designs is a cute teal color Camisole with matching panties ~ btw make sure you click on that pic so you really can get a good look at the outfit ~ its cute and dainty while being every so naughty ~

“Flurry Initial Collar”

Matching with this really gorgeous collar by Scene that lets you choose the initial ~ not blinding with sparkle but very sedated and will go with most anything you are wearing ~ love it

“Moon Man Bracelet”

Traveling downward to my wrist I found this silver gorgeous bracelet by “FF” and paired it with Eternally Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring ~ maybe I should not say paired with seeing this ring was given to me by my sexy brand new hubby ~ yup am now partnered after being single for 3 years *still wearing a grin on my face” Yes I was very much surprised when he asked me and just felt so right to go ahead and make him just as happy by saying “Yes” ~

Slink High Cthulshuz

Finishing off with these gorgeous slink high shoes by DGD ~ detail is really well done and I love the side zipper along with those cute silver skulls ~ now you must know that these can only be worn with slink high feet ~

From the slinky camisole and panties down to those mile high stilettos you will be smiling as you strut to whoever is waiting for you in your bedroom…Remember stay with me I have so much more to share with you ~ details are below

Skin ~ al vulo – “Mimi, Shape ~ is my own, Eyes ~ Ikon – “Purplexion, Lashes ~ MC – “Falsies, Hair ~ D!va – “Asami a/b, Makeup ~ Pink Acid,
Facial Piercing ~ Phoebe – Eye Diamonds, Slink hands ~ Casual Slink Feet ~ High, Camisole & Panties ~ Soul Designs – “Hannah, Bracelet ~ FF – “Moon Man, Shoes ~ DGD – “Cthulshuz, Choker ~ Scene – “Flurry Initial,

Shot in my personal studio using Lumi and Everglow Raven poses #5

Follow me to Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop has opened up again and my my some of what I will be showing you in the next couple days are gorgeous, unique and just down right “gotta have that” ~ so stick around as my upcoming blogs will reflect my travels to Thrift Shop ~

Hair by Adonis

Keeping my pics clean and simple so you can really see what is what ~ lately I have becoming a “hair whore” *giggling* yes for so long I was stuck on just wearing one hair never changing and finally I have gotten out of my rut and trying on different ones at least for pics ~ this light bulb went off and am like OMG am loving all the new looks WOWZER ~ so even thought it would not be my normal style this hair by Adonis called “Freya” is great for those that like the punk style rocker look ~ comes in various colors and also the hair base is shaved close with some great detail ~ Really interesting and love the design ~

I paired it with the collar from “Scene” called Flurry which you can pick your initial out ~ makes it your own ~ love it and have taken to wear it with my everyday wear.

Ok thats it for now ~ but I have lotz and lotz more to show you ~ please stick around won’t you ?  hugzz

Details ~ gotta have them

Skin ~ Al vulo – Mimi, Shape – my own, Hair ~ Adonis *Freya* (sold at Thrift Shop), Necklace – Scene *Flurry Initial Choker*, Eyes ~ Ikon *Purplexion*, Makeup ~ Pink Acid ~ Blush, Piercings ~ Phoebe – “Eye Diamonds,