NEW RELEASE – The Balla Tuxedo

love this tux

Heth Haute Couture

HHC – The Balla Tuxedo


I am pleased to offer my newest design for men — The Balla Tuxedo. Named after my SL Father Balladeer Christensen.

You can often find a plain black-tie tuxedo in SL, but it is rare to find something like the Balla Tuxedo. Like the man the Balla Tuxedo is sharp, smooth and bears exceptional quality. The suit jacket is crafted in the finest embroidered crepe and features besom pockets, The jacket is embellished with faceted onyx and diamond buttons. The white pique lay down collar shirt features a pleated front and solid onyx studs. The cummerbund is a blend of black silk with an organza overlay. The slacks are crafted to match the jacket in jet crepe. One of the most dramatic elements of this ensemble is the formal shoes. Hand crafted leather with an embroidered overlay to match the jacket, These diamond encrusted shoes…

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NEW RELEASE – The Peacock Couture Dior Hat


Heth Haute Couture

HHC – The Peacock Couture Dior Hat

HHC - Peacock Couture Dior Hat Poster

A sumptuous couture hat of pressed formed velvet, wrapped in black lace. Featuring Purple vulture feathers a stunning platinum peacock brooch that is encrusted with diamonds and amethyst crystals. A tribute to one of my most loved designers — Christian Dior. Mr. Dior is quoted as saying — “Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.” I invite you to treat yourself treat yourself to be happy in this exciting design. Elegance never felt so good.

Affably Yours,

Heth Haute Couture – Owner

Heth Haute Couture Mainstore

Heth Haute Couture @ Pure Luxury – Theatre On The hill

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Follow me to “Castle Ruin”

Castle Ruin ~ Image Essentials

Yup here I stand with my Starbucks coffee in my hand *thanks Ember* getting ready to enter Castle Ruin ~ a part of Image Essentials sim ~ huge Kudo’s to Kay for putting a creepy Halloween vibe to an already dark part of her grounds ~ shuddering and not really wanting to move forward ~ HEY! I know her ~ she puts creepy stuff down ……

Oh side note before I do go forward ~ if you are skeered like I am of creepy crap ooops mean stuff keep your world to daylight like I did .. just saying ~ anyway time to put one foot forward and start that dreadful walk into the darkness…

BlogRuin1bUt oh am not liking what am seeing ~ rotting corpses and I have not even begun to get closer ~ taking a huge gulp of my coffee I look straight ahead and see the archway into the ruins…seriously do I want to keep going …gulp..

BlogRuin1cOh this is just dandy ~ look just look !!  Can you see what I am seeing …. yuck ~ this is not something I like at all nope do not like it but for you I will continue to describe.  Some huge forgotten dinosaur bones are right in front of me and OMG in the cages are zombies – yikes taking another step back and shuddering ~ the smell in this area is putrid from the flesh and and oh no what is that off to my left a little OMFG spiders ~ holy shit !!!

Kay has gathered spiders from her down under land and brought them here – these are not your average spiders but huge friggen beastly spiders the ones that make that creepy noise and no I will not even try to make it for you so you can forget about that ~ shuddering and turning around to look

BlogRuin1dWhat the hell ~ the girl from the well ~ and and looking closer that is a naked turkey trying to hide from hunters ~ cripes what kind of place is this ~ I am sorry I just cant ~ cant go on ~ screaming ……….

BlogRuin1eYes that’s my face right this moment screaming as I run run away from Castle Ruin ~ seriously not a moment to soon because I saw bats chasing after me …see my hair – they must think that is a nesting area ~ again I do apologize that I could not WILL not stay a moment longer …… whew

Alright am now back at my studio ~ safe, my heart has gone back to normal again – now I can give you a much better look at my outfit that I was wearing today for that scary, creepy adventure

BlogRuin1fThis oversized grey/white sweater is so comfy and yet it is light enough to wear during our crisp fall weather without bogging you down ~ matched with a really nice pair of skinny jeans *details below* sets off the whole outfit.  Can you see my ankle warmers ~ oh my I needed them today to keep that misty cruel weather at the ruin ~ these were a nice gift from the creator of ILLI ~ they really were made specifically for “slink-high” come in various colors and textures ~ available on MP now and for me very affordable…thank you Alphonse for these ~ I will be sure to wear them during the now chilly weather.

I hope you enjoyed my excursion today and again I apologize that I really did not venture into Castle Ruin as am sure you wanted me to but with creeping crawly immense spiders, hordes of humungous rats I just had to leave screaming ~ till next time hugzz all around ~


Skin – al vulo “Mimi”, Shape – my own, Hair – D!va – “Asami”, Eyes – Ikon – “Lucid/Purplexion”,  MIA – “Beauty Marks”, MC – “Falsies” *upper only*, Phoebe – “Eye Diamonds”, ILLI – “Heel Warmers” Slinkhigh *, Mesh Eyeliner – Alvulo – Starshine black, Necklace – HHC “Leyla”, Slink hands – casual, Slink feet – high, Oversized Sweater – Hilly Haalan – “Neveen”, Skinny Jeans – Hilly Haalan – “Neveen”, Pose – Everglow – Raven09, Location Image Essentials Grounds “Castle Ruin  and also my personal studio

NEW RELEASE – The Gravilo Men’s Suit

If I was a guy this is what I would be wearing ~ very smart and stylish

Heth Haute Couture

HHC – The Gravilo Men’s Suit

HHC - Gravilo Poster

The HHC – Grvailo Men’s Suit is couture clothing at it’s finest and includes a black crepe Jacket and slacks with silk jacquard shirt and vest. Also included — a solid silk tie and highly detailed Italian leather shoes with stitching. This ensemble includes 5 standard mesh sizes and alpha layers.

Be confident that you will the envy of everyone wearing the HHC – Gravilo.

Look your best – style right. — HETH Haute Couture

Affably Yours,

Heth Haute Couture – Owner

Heth Haute Couture Mainstore

Heth Haute Couture @ Pure Luxury – Theatre On The hill

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Your Chance to WIN BIG from Heth Haute Coutre

Clothes are fabulous

Heth Haute Couture

Heth Haute Coutre – Website Rewards

As many of you know by now we have a NEW website for Heth Haute Couture. If you are reading this you are on the new site. We are offering a special chance for someone (or in the event of a tie more than one) to win EVERY new release from Heth Haute Couture for the next year. This is how you rack up points:

1. Visit our NEW website.

2. FOLLOW us. (you must have a Wordprss acct to ‘Follow’ us. (They are FREE)

3. Share every new release by clicking on the “Reblog” tab. (we have enabled ‘ping back’ so we know who is sharing. Also, when others comment on YOUR shares of our New Releases, you earn an extra point for every positive comment sent back. You can also share your comments on your other favorite social media’s…

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Follow me to Nite of the Living Hunt

What is so cool about following different people and their blogs is you can find out so many things like events, new clothes, interesting places to explore, etc.  Which is how I got to where I am now from a post by Pru Rexroth ~ thank you Pru so much for sharing all the details of this with all of us.  Want to check out her blog and what am talking about here is the link for you  ~ she gives all the details about the hunt ~

The Artist Shed

At the landing I see a familiar place ~ “The Artist Shed” ~ they hold a lot of cart sale events but this is the first time have seen a hunt here and that excites me ~ across the bridge there is all the booths set for you to look but I was more interested in making my way around this gloomy yet hauntingly gorgeous Sim. See the little brown shed to the left of me ~ you will find information and clues about the hunt ~ easy to spot.

I did not know they had a Gacha Museum …just how cool is that?  But yes and without a ticket you can go in and wander around ~ watch out for the guy below ~ he will try to scare you into leaving and he was a little hmmm paranoid.

Morris the guard

But I paid him no mind and after wandering inside I saw was just him and me and he said no other words again to me that made me decide I will take advantage of the comfy chair behind the desk to take a short reprieve.

Before I do go further if you can see by my clothing am dressed pretty warm wearing sweater, jeans and my warm comfy ugg boots.  Sim is covered in snow, which does mean the temps have dropped but daytime was just warm enough the sweater was enough to wear without getting super chilly.

Randy’s Little Cabin by the Sea

Following a couple of clues I did wander down and saw a figure in the distance.  As I got closer and closer I said “hello and waved” ~ hmmm no answer till I got close enough to see the guy telling me his tale of woe ~ poor Randy he had some difficult experiences that without providing a lot of detail and go into his long conversation I wont repeat ~ if you go there am sure he will take a moment to give you a shout out and tell you himself.  Other than that he was very stiff on formality and did not speak after that even though I commented on his nice house all warm and cozy.  Do go in and see for yourself ~ a warm fireplace will warm you right up.

Am really now noticing how dark and grey the clouds are getting and you see the water being stirred up by the wind so my time was limited and hurried back to the beginning before there was a downpour ~ hey cannot mess up my hair – its a thing with me *laughing*  But I do encourage you to look around for the prizes there are some really good ones and for 2$L its a bargain on what you receive.  Before I leave let me show you my complete outfit and tell you where you can get all the goodies.


Thank you again for taking time to read ~ you never know what surprises are there for you to discover on your own ~ thank you again to Pru for sharing all about the sim and the hunt ~ until my next adventure I give hugzz to you all.


Skin ~ al vulo – “Mimi”, Shape ~ my own, Hair ~ D!va “Asami – Cats Eye”, Sweater and Jeans ~ Alyce ” Fall Outfit”  (included Sweater, Jeans, Boots) located on MP, Hands ~ Slink – “Casual”, Eyes ~ Ikon “Lush/Purplexion”, Necklace ~ 2Chez – “Heavenly Crossed Necklace”, Makeup ~ Pink Acid “Midnight Dollface” Poses ~ courtesy of Vista AO  ~ all shot on location “The Artist Shed” 

Follow me to Boho Fair



Follow me back to an era of immense changes in the world, in our culture, our clothing and in our music.  These were the beginning days of “Baby Boomers” To grow up in the 60’s was interesting and challenging ~ sadly we lost a great President – John F. Kennedy ~ the era of Camelot was over as he was assassinated in front many  ~ we also lost another good man “Dr. Martin Luther King” as his passing created some of the most infamous riots that ever took place around the USA.  You could see fashion changing ~ skirts were hiked up to a “mini” level ~ high above the knees ~ dresses were flowing and caftans became the style as well.  Hippies also were bred during this time with “burn your bra” and floppy hats, headbands, etc.  Era of “free love, sit-ins along with the “peace sign and one of the great musical events “Woodstock”.

In the upcoming days will feature different outfits from the Boho Fair ~ first up I chose this dress matched with boots to give it that overall free spirit look.

Dress by Ch’s ~ maribel yootz creator

Dress is gorgeous and yes a reminder of a flash from the past that you would of seen various people wearing this ~ hippies, to mod girls alike would of loved to have this outfit in their closets.  The lush purple color (my fave) mixed with gold really gives the outfit its look.  From the wide waist band to the sleeves along with the whisper of a sheer overlay giving it little naughty look ~ the creator giving you a choice to wear or not wear the under layers making it even naughtier.  Boots are also amazing ~

Saya Boots ~ creator Daf02 May

Taken from the Andean Outfit these boots have a lot of details.  I love the look from the texture to how they are laced up ~ and the fit is perfect.  Who says you cant mix and match from outfits ~ am glad the creator was kind enough to make the boots separate ~ kudos to Daf02 May for doing that.

Am now dressed to spend a night on the town listening to tunes from the 60’s and thinking about what an era that was.  Before I forget the dress is 1L ~ a very inexpensive gift courtesy of “Maribel”  ~ so hop in your Nash rambler or whatever vehicle you own and head to the Boho Fair ~ you will not be disappointed.   That’s it for now but stay tune for more goodies ~ hugzz


Skin, al vulo -“Mimi”, Shape – my own, Lipstick – al vulo “Pink Caramel”, Hair – D!va– “Asami”, Lashes – MC “Falsies”, Facial Piercing – Phoebe “Eye Diamond”, Necklace – Heth Haute Couture “Leyla”, Earrings – JCNY “Nelle”, Ring – Pomposity “Pink Awareness Ribbon Ring”, Hands and Feet ~ Slink – “Casual/High”, Eyes – Ikon “Lucid/Purplexion”, Dress – Ch’s “Boho Gift”, Boots – DAF02 “Saya Boots -Andean”, Pose – Glitterati Standing *18, Location – my own studio 



Follow me to Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair will start tomorrow and honestly all the stuff I am seeing is really amazing and if I was filled with Lindens I would be scooping it all up too *giggling* from hair which I will be showing you later to the clothing of yesterdays, poses to enhance them and jewelry to make you stand out ~ so shall we get started now?


This adorable sweater and skirt combination “Adele” came from Sakide ~ yes it is mesh so I would try on a demo if needed ~ for me it fit just perfect using the “mesh standards of sizing”  Always nice when a designer will adhere to those ~ I chose the color “cobalt” but there are various other colors to choose from ~ all with names like aluminum, cypress, orchid, sea fog and cognac.


Giving you a closer look at the detailing in the sweater ~ just really well done and when you put it on feels soft against your skin ~ pairing with the mini skirt also in cobalt really is an outfit that begs to be worn to a casual outing with friends or someone special ~ the outfit does come in separate layers so you can mix and match.  For me I can see myself wearing the sweater with a pair of jeans or a nice pair of slacks.

To accessorize I did choose a really chic choker by Pomposity to complete the outfit ~ speaking with the creator Bugsy Hansome the matching bracelets are a part of a hunt in his main store ~ follow the clue given for the “Bling Hunt which is really easy… will cost you 1L but seriously the prize is worth way more than that…


There is a closer look at the choker ~ the stone are diamonds and like the saying goes “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”  Creator Bugsy also gives you two choices with or without the twinkle ~ yes twinkle not that gawd awful bling that you spot miles away and makes you stick out like hmmm a “noob” or someone who is really fond of bling ~ yes I will admit that flashing bling is so annoying but not this ~ the choker has a nice twinkle to it and is very subtle ~ major kudos to Bugsy for attaining that little sparkle.

There you have a small peek at what is being offered up at Vintage but hey don’t wrinkle the nose and go vintage bleh because “being Vintage is super cool” Just means classic, possibly antique yet excellent quality that last throughout the years.  Remember the classic movies where Audrey Hepburn shined and Clark Gable was thought to be oh so debonair ~ elegance and timeless is how I think of that word Vintage ~ at least take a walk around the event peeping into the various shops and maybe stopping by a vintage automobile for a snapshot ~ either way enjoy the fair is opened until the 24th of October.  More to come ~ stay tuned ~ hugzz

Rest of the details

Skin – al vulo “Mimi”,Shape – my own,  Hair – D!va “Asami”, Eyes – Ikon “Purplexion”,  Lashes – MC “falsies”, Facial piercing – Phoebe Piercings “Eye Diamonds”, Liner – al vulo “Starshine”, Earrings – JCNY “Nelle”, Choker – Pomposity “Bling Choker”, Hands/Feet – Slink Casual, Slink high, Skirt and Top – Sakide “Adele/Cobalt”, Shoes – Liv Glam “Impossible is nothing”, Pose – Glitterati “Standing 16”, using Lumi Pro with location at my studio 

Follow me to “Darkwood” ~ Part One


Its that time again ~ where people seek out the ghosts and goblins and the spirits and the underworld pretty much overtakes SL ~ and …… I LOVE IT!!!  October for me means crisp clean air and chillier temps ~ windows get thrown open and really enjoy mother natures fall colors.  Fall/Autumn is one of my favorites seasons and in SL I really try to enjoy those Sims that change as well.

Calas is no exception for making those changes along with their Halloween Sim, which this year they have named it “Darkwood” ~ am excited that Ty and Truck have continued with this tradition.  I always love to see what they have come up with and this is another year that they have done their best to impress and delight me.  Let me take you on a very short peek of what you will be seeing.


If you are lucky you will meet Truck at the landing point who has decided to grace us this year in a rather interesting costume ~ careful that blade is sharp ~ for me not sure if he will hesitate to use it ~ Truck is one of the owners of Calas and as well a huge creator along with his partner Tymus ~ I have come to know both of them over the years and both of these gentlemen are as good as you will get as a friend ~ great sense of humor as if you are wandering around the town of Calas I would seriously suggest you try one of those apples that are situated on Main Street ~ *winking and chuckling * ~ they are also so giving by setting out little gifts at Calas main landing point ~ if you have not been please make it a point to visit Calas ~


When you first land at Darkwood if you turn slowly this statue you will see setting out in the water ~ what does it mean ~ am not sure maybe a pair of lovers clinging to one another before they set out or could be they met with a untimely demise after falling into one of the traps that are set among the woods ~ so step carefully or you might meet the same fate as these two lovers have ~ isn’t that why they make monuments to immoralize someone?


Brutus and I sitting with our trusty lanterns figuring out where we should start first ~ yes Ty and Truck have provided each a beautiful lantern to show the way once you go past a certain spot ~ do make sure you grab it as the name applies it is dark… another suggestion wear apparel that can withstand the temps there and boots cuz of the muck and various other things on the ground that I will keep secret about now.  Laughing at that ~ oh yes make sure you look high and low when you start down the walkway ~ seems Ty and Truck love to surprise you with things that will grab at you from the ground or in trees and branches.  Keep a very vigilant look when you are walking.


As you do walk further there is a welcome sign ~ this is basically where you will pick up your lantern to continue you deeper into the woods ~ btw keep your windlight on region and music on to really get a great feel ~ Truck did an awesome job with choosing the music for this ~


Now comes the fun part ~ choosing which way to go ~ let me explain a little without giving too much away ~ for me I suggest to start with the Cuddle Boat Tour and you do not have to be a couple to enjoy this tour thanks to Ty and Truck they set up all boats for singles as well ~ its a great way to get an overall feel of Darkwood and lot of things to see while you are relaxing ~ might even take it a couple times I have missed I know couple things that needed a pic to share…and YES do not forget to find the barrel ride *giggling and will not be saying anything more on that ~ the Pavilion is really the final stop ~ make your way there but take your time to immerse yourself into Darkwood ~ its filled with all the things you would envision.  Kudo’s to Tymus and Truck again for making me happy that October is here again ~ for the rest please stay tuned for more peeks into this amazing Sim.  hugzz to all and thank you for taking time to read my blog