Oh My Gacha’s part 2

Continuing with my saga of going overboard on gacha’s I saw a notice about another gacha site called “Mystery Gacha” and decided to pop over there ~ I love unique and unusual jewelry that will make an outfit pop and set it off without being so obtrusive that it takes away the focal point of the overall look.  This piece caught my eye ~



A really interesting bracelet that was created by “Velvet Whip”  and wondered who was behind this gorgeous piece of jewelry ~ especially seeing it is now Autumn and this just fits in perfect ~ btw if you missed this gacha event it is now over I was lucky to just catch the last day ~ for 50L a play to receive this piece of jewelry is in my humble opinion a “steal” ~ I ask you is it not simply gorgeous?  I was lucky to be able to speak with both owners for a few moments of their busy busy lives ~ let me introduce you to both co-owners of the Velvet Whip – Marek Vander and Reeva Hax .  Sitting down and speaking with them was really a nice pleasure as both are very lovely and did remind me that English is not their native tongue ~ a side note their english was perfect and the time spent went very quickly.  I asked how did Velvet Whip start out and their answer was “Well, it was an idea that started while RPing – I was not able to find things I really liked, so I started doing them myself”  His lovely partner Reeva commented that she was making contemporary clothing and Marek had suggested to her to try making medieval clothing.  Asking Reeva what part she plays in the store her response was  “clothing and textures are my field”, which Marek did chimed in that “Reeva is a texture genius” .  Looking over the detail of the bracelet that is shown above you can see he is spot on with that comment ~ the textures are gorgeous.  Both of them brainstorm over ideas, what they want to make and the process goes from there.  As a couple and co-partners this venture seems to be working well ~ you could tell they do compliment each other and their ideas that is making Velvet Whip a success is a great combination.  That was over 2 years ago when Velvet Whip was first conceived and started, which it is still going strong ~ kudo’s to both.  After seeing the quality of their work which I cannot gush over enough I do hope it will continue.  A lot of their focus is for fantasy, RPing and overall Medieval looks but it is not to say their jewelry will not fit into the modern world ~ as you can see from the bracelet any female would love to be wearing this piece of jewelry.  Guess that is why I went overboard and got all of the different gacha’s that were available before I went broke and had to stop *chuckling*   They will be at the Mystical Realm  Festival  which begins on the 10th of October ~ just a little hint for you to put it on your calendar of things to attend.   I hope that each of you will take time to stop in and look over their wares ~ cant wait till October they do have a store on MP *https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/121469 and also inworld as well  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nirvana/125/185/22/ .  Thanking both of them again for sitting down with me.  That concludes how I came to have so many gacha’s in one day ~ truly wish that you enjoyed reading about my adventure and introducing you to a couple great creators.  Hugzz and stay tuned I do have some great places to visit and other amazing stuff to show.


Marek Vander
Reeva Hax

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