Oh My Gacha’s

Gacha Overload


Today I wanna talk about gacha’s ~ see all those?  That was what I acquired in less than 30 minutes ~ can you believe it?  Well show you each one individually so maybe you would like to run out and get these adorable creatures ~ yes I have an addiction and try very very hard to stay away from places that have gacha machines they only get me into trouble.

If anyone remembers those machines that usually were sitting in grocery stores by the exit ~ put a quarter in and twist the handle and you got some type of prize ~ Course there were not just one machine but SEVERAL …. very intuitive of them to do that ~ because children alike love them and I was no exception.  Even now I think back to all the unique prizes and all the money that I did spend my jaw drops.  But the feeling I got when I was twisting that handle – heart rate sped up, eyes were focused on the little slot where they would drop out ~ each one to me was like a treasure.  Probably that emotion was or could be labeled a “rush” those endorphin’s speeding up to give you that high some seek by drugs or other means for me it was the twisting of the handle and hearing my prize being dropped out.  Any time we went into a store I would run around to the exit looking for the machines just hoping there were new ones to try or new prizes in some.  I was completely addicted to these machines.  My spare change did not buy candy or gum but saved to feed my addiction ~ I had a special box for them set up carefully to display them ~ gawd I was a gacha addict even back then.  Talking to others I am not the only one that goes to “The Arcade” or other gacha events just to see and try to win a specific prize.  There are many out there ~ so let me show you some of my latest treasures and FYI I will admit I did get carried away today …….

gachab1eThis is the Bride Anteater ~ cute huh ~ found at The Arcade btw this can be rezzed or worn and if you wear it follows you EVERY move….. also created by Mutresse

Gachab1dNext we have “The Tourist”  Yes look at the shirt I could not resist also has either a rezable or a wear that also follows you ~ created by Mutresse

GachaB1cSpotted the Mouse ones and next I know am getting Mouse likes cheese ~ this little cutie sits right on your head ~ must just love attention huh ~ was created by May’s Soul

gachab1f this is “Circus Mouse ~ they tell me its Rare ~ and it does juggle ~ awww and when you wear him he also will follow and juggle ~ pretty smart mouse also created by May’s Soul

gachab1gNow is this one precious?  Called Punkin Bot ~ think its a shoulder pet ~ Punkin likes to be held and does come in various colors ~ think I just needed one color  ~ created by Virtual Nirvana

gacha2bThis is Woofie created by Silent Sparrow and yes he is a holder ~ an adorable wittle woofie ~

gachabjthe Passion Meter created by theosophy ~ to use this you will need to find another person preferable to someone you like LOL ~


gacha2cA cute shoulder pet named Mystical Fairy Impy created by Sweet Revolutions ~ flutters around on your shoulder and also comes in different varieties but stuck with just one

All of those above you can find at The Arcade ~ most of them were to the best of my limited memory 50L a play ~ see not bad for those adorable creatures ~ does it make you just wanna rush down there?  Ok the next items that I just had to grab were from the Mystery Gacha event which I found out rather late and today the 22nd was the end ~ that will be my Part 2 of the Gachas ~



This was a great outfit to run around at the gacha events ~ comfy and both pieces fit well ~ details for my outfit and the rest are just below ~ stay tuned for Part 2 ~ hugzz

Skin ~ al vulo – Mimi/Caramel, Hair ~Shape ~ mine – tweaked lotz,  D!va – Natsuki/Sayaka combined, Lashes ~ MC – Falsies -Upper, Phoebe ~ Facial Piercing – Eye Diamonds, Belly Ring ~ The Plastik – Ourova – Midnight, Eyeliner ~ alvulo – Starshine Black, Eyes ~ Ikon – Lush Series – Purplexion, Beauty Mark ~ MIA – Beauty Mark,  Slink hands and feet, Nail/Toe Polish ~ ZoZ – Tiffany Velvet, Shirt ~ D2K – Piper Shirt – Unicorn, Pants ~ Braham Designs – Grey Capris, Shoes ~ 2Chez – Quinn Black Sandals, Poses by Image Essentials 










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