Thrift Store Part 3

Oh more good stuff to show you today ~ before I begin Thrift Shop is opening today and I am ready to shop till either I drop or run out of Lindens ~ probably the latter will happen hehehe ~ for those shopoholics truly the Thrift Shop is a place to expand your already growing inventory at a great price…sign says 50% off or MORE ~ that to me is enough to go and least look.

First up these adorable eyeglasses by Portobello ~ these glasses will be a staple in my wardrobe.  Do these look cute or what ~ comes with a menu that you can change one the frame color, lens color and various other things ~ that is a plus for me xcept I will normally just wear the purple.  Lenses have different options as well just like the rl glasses with those lenses go from clear all the way to a sunglass look ~ but still shows off your eyes ~


This outfit is “simply gorgeous”   Pink leather that is Mesh and either you can wear it either with this look for fall or winter or you can remove the long sleeves and have a strapless look ready to party in ~ you do have to see this up close to really see the quality texture and how well it is made.  I will apologize am not a true fashionista with all the clothing lingo so am describing it as I see it ~ hey am learning …but back to this outfit and the fit was great as per any mesh you might want to try all the different sizes as normally I will wear a L in the top but this dress am wearing the small so my suggestion take a demo if they have one but thanks to the creator for making this in various colors.


That is it for the moment but both are items are featured at Thrift Shop  ~ btw today is opening dayd today for the next  22 days ending on Oct 1 ~ stayed tune for more great items ~ hugzz

Rest of the details are as is:  Skin –al vulo Portia, MIA – beauty mark, Hair by D!va – Natsuki/Sayaka, Necklace – Earthstones -Perfect Fit, Slink Hands – Casual  ~ Pose by Image Essentials ~ Graceful ~ all shot at my personal studio 

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