Oh My Gacha’s part 2

Continuing with my saga of going overboard on gacha’s I saw a notice about another gacha site called “Mystery Gacha” and decided to pop over there ~ I love unique and unusual jewelry that will make an outfit pop and set it off without being so obtrusive that it takes away the focal point of the overall look.  This piece caught my eye ~



A really interesting bracelet that was created by “Velvet Whip”  and wondered who was behind this gorgeous piece of jewelry ~ especially seeing it is now Autumn and this just fits in perfect ~ btw if you missed this gacha event it is now over I was lucky to just catch the last day ~ for 50L a play to receive this piece of jewelry is in my humble opinion a “steal” ~ I ask you is it not simply gorgeous?  I was lucky to be able to speak with both owners for a few moments of their busy busy lives ~ let me introduce you to both co-owners of the Velvet Whip – Marek Vander and Reeva Hax .  Sitting down and speaking with them was really a nice pleasure as both are very lovely and did remind me that English is not their native tongue ~ a side note their english was perfect and the time spent went very quickly.  I asked how did Velvet Whip start out and their answer was “Well, it was an idea that started while RPing – I was not able to find things I really liked, so I started doing them myself”  His lovely partner Reeva commented that she was making contemporary clothing and Marek had suggested to her to try making medieval clothing.  Asking Reeva what part she plays in the store her response was  “clothing and textures are my field”, which Marek did chimed in that “Reeva is a texture genius” .  Looking over the detail of the bracelet that is shown above you can see he is spot on with that comment ~ the textures are gorgeous.  Both of them brainstorm over ideas, what they want to make and the process goes from there.  As a couple and co-partners this venture seems to be working well ~ you could tell they do compliment each other and their ideas that is making Velvet Whip a success is a great combination.  That was over 2 years ago when Velvet Whip was first conceived and started, which it is still going strong ~ kudo’s to both.  After seeing the quality of their work which I cannot gush over enough I do hope it will continue.  A lot of their focus is for fantasy, RPing and overall Medieval looks but it is not to say their jewelry will not fit into the modern world ~ as you can see from the bracelet any female would love to be wearing this piece of jewelry.  Guess that is why I went overboard and got all of the different gacha’s that were available before I went broke and had to stop *chuckling*   They will be at the Mystical Realm  Festival  which begins on the 10th of October ~ just a little hint for you to put it on your calendar of things to attend.   I hope that each of you will take time to stop in and look over their wares ~ cant wait till October they do have a store on MP *https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/121469 and also inworld as well  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nirvana/125/185/22/ .  Thanking both of them again for sitting down with me.  That concludes how I came to have so many gacha’s in one day ~ truly wish that you enjoyed reading about my adventure and introducing you to a couple great creators.  Hugzz and stay tuned I do have some great places to visit and other amazing stuff to show.


Marek Vander
Reeva Hax

Oh My Gacha’s

Gacha Overload


Today I wanna talk about gacha’s ~ see all those?  That was what I acquired in less than 30 minutes ~ can you believe it?  Well show you each one individually so maybe you would like to run out and get these adorable creatures ~ yes I have an addiction and try very very hard to stay away from places that have gacha machines they only get me into trouble.

If anyone remembers those machines that usually were sitting in grocery stores by the exit ~ put a quarter in and twist the handle and you got some type of prize ~ Course there were not just one machine but SEVERAL …. very intuitive of them to do that ~ because children alike love them and I was no exception.  Even now I think back to all the unique prizes and all the money that I did spend my jaw drops.  But the feeling I got when I was twisting that handle – heart rate sped up, eyes were focused on the little slot where they would drop out ~ each one to me was like a treasure.  Probably that emotion was or could be labeled a “rush” those endorphin’s speeding up to give you that high some seek by drugs or other means for me it was the twisting of the handle and hearing my prize being dropped out.  Any time we went into a store I would run around to the exit looking for the machines just hoping there were new ones to try or new prizes in some.  I was completely addicted to these machines.  My spare change did not buy candy or gum but saved to feed my addiction ~ I had a special box for them set up carefully to display them ~ gawd I was a gacha addict even back then.  Talking to others I am not the only one that goes to “The Arcade” or other gacha events just to see and try to win a specific prize.  There are many out there ~ so let me show you some of my latest treasures and FYI I will admit I did get carried away today …….

gachab1eThis is the Bride Anteater ~ cute huh ~ found at The Arcade btw this can be rezzed or worn and if you wear it follows you EVERY move….. also created by Mutresse

Gachab1dNext we have “The Tourist”  Yes look at the shirt I could not resist also has either a rezable or a wear that also follows you ~ created by Mutresse

GachaB1cSpotted the Mouse ones and next I know am getting Mouse likes cheese ~ this little cutie sits right on your head ~ must just love attention huh ~ was created by May’s Soul

gachab1f this is “Circus Mouse ~ they tell me its Rare ~ and it does juggle ~ awww and when you wear him he also will follow and juggle ~ pretty smart mouse also created by May’s Soul

gachab1gNow is this one precious?  Called Punkin Bot ~ think its a shoulder pet ~ Punkin likes to be held and does come in various colors ~ think I just needed one color  ~ created by Virtual Nirvana

gacha2bThis is Woofie created by Silent Sparrow and yes he is a holder ~ an adorable wittle woofie ~

gachabjthe Passion Meter created by theosophy ~ to use this you will need to find another person preferable to someone you like LOL ~


gacha2cA cute shoulder pet named Mystical Fairy Impy created by Sweet Revolutions ~ flutters around on your shoulder and also comes in different varieties but stuck with just one

All of those above you can find at The Arcade ~ most of them were to the best of my limited memory 50L a play ~ see not bad for those adorable creatures ~ does it make you just wanna rush down there?  Ok the next items that I just had to grab were from the Mystery Gacha event which I found out rather late and today the 22nd was the end ~ that will be my Part 2 of the Gachas ~



This was a great outfit to run around at the gacha events ~ comfy and both pieces fit well ~ details for my outfit and the rest are just below ~ stay tuned for Part 2 ~ hugzz

Skin ~ al vulo – Mimi/Caramel, Hair ~Shape ~ mine – tweaked lotz,  D!va – Natsuki/Sayaka combined, Lashes ~ MC – Falsies -Upper, Phoebe ~ Facial Piercing – Eye Diamonds, Belly Ring ~ The Plastik – Ourova – Midnight, Eyeliner ~ alvulo – Starshine Black, Eyes ~ Ikon – Lush Series – Purplexion, Beauty Mark ~ MIA – Beauty Mark,  Slink hands and feet, Nail/Toe Polish ~ ZoZ – Tiffany Velvet, Shirt ~ D2K – Piper Shirt – Unicorn, Pants ~ Braham Designs – Grey Capris, Shoes ~ 2Chez – Quinn Black Sandals, Poses by Image Essentials 










Thrift Store Part 6

Oh did I find another goodie to share with you ~ yes I did ~ even if it is middle of September and the weather is turning cooler this outfit would look great at a club to party all night with and you will not be sweating either the small or big stuff wearing it.


Crossed Jumpsuit


The jumpsuit itself is a creation from Stormcrow ~ kudo’s to them for such a nice piece to show you. This comes fitted mesh or different sizing and I did choose to use the fitted mesh and the fit was absolutely perfect.  YAY!  Also comes with a hud to change colors which is another huge plus so you are getting 5 outfits in for one price ~that is a big big bargain in my eyes.  I paired this with a silver necklace and slink high shoes ~ overall am very happy with this outfit and if you like the look please go to Thrift Shop and find Stormcrow ~ remember TS is all about bargains and nothing over a specific amount ~ rest of the details will be posted below ~

This concludes my previews on Thrift Shop and will go back to finding some great spots for you to explore along with showing off the various outfits from my ever expanding inventory.  My wish is that I did give you some great ideas on what outfits are there, but so many more designers to also choose from ~ please do not feel limited as the whole warehouse is filled with some of the best designers in SL that for a small price you can look simply put “amazing”

Skin ~ al vulo – “Mimi-caramel”, Shape ~ my own tweaked, Eyes ~ Ikon – Lucid *Purplexion*  Hair ~ D!va – Natsuki/Sayaka2 *Cat’s Eye*, Facial Piercing ~ Phoebes – *Eye Diamonds*, Lashes ~ MC ~ *Falsies -Upper* , Beauty Mark ~ MIA14 – Beauty Mark,  Necklace ~ Exclusively Yours – *Anatasia*, Slink High feet, Slink Casual Hands, Shoes ~ LivGlam  Once Upon a Dream *Silver*  Pose ~ Image Essentials *Graceful Elegance* 

Thank you again for taking time to look at my blog and if you like please click on the follow me button ~ very appreciative.  BTW am always looking for new places to explore ~ hit me up if you have a suggestion ~ hugzz


Thrift Store Part 5

Back to the Thrift Shop to show you some more bargains ~ this really is a great event and love how they set this up ~ reminds me of the bargain basements that maybe your Mom would drag you to where aisle after aisle would be filled with goodies you just had to go down each one and look ~ well this is the same way ~ aisle after aisles filled with bargains galore ~ love it !

Koffin Nails

First up is the gorgeous nail polish by Dark Passion/ Koffin Nails~ Fragmented Hearts done as you see in my favorite color  purple and the deep rich color I am absolutely gaga over ~ after agonizing to finally where my Slink hands that were given to me as a gift *THANK YOU AGAIN KAY* ~ very very generous and I have procrastinated so long to use them but NOW am thinking why did I wait so long.  But they show off so well polish, rings, etc ~ you will be seeing them featured more and more in my posts ~ if you are a fan of this richly deep purple RUN not walk to their booth featuring Koffin Nails ~ she is coming out with some great polish.  Thank you again to Bcreative Wilde ~ love your polish!





Slipping down to my feet am just wanting you to see these shoes done by *ToXIC*H* ~ these wedge shoes are made for Slink Mid feet ~ these shoes will be another favorite  of mine that can be worn with just about anything especially upcoming fall wear with jeans ~ will set it off nicely ~


Here is the whole outfit with ToXIC also coming out with their Romy Dress in Purple that does come with a hud to change the textures ~ fun and very casual style dress ~ from the nice material on the top to the flirty style belt that hangs below the waistline ~ great summertime look ~

There you have another great look courtesy of Thrift Shop ~ rest of details are below

Skin ~ al vulo – Mimi/Caramel ~ comes with appliers for Slink hands and feet, Shape is all mine *sorry its been tweaked so much*, Hair ~ D!va – using a combined Natsuki and Sayaka2 both in Cat’s eye, Eyes ~ Ikon ~ Lucid  ~ purplexion, Facial Piercing ~ Phoebe ~ Eye Diamonds, Ring ~ JCNY ~ Forever Wedding Ring ~ *Gacha Rare*, Beauty Mark ~ MIA14 ~ Beauty Mark, Makeup ~ FacePaint – Lori, Slink Hands ~ Casual, Slink Feet Mid Poses ~ Image Essentials – Accessories, 2nd Pose ~ Image Essentials-Graceful Elegance 

Thank you for taking time to read and hopefully get some ideas on what to grab at the Thrift Shop and if you like my blog please click on to follow me around SL ~ hugzz



Thrift Store part 4

Thrift Store is now open for the next 22 days till Oct 1 and I still have so many more goodies to show off to you to help you with some of your decisions on which to grab.  Let me go snatch the pic first so you can see what I am going to describe ….

RD Style

A pink cropped leather jacket that fits seductively but gives you enough coverage that you are comfortable wearing it without anything underneath ~ for those that are more modest or not as daring you could pair this with a tank or a bra to finish the look.  Great look for upcoming fall weather and even leading into winter when a longer sleeve shirt underneath also would compliment this.  The cutesy skirt with its flounces I just adore.  Make sure though you do wear some undies underneath for those that just have to perve ~ yes you know they are out there lets not give them more ammunition.  The necklace does come does come with it and I did add a belly ring for that special little touch.



The shoes also come with the outfit ~ made to be worn with Slink High and I am just loving on these.  High Clogs with those spikes are very trendy and another pair of shoes you could mix and match with other outfits.

The complete outfit is called Sharoon by RD Style ~ comes with the High Clogs, Necklace Loops, Pink Cropped Leather Jacket and the Pink Skirt also Mesh ~ rest of the details are below ~ thank you for reading and please stay tuned for some more Thrift Shop goodies ~ hugzz

Skin ~ al vulo – Mimi, Shape is mine, Hair~D!va – Natsuki/Sayaka *Catseye*, Lashes~ MC Falsies, Eyes ~ Ikon Lucid – Purplexion, Belly Stud ~ Aly – Falling Star, Slink Hands Casual, Slink High Feet, Polish ~ ZOZ – Soft Silver Tips, Pose ~ Nantra – Catwalk Queen ~ Location ~ my studio 


Thrift Store Part 3

Oh more good stuff to show you today ~ before I begin Thrift Shop is opening today and I am ready to shop till either I drop or run out of Lindens ~ probably the latter will happen hehehe ~ for those shopoholics truly the Thrift Shop is a place to expand your already growing inventory at a great price…sign says 50% off or MORE ~ that to me is enough to go and least look.

First up these adorable eyeglasses by Portobello ~ these glasses will be a staple in my wardrobe.  Do these look cute or what ~ comes with a menu that you can change one the frame color, lens color and various other things ~ that is a plus for me xcept I will normally just wear the purple.  Lenses have different options as well just like the rl glasses with those lenses go from clear all the way to a sunglass look ~ but still shows off your eyes ~


This outfit is “simply gorgeous”   Pink leather that is Mesh and either you can wear it either with this look for fall or winter or you can remove the long sleeves and have a strapless look ready to party in ~ you do have to see this up close to really see the quality texture and how well it is made.  I will apologize am not a true fashionista with all the clothing lingo so am describing it as I see it ~ hey am learning …but back to this outfit and the fit was great as per any mesh you might want to try all the different sizes as normally I will wear a L in the top but this dress am wearing the small so my suggestion take a demo if they have one but thanks to the creator for making this in various colors.


That is it for the moment but both are items are featured at Thrift Shop  ~ btw today is opening dayd today for the next  22 days ending on Oct 1 ~ stayed tune for more great items ~ hugzz

Rest of the details are as is:  Skin –al vulo Portia, MIA – beauty mark, Hair by D!va – Natsuki/Sayaka, Necklace – Earthstones -Perfect Fit, Slink Hands – Casual  ~ Pose by Image Essentials ~ Graceful ~ all shot at my personal studio 

Thrift Store Part 2

As promised am back showing you some Thrift store goodies ~ when I first opened all the boxes from Loordes of London and started to assemble an outfit was not sure this would work ~ but I really love how the colors came together ~ sometimes you just have to take a chance and before you go oh thats not gonna work step back and look at it as a whole ~

Thrift2b           First lets start with this gorgeous top ~ it is mesh so you might need to try a demo if one is available~ name of this gorgeous top is  Parkerside #14 ~ first it is my favorite color – purple ~ sizing really fit well  ~ overall a really well made piece that you can see below how it looks ~ will keep this in my wardrobe and mix match it with other pants.  Next up I tried on the shoes

Thift2c           Shoes are called “Shoesaurs #23 ~ this is strictly a shoe for the Slink High feet and you should already have the slink feet as they do not come with it ~ comes in various colors to compliment the outfit and texture is gorgeous ~ really love how this shoe looks on ~ don’t you agree?



Lastly here is the whole outfit put together for you to see how it all works as one complete ~ the top with its little bottom flair and the pants go well letting you see the shoe also ~ details of the rest are below ~ hope you will visit and maybe pick this outfit up at Thrift Store ~

Skin ~ al vulo – Portia/olive, Shape is my own, eyes by Ikon Lucid, beauty mark by MIA, Earthstone “Perfect Fit” necklace, hair is by D!va which I combined Natsuki and Sayaka “Cats Eye”  

Outfit is made up from Loordes of London ~ Parkerside Top#14, Allice Slace #22 accompanied by Shoesaurs #23 all can be found at Thrift Store ~

Remember this opens tomorrow so stay with me as I show you more goodies ~ hugzz




Follow me to The Thrift Store

           Thrift Shop 6

            For shopaholics like myself this is the place to be and for the next several posts will be featuring some of the best of the best outfits, gachas and things I found and love ~ so stay with me everyone as I show you ~ BTW if you have never ever visited or heard of this please let me explain.

The Thrift Shop is an event where designers gather to sell their wares at a very reduced price ~ each have a booth and even some also have gacha’s as well ~ this takes place usually every 3 months and myself included make it a regular stop.  Most items are 50% off and hey that is a bargain ~ there is always an exclusive item for this as well, which makes it even nicer.  Set up like this huge warehouse will rows and rows and rows of designers and in the middle is the area for the gacha machines.  This is not a fair but a SALE hence the name “Thrift Store”  where you can spend your lindens wisely and get some great bargains ~ I LOVE THIS !!!  Giggling ~ guess you can tell am rambling on and on about it and thinking ok show me the goodies ~ nodding yes just wanted those that were unfamiliar to have a brief background history on what is this all about.  Onto the first item and am putting this on my land seeing it is cute and not terribly primmy ~ gotta think about those things.


     Is that not adorable? A little hut to sit and enjoy the birds…  As I mentioned earlier only 4 prims ~ that is a big thing for myself when looking for something to add onto my land ~ love the texture of the wood ~ overall excellent quality and also comes with 8 separate poses which I wont bore showing you just have fun discovering all of them ~ this little gem comes from Serenity Style ~ properly named BirdsHut ~ look for it at the thrift store ~ also has various birdhouses at the gacha machines so make your way over and try your luck.  They are all adorable and come in different colors.

Details of what am wearing ~ for the moment nothing pictured came from Thrift Store….will be in upcoming posts

Skin ~ al vulo – Portia, Hair by D!va ~ combined 2 Natsuki along with Sayaka, Feet by Slink matched up with ProMagic stillettos, Eyes by Ikon from the Lucid Collection, Wearing Cashmere Sweater and Capris from “Mellow Days” by Merivale

Stay tuned for more outfits, gachas and various other goodies from the Thrift Store ~ it does on Wednesday so get your Lindens together ~ hugzz to all