Another Year

Six Years ~ seems like a short time period but in terms of Second Life am no longer considered a noobie but old timer~ I first logged in on July 26 2008 ~ that for me is a lifetime ago.  Many changes have taken place in SL and in myself yes especially myself.  Friends can describe to you with a lot of detail what SL is all about but…until you log in and actually see what it is about nothing prepares you for it.  One of my RL friends that I had played an on-line version of Sims kept talking about this virtual world that was 100 times better than Sims called Second Life.  She would show me pics of herself and the surrounding lands but I will be the first to admit I knew I would get addicted just like I did when I had my webtv and discovered online chatting ~ night after night staying up all hours to chat with people all over the world and that scared me to get that involved in something ever again…but she persisted and finally one night of tv being completely boring and nothing else to do I asked how do I get into this strange world of Second Life ~ bad thing was she was going on a hiatus with her then rl hubby because one of her SL friends from the UK was coming to USA and they planned month long activities so basically I was going to be doing this on my own.  Was naive and go on no am sure I can figure it out …. facepalm now … gawd figure it out …well this is what I looked back then when someone finally took the time to introduce me to a decent skin, somewhat decent hair ~ do not laugh too hard its what we had in 08 to work with…


Yes that is me in all my glory ~ wasn’t too too be ~ seen worse and seen better ~ but that look took me 3 months to get like that …time frame now seems short but so much happens that one day in SL can be compared to a week in RL …even now I feel this rush of emotions of being scared, so naive and unprepared for this virtual world of SL…barely could I walk and would laugh at myself at all the times that I walked into walls let alone trying to walk up steps and to this day I despise most stairs that looks pretty but are a total bitch to walk up.  Took me forever to learn that oh you do not have to get naked to change clothes – or the act of moving an object was an acquired skill ~ various other things that makes you look soo “nooby” ~ oh so many memories that I have to laugh at now just  back then not so much.  Shrugs while touching the spot where my protected heart lies ~ yes there was a broken heart, broken promises and way too many lies to even begin to tell….naive, trusting and possibly hearing what I wanted to hear but you learn …experience helps ~ years go by and new skills happen, you find exploring many lands and meeting, making new friends ~ some of those friends I met back when I first came to SL are now gone whether by choice that we parted company or they have left SL never to return ~ well maybe they did reinvent themselves seeing a lot come back with new names, new looks ~ speaking of looks wow the great progress in that department ~ whew as I keep glancing up at that pic and going to the pic of me now below …… big change *smiles 🙂


Lastly from the clothes getting better looking feeding into my shopaholic nature to meeting more and more great people from all walks of life ~ Second Life provides such a great venue to have friendships without all that prejudgement that goes on ~ who is too short, or too tall or too ugly ~ yes SL you can be whatever you want the options are amazing yet one thing that will always remain ~ jerks are still jerks and players are still players no matter what the outer covering is personality shines through ~ six years ~ am not bored ~ I still love logging in to say hi to my friends and to meet new ones ……. rambling is over ~ memories tucked back in for another year ~ to all my friends and new ones ….. when you do meet someone that is still brand new give them a helping hand out ~ they will remember your kindness ~ sending out hugzz

Naughty Dummy


Alas sometimes good help is soo hard to find ~ one minute he is serving drinks with a flourish and the next moment he has mouthed off and had the audacity to stick out his big wooden foot so I tripped and tore my stockings.  We all know how pricy stockings are ~ sheesh who knows what was going on in that wooden brain of his~ grabbing his upper arm tightly I forcefully lead him down the steps into the courtyard to administer his punishment ~ commanding him to bend over he does so silently and quickly ~ oh he knows he has crossed his boundaries ~ whip in hand I raise back striking his backside with such a force you could hear it go THUNK against the smoothness of his well polished veneer backside~ not a word is uttered from either one of us as again I raise my whip and bring it down ~after a couple more strikes I  toss the whip aside ~ brushing the strand of hair out of my face my voice speaks in whisper  “upstairs now and there will be no supper for you”  Head bowed dummy turns nods and goes up to his corner where he takes his kneeling position awaiting further instruction.   I stand in silence not speaking but hoping this lesson will not need to be repeated …..

Credits go to:

Glitzz ~ providing the Mistress outfit consisting of “latex gloves, pants, top, stockings, boots, collar and whip ** can be obtained at – Naughty Nitch Fair

Image Essentials – *Naughty DummyExclusive pose and prop set * also at Naughty Nitch Fair

Hair ~ D!vaNatsuki

Skin — al vuloPortia

Shape – My Own

Bracelet – tea.s – Fallen Stars Cuff

Shot at a very undisclosed dungeon location *very top secret



Follow me to Naughty Nitch

NaughtyN1aDigging into opening boxes from each of the designers from the Naughty Nitch Fair and first box I open were the cutest pair of wedge flip flops ~ these are going to be my go to shoes for the summer ~ yes you do have to have slink mid feet which YAY for me I do but they look nice and so comfy ~ the pants and top are from the same designer ~ outfit is mesh and sized perfect for me ~ love the two toned top and how it looks on ~ the capri pants have just the right length to them and also sizing is perfect ~ yes casual outfit and perfect for walking around in the summer nights ~ thank you for such a great outfit, which does come in different colors but I chose Eggplant~ am smiling and cannot wait to see what other great boxes I will be opening ~ for me this is Christmas in July sooooooo stayed tune as I show off some great clothes and other goodies ~ hugzz to all

Thank you to the following designers :

Leri Miles Designs – Split top and Capris ~ both mesh – find at NN Fair

Heartist ~ Black Wedge Flip Flops ~ need slink mid feet ~ find at NN Fair

Hair – D!va ~ Natsuki combined with Sayaka

Eyes ~ Dead Apples – Nebula Ocean

Skin ~ al vulo ~ Portia

Shape ~ my own

Pose ~ Meshudio Studio