Follow me back …

Follow me back to where?  Am standing out in this field my back to this gorgeous Pinto horse scratching my head ~ where am I taking you today ~ hmmm let me think a moment in the meantime let me show you the horse ~

Pretty horse isn’t he ~ during my travels I came across this farmer’s field and with my brain aching to take you to somewhere special I thought I would rest a spell and just think ~ am sure the farmer won’t really mind.  Need to clear my head a bit because you know being in here at times can get overwhelming…yes overwhelming that is just what I said.  I love meeting and making new friends even if that person just might not be around but briefly ~have you ever meet someone where you sit and chit chat for a brief moment in your day and you offer up friend tag and tell them keep in touch but for some odd or strange reason life goes on and you forget to say hello ~ time passes and you see their being logged in thinking now why are they not saying hi ~ ooops gotta change spots that horse just nudged me out of the way ~ looking around I see another good spot to head to ~


Takes a hard look at the semi rusted out tractor and smiles to myself ~ now I know the farmer wont mind me standing here ~ anyway continuing on with my jumbled thoughts today ~ still wondering why that friend never says hello you decide to take the first step and “IM” them just saying hello to see if they do respond.  Minute passes, then 2 minutes and you keep wondering and you see their name logging off ~ hmmm should I be hurt they never said hello or was our connection that brief and was only meant to be in that exact moment and nothing more.  Shrugging my shoulders but giving them the benefit of the doubt since this is SL and you never know when you go spiraling down the rabbit hole and crashing out or RL grabs you full on ~ looking back around at the tractor feeling like a child again wanting to just see if I can ~ ummm possibly sooo hold on one more moment again please ….


YAY I did it ! Even with these gorgeous sandals and my leather leggings I got myself up on top of this tractor ~ standing up briefly with my hands stretched to the sky I just yell out “wooooooo hooooo” then I sit down just as quick giggling ~ klutzy me if I fall off this thing and no one is around to see if I am hurt then my azz best sit down.  Guess the gist of all this randomness today is just that random friends ~  you never know who you might get a chance to meet ~ take the chance while you are peering at that MM board or walking around at maybe at Image Essentials *hehehe* good plug for the store I work for ~ but if you do see me or anyone else what is the harm in saying hello ~ maybe no one has taken time to speak with them.  Saying hi costs you absolutely nothing its as free as free gets and in return you might just make someone’s day.  Lots and lots of people in SL that wander around just hoping someone will speak with them ~ a smile or a brief hello is all they are looking for in the brief moment you pass them by.  Yes they could ignore you or not reply but that is on them and you made the effort ~ feel good about you taking that first step.


Hopping down from the tractor without injuring myself was quite a feat but no worries I did make it.  Propping up my elbow and thinking out-loud again ~ even on your friends list when was the last time you said hello to them?  Was it yesterday or months ago or you cannot even remember how you know them ~ then maybe its time to weed out that list and say hello to those that you do remember.  Doesn’t hurt and you might learn there still is that connection or they were in need of a friendly hello.

Alrighty am done with rambling and apologize that today did not lead you to some place special ~ this field was calling my name ….. until next my friends I give each of you hugzz and send you on your way

Your sl guide

Starr Ghost

Credits go to:

Skin: al vuloPortia

Hair – D!va  – Sayaka2

Eyes – Ikon Poison

Necklace – EarthstonePerfect Fit

Sandals – HucciAlbany Slink High

Shirt – Toxic High – part of the Doll Tank Outfit – found on MP

Pants – villenaLeather leggings – found on MP

Location/Pose – Image Essentials ~ Male Studio – Down on the Farm






Follow me back to Calas

Most of my summers were spent at a small town beach resort ~ the kind of town maybe a lot of you remember and then again maybe not.  I consider myself first off lucky to have had this experience growing up and looked forward to that first moment when we would pull into our yard and grab our suitcases all the while knowing car had to be unpacked before we could rush up town.  The town was small ~ you didn’t really need a car when everything really was in walking distance ~ parents would make trips to the bigger grocery store outside of town and to the different variety of locally grown road side markets.  After getting everything done that was needed I would grab my bike and head out to explore, to see who was here for the whole summer.  I just love small towns and heading back to my favorite small town in Calas what I have dubbed “Main Street  ~

Main Street

Doesn’t that look inviting to you?  All the plants that decorate the store fronts.  The nice wide sidewalk that is perfect for roller skating or riding bikes.  As you look around you can hear birds chirping, water lapping at the boats and just an overall peacefulness start seeping into your being.  Take time to stroll and yes I do mean  stroll down and peer into or even go inside the stores there are quite a few as you can see.  A small clothing boutique that at one time that the clothes were at the height of  fashion, a pharmacy that when you open the door you can almost see a pharmacist making up a local headache powder for someone.  What small town could exist without a bakery ~ smells are divine and the thought of calories goes out the window ~or your local diner that you just know in the afternoon will be a meeting place or hang out for the local teens.  And of course there is a general store that is crammed and filled with a little of this and a little of that ~ such fun to look around.

Mercantile Store

Mrs Phyllis Eubanks was there peering into the windows as I stood slightly away as to not bother her.  I did remember my manners and speak cordially but her glance at me was rather wooden am guessing it was my hair and my apparel that was behind that stony glare.  Oh… look at that penny candy machine if only I had of thought to bring my coins with me.  What is that off to the left ~ I see fresh veggies ~ let me get in closer so you can see.

Fresh Daily Veggies

They all look so vibrant ~ some great selections that the locals bring in daily  just waiting to be scooped up and taken home.  But ut oh I do see a disaster in the making.  Look real close to the right on that table *lowers my voice to a whisper* see those apples that are dipped in caramel sitting on the plate well *glancing quickly around to make sure Truck or Ty are not lurking about.  Psst both of them have this wicked sense of humor and for your sake DO NOT EAT THEM!!!  Let that be the only warning about the apples at Calas or I can only say it takes just  one tiny bite and you will wished that you listened to me ~ the results are not pretty to watch or experience and if you come with a special someone you will want to crawl into a deep deep hole from utter embarrassment.

Grabs your hand and moves you along continuing on our walk down Main Street ~ there is a new addition that I am excited to see ~ I do not want to diddle around too much even though seeing the outdoor patio beckons us where we can sit and order a meal and even dance if we choose~the flowers have all bloomed making such a pleasant walk you just seemed to slow down your pace to enjoy.


While you are here remember not to forget to grab a bike and ride around town but be careful or you can end up in a bush or worse the water.  See what a cute bike it matches my shoes along with the rest of my outfit ~ and yes will give you details what am wearing.  Behind me is the diner I mentioned earlier where you also can sit out and enjoy a snack or cup of coffee.  Seeing we really are on a mission lets not stop ~ hey! I  think that is it up ahead ~ follow me up these stairs ~ watch your step …

Terrace at the Florist Shoppe

Another pretty area with more tables and chairs to sit at and enjoy the view ~ I also suggest while you are sitting there to listen to the stream that Truck provides ~ it is not one genre but a really well thought out collection of tunes.



YAY we made it to the newest addition to Main Street ~ Calas Florist Shoppe ~ having known the skills of both Ty and Truck lets not waste time outside ~ lets get ourselves in there to see what goodies they have created for us to enjoy.



Pulling open the door the fragrance of fresh cut flowers plays on your sense of smell ~ your eyes then take in the huge array of colors from all the flowers ~ as this is a very special store unlike the others in Calas you are able to purchase anything in the shoppe ~ from cut flowers in hand crafted vases to those rich bouquets of flowers in the pretty colored cellophane wrapping ~ yes let me get closer to let you look.



Yes please do lean in nice and close to take a whiff of those amazing peach roses ~ mmmm fragrant  fresh gorgeous roses that whoever does get these will be very appreciative with this gift or maybe you will want to keep them all for yourself.  A good variety of colors to choose from as well and look so pretty.




Behind me are different arrangement of flowers and vases to choose from as well ~ Truck and Ty really outdid themselves with these arrangements and I wish that when you come back to Calas for one of your many visits that you will head to the Florist Shop to see this for yourselves ~ one last note regarding the florist shop is that all sales from the flowers and arrangements go to support Calas ~ you get a gorgeous gift of flowers and are also helping to keep Calas here in Second Life ~ win for everyone 🙂



Did you enjoy your time today with me ~ there is still so much to see that I am going to rest my feet for a bit but you are more than welcome to go back and really lurk about ~ I will just sit here relaxing if you do not mind~ Calas and Main Street is really such a beautiful place that I have never once been bored or made it just a quick visit ~ the town pulls you in with so many delightful things to see and experience ~ until next time ~ enjoy ~

Your SL guide


Credits go to

Skin – al vulo

Hair – D!va

Outfit – FashionNatic – Summer Agave ~ available on MP

Poses – Image Essentials – Body Shot 12